Ms2 research and planning redux


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Ms2 research and planning redux

  1. 1. Learning Objective: How do I write an effective MS2 report?
  2. 2. 50% of your final AS marks!• Three pieces of linked work: 1. A pre-production reflecting research and demonstrating planning techniques (20%) 2. A production piece, developed from the pre- production work (40%) 3. A report of 1200 – 1600 words (40%)
  3. 3. Report (in two halves) (1400-1600 words)AO2: Apply knowledge and understanding when analysing media products and processes, and when evaluating your own practical work, to show how meanings and responses are created. (750 words)AO4: Demonstrate the ability to undertake, apply and present appropriate research. (750 words)
  4. 4. First 750 words...AO4: Demonstrate the ability to undertake, apply and present appropriate research.• Outline the research for your PRE-PRODUCTION.• Identify (with justification) your genre and target audience.• Analyse existing media products (similar to your intended pre-production pieces)• Conduct audience research• Explain how all of this research informs your pre-production.
  5. 5. Second 750 words...AO2: Apply knowledge and understanding when analysing media products and processes, and when evaluating your own practical work, to show how meanings and responses are created. The second 750 words of your report will consist of:• Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your PRODUCTION
  6. 6. Introduction Write down what you are going to create. Identify its genre and target audience.E.g. – What is the genre? – Who is the target audience? – What examples of texts are you going to study? – Can you see the possibility of offering something new to this genre?
  7. 7. IntroductionKey Phrases: Example: My task was to create... My task was to create the (summarise the brief) promotional materials (posters and DVD cover) for a new action The... genre has a focus on... film. The action genre has a focus (briefly discuss narrative and on violence and suspense, usually iconography here, but you can with a central (and often male) also refer to gender. Limit this to protagonist. This is primarily ONE SENTENCE here.) aimed at teenagers and young men, aged 15-40. Successful This is primarily aimed at... examples of this genre include the Jason Bourne franchise and the recent Indonesian-set film The Successful examples of this genre Raid (Redemption), which formed include..., which formed the the basis of my research. basis of my research.
  8. 8. Paragraph One Explain in more detail who your target audience is. Justify your ideas. Explore the appeal of these texts for this audience, referring to:• Demographics• The Uses and Gratifications theory• Richard Dyer’s Utopias
  9. 9. Paragraph OnePlan: Example: There are many reasons why There are many reasons why .... are attracted to these young men in the C1 demographic texts/this genre/find this are attracted to this genre. Firstly, genre appealing. if we consider the text’s Uses and Gratifications (Blumler & Katz, Firstly, if we consider the 1974), we could see that young text’s Uses and men are more likely to find models Gratifications... for behaviour in the powerful and resourceful male protagonist, Secondly... usually found in these films. Secondly, they may be gratified by As well as this, the genre may escaping into the action-packed also offer audiences a sense narratives. As well as this, these of... (Richard Dyer) films offer a sense of intensity and energy that men often crave, but find lacking in their daily lives (Dyer, 1992).
  10. 10. Paragraph TwoExplore the genre of your text. Whatfeatures do they share? What is theiconography? What about the style? Modeof address? Mise-en-scene?
  11. 11. Paragraph TwoPRINT MOVING IMAGE• Iconography • Mise-en-scene• Narrative codes • Narrative codes• Typography • Editing/Transitions• Mode of address • Audio Codes• Images/Visual Codes • Images/Visual Codes• Composition • Lighting• Lighting • Shot types/Composition• Setting • Setting• Representation
  12. 12. Paragraph Two-Three• What features do your style models share? (Be SPECIFIC)• What do they connote/signify?• How do they appeal to the target audience? (Avoid repeating yourself)• What have you done in your pre-production to apply (or reinvent) this? Iconography is central to action film posters, where the props signify violence and a state of disequilibrium. In the posters for The Bourne Legacy and The Raid, for examples, both protagonists are seen holding guns. This is central to creating the sense of intensity and escapism, essential for action films. It is not every day that the audience will see a gun and they can expect to escape into tense, dramatic and explosive situations, which are more interesting than their daily routines. The poster for The Raid offers more intense, savage iconography such as framing the characters behind a cracked pane of glass, as well as the presence of blood. This indicates to the audience that this film’s violence will be more gruesome, appealing to many men’s fascination with gore, but also indicating that the film is not appropriate for younger viewers (confirmed by its 18 certificate). In my poster, I decided to have my central character holding a gun, looking as if he is about to take a shot. This will appeal to the audience’s desire for an intense narrative, but also creates an enigma, as the viewer will not know who the target is. Its lack of blood, however, confirms that its target audience can include slightly younger viewers. In addition to the props, the lighting is also central to the genre, especially the action genre’s reliance on low-key lighting...
  13. 13. Paragraph Four• Who or what is being represented in an interesting way? Gender? Place? Etc.• How has this representation been constructed? How have the audience been positioned?• Why may they have chosen this representation?• Does it conform to or subvert stereotypes or theory?• What have you done in your pre-production to apply (or reinvent) this? The Bourne Legacy poster reinforces many stereotypes about men. For instance, the lighting on Renner’s bulging biceps supports the notion of men being powerful and dominant – in this case, constructing a genuine Proppian hero. The fact that he has a gun in his hand reinforces the notion that men are the characters who “do”, supporting John Berger’s observation that “Men act... women appear”. In choosing a male for my poster, I was aware that I was reinforcing these gender myths, as they appear central to the genre’s tradition.
  14. 14. Paragraph Five• What has your audience research told you? How will you apply this?• Support your ideas with numbers/statistics.• Explain how you have applied your findings in your pre-production. My audience research also led me to some interesting conclusions. I found out that although the action genre is primarily aimed at men, just over half of the women in my focus group also expressed an interest in the genre. However, 25% of the women asked claimed that it was the attractiveness of the male star that was key to gaining their interest, rather than the film’s story. In my poster, therefore, I chose to use a male who this secondary audience would be likely to find attractive.