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The MediaTrust Platform Capabilities Elevator Pitch
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The MediaTrust Platform Capabilities Elevator Pitch


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The MediaTrust elevator pitch is a short overview of the capabilities of the MediaTrust performance marketing platform. The presentation includes and animated slide that shows the difference between …

The MediaTrust elevator pitch is a short overview of the capabilities of the MediaTrust performance marketing platform. The presentation includes and animated slide that shows the difference between the typical internet marketing traffic and conversion funnel vs the MediaTrust platform which drive traffic, leads and transaction as well as increases campaign and product transaction performance.

Published in: Technology
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  • + Mediatrust was created with the belief that we are moving from fragmented linear network solutions to platform driven digital ecosystems + Similar to how at the heart of the Google ecosystem is a search platform. At the hear of MediaTrust is a performance marketing platform + Market has been moving from the impression based to the click and ultimately to the back end of the funnel to 100% performance driven marketing and transactions. + We have developed an enterprise quality performance marketing platform that is open, modular and agnostic that connects impressions to performance”
  • The first half of the marketer funnel (awareness and Traffic) could be an investment without the desired result Our part of the funnel (lead Gen and Sales) is pay for results only on lead, action, or sale Conversion mail (remarketing), Pay per call capabilities) and Creative/Optimization services help make campaigns perform better
  • All pricing is pay for performance so there is no budget risk and minimum of 100% ROI Allows marketer to generate direct sales with "below the line" expense that is only incurred on an action, lead, or sale ADD DIGITAL DOWN LOADS
  • These services make performance marketing campaigns perform better: Pay-Per-Call: Allows for broader distribution to use phone numbers Traffic Optimizer makes sure that those that abandon shopping carts come back Remarkting services allow advertisers to automate the cross and upsell of products to their existing customers Creative services help advertisers create a landing page or shopping cart to convert. Creative services also runs optimization to make sure these pages improve
  • 100+% ROI because you only pay for results that help fuel your revenue growth Impression based pricing on the decline (IAB trend number) Economic conditions demand that marketers deliver the measurable results MediaTrust offer Concept of this being a below the line cost in Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) v above the line marketing expense (impressions)
  • Transcript

    • 1. MediaTrust Elevator Pitch
      • TBD 4th 2010
      • TEXT HERE
    • 2. Our Performance Marketing Funnel Traffic Creation Lead Generation Online Sale Click Form Fill Transaction Marketing Activity Offering Cost Per Click, (CPC) Cost Per Lead (CPL) Cost Per Sale or Cost Per Action (CPS, CPA) MediaTrust connects impressions to performance so advertisers can use online direct response campaigns and pay only for leads or sales Conversion Solutions allow advertisers to monetize traffic even if they abandon the transaction Creative Services allow advertisers to build and optimize better landing pages that convert better Brand Awareness Impression Cost Per Thousand (CPM) MediaTrust Offerings Banner Ads Video Ads Text Ads email Search Ads Contextual Ads Social Media Call Center Typical Offerings
    • 3. We connect people with innovative products
      • We offer a turn-key solution to allow advertisers to manage affiliate-based performance marketing programs that connect impressions to performance
      • We offer the MediaTrust performance marketing platform that connects advertisers to publishers that connect to consumers
      • We offer the MediaTrust Conversion Solutions to optimize and increase the ROI value of advertiser traffic
      • We offer additional account management and creative services to make pay-for-performance campaigns more effective
      • Our business is online direct response so our results are leads and sales...not impressions
    • 4. The Performance Marketing Platform for Brands
      • The MediaTrust Platform empowers marketers to implement and measure pay-for-performance direct response digital campaigns using search, email, social media and display advertising.
      • We provide a solution to increase traffic, leads, and sales using the Cost-Per-Action (CPA) pricing model.
      • Performance Marketing = Pay for results
        • Cost Per Acquisition
        • (CPA)
        • Cost Per Lead (CPL)
        • Search
        • Email
        • Banner
        • Social Media
        • Text Link
        • remarketing
        • REV Share (CPS)
      Campaign Types Formats Services Results
      • Landing Page Design
      • Landing Page Optimization
      • Conversion Solutions
      • Leads
      • Sales
    • 5. Performance Marketing Conversion Solutions
      • conversionMAIL services use email to reduce shopping cart abandonment
      • remarketMAIL services increase revenue per customer via cross and up-selling
      • conversionCHAT generates additional sales from customers abandoning the purchase flow
      • conversionCALL captures customers that have provided a phone number but abandoned the purchase process
      • conversionADPAGES allow advertisers to earn revenue from site exit pages that normally do not provide value and generate incremental revenue.
      • Creative and Optimization Services ensure campaigns perform to their potential
    • 6. Traffic Conversion Funnel Traffic Sources Landing Page Support Additional Monetization Conversion Path Support Typical Traffic Conversion Multiple Landing Page Rotator Single Landing Page Optimization Thank You!! Higher Rate of Traffic Conversions Fewer Unsuccessful Conversions
      • Future:
      • TV/DRTV
      • Radio
      • Print
      • Today:
      • Affiliate
      • SEM/SEO
      • Text Link
      • Banner
      • email
      • Social Media
      • Phone
      Traffic Conversion }
      • SEM/SEO
      • Text Link
      • Banner
      • email
      • Social Media
      • Phone
      • Affiliate
      Thank You!! Successful Traffic Conversion: ~up to 10% of traffic Unsuccessful Traffic Conversion: 80-99% if traffic Landing Page At best, only 10% of traffic is monetized conversionSolutions can Increase total sales by up to 20% re-market other products from your portfolio Delivers relevant CPC ads to exiting traffic to increase ROI. use chat to upsell other products or offerings
    • 7. About Our Advertisers
      • Fortune 500 companies and other well recognized brands
      • Pay for results model adopted by small and large brands alike
      • Use search, content, email, display and social media to drive campaign success
      includes past and present customers