PerformanceExchange  It’s Here! Announcing MediaTrust’s PerformanceExchangeTM                            A Real-T Online C...
MediaTrust PerformanceExchange Email Publisher Partner Collateral One Sheet
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MediaTrust PerformanceExchange Email Publisher Partner Collateral One Sheet


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MediaTrust's new PerformanceExchange (MTPX) connects advertisers with prospective new customers via our innovative proprietary real-time bid exchange.

Using MTPX, quality clicks are connected to conversions. Our proprietary algorithms optimize based on performance by serving ads with the highest probability to convert. This innovative technology enables us to provide the highest ROI for both our publishers and advertisers.

The winning ads are dynamically generated and the subsequent click is priced and routed appropriately based on real-time bids and click quality metrics.

All clicks are reviewed and routed through our internal performance filtering system, ensuring advertisers pay only for quality consumers delivered to their landing page and giving publishers in-depth reporting on how to optimize their traffic quality ROI.

All clicks are not created equal! At MediaTrust we believe in quality Pay for Performance.

We understand Performance marketing and we know it doesn't make sense to have to lump all traffic together like those bigger CPC companies. Our innovative platform and dedicated publisher & advertiser partnership teams are here to provide you with the highest quality traffic and content, no blending required.

Publishers :
*Monetize your traffic... beyond display to email & content channels
*Deliver relevant ads... variety of targeted & unique campaigns
*High consistent CPC payouts... have confidence that your quality clicks always hold value
*Tools & Analytics... optimize your traffic quality ROI

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MediaTrust PerformanceExchange Email Publisher Partner Collateral One Sheet

  1. 1. PerformanceExchange It’s Here! Announcing MediaTrust’s PerformanceExchangeTM A Real-T Online CPC Monetization Platform imePublishers* Monetize your tra c... beyond display to email & content channels* Deliver relevant CPC payouts... have con & unique campaigns clicks always hold value ads... variety of targeted* High consistent optimize your tra c quality ROI your quality dence that* Tools & Analytics...OverviewMediaTrust’s new PerformanceExchange (MTPX) enables a liates to monetize their inventory via our innovative proprietary real-timeCPC monetization platform. Using MTPX, a liates have access to a variety of high performing campaigns with targeted & uniquecreatives.MTPX provides a consistent revenue source for a liates. Rest assured that your quality clicks always hold value, despite when they’redelivered. We only provide campaigns that have been tested for delivery, which means higher payouts for your tra c.Our easy to use platform has all of the tools to help you understand your tra c quality, manage your campaigns and maximize yourROI. Alongside our platform, our dedicated publisher partnership team is committed to the success of your campaigns and tohelping you increase your tra c revenue. Our proprietary CPC quality score algorithm helps you focus on the best performing data,enabling you to optimize your quality tra c ROI and maximize your inventory.Performance Proven ResultsPublishers who participated in our beta experience exceptional results. Our publisher partners tested several successful campaignswithin our Finance and Education verticals, which resulted in industry leading eCPMs.eMail… is just the beginningMTPX email creatives are category speci c and not unique to any one advertiser. That means you will never have to swap out acampaign due to advertisers’ budget restraints.How it worksUser Experience Email sent to customer’s inbox EDU: Criminal Justice EDU: Nursing Degree Finance: Auto Ins. Finance: Debt Settle. %%$city%% edition %%$date%% Paying Too Much Is Your Debt Out of Control for Auto Insurance <%%$first_name%%>? Ready for an Help people in <%%$first_name%%>? Find Out How We Can Help You Get Out Of Debt Immediately! Select the weight loss Exciting Care %%$city%% with a Free, Fast & Secure Quotes Consolidate Debt Payments plan that’s right for you: Lower your Monthly payments that Pays Wel Nursing Degree Compare Offers from Top Carriers Switch Today and Save up to $500 Reduce Interest Rates Waive Late Fees Get Out of Debt %%$first_name%% %%$last_name%%, {$first_name} {$last_name}, do you enjoy helping other people? Make Compare, Switch & Get the Lowest Auto Insurance Rates in <%%$city%%> from don’t just watch show’s like CSI a lucrative career out of it in the field of Top Auto Insurance Carriers. or Law & Order, live out your Nursing. The U.S. Department of Labor passion for protecting the projects that more than a million new and community and get paid for it! replacement registered nurses will be We found education providers needed by 2016. serving {$city}, ready to help train you for a career in Criminal Comparing quotes side-by-side allows consumers to quickly pinpoint the most Justice. Enter your zip code affordable auto insurance rates. Ad Sales Manager: 855 North Douglas Street, El Segundo, CA 90245