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Seminar 20111122 - MediaMosa projects
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Seminar 20111122 - MediaMosa projects


Published on

Topics …

● MediaMosa and the Archipel Project
● MediaMosa for Archives / eDepot
● MediaMosa and WCAG2 Compliancy
● MediaMosa and SURFconext
● MediaMosa and Clouds

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. MediaMosa Projects Michel van de VenMediaMosa PMC Member
  • 2. Topics● MediaMosa and the Archipel Project● MediaMosa for Archives / eDepot● MediaMosa and WCAG2 Compliancy● MediaMosa and SURFconext● MediaMosa and Clouds
  • 3. The Archipel Project● Archipel: A network-centric approach to digital preservation● Multi-disciplinary research project, 2009-2011● Belgian initiative including IBBT, University of Leuven, University of Gent, FARO, VTI, BAM, Descartes, Inuits, Krimson, KlasCement.● MediaMosa selected as the central shared repository; alternatives included DSpace, Fedora Commons &c
  • 4. The Archipel Project● Shared repository for all participating institutions, both small and large● Provide a means to share & enjoy: all organisations become each others content consumers and providers● Common cultural heritage available and accessible for all● Open Source and Open Standards increase chances of long-term availability and accessibility
  • 5. The Archipel Project● VTI (Belgian Theatre Institute)● Used Content Supplier Application (CSA), MediaMosa Construction Kit (CK), OAI-PMH● Storage, archival and metadata gathering for historical interviews and performances● 128 GiB DVVideo sources● Provide MPEG4 and H.264 videos for web● Provide stills and thumbnails for web
  • 6. The Archipel Project● VRT (Flemish Radio and Television)● Used CSA, MediaMosa CK, OAI-PMH● EUScreen material (TV archive), 3.5 TiB High-Definition sources● Provide H.264 videos for web● Provide thumbnailing
  • 7. The Archipel Project● Newspaper archive of Poperinge (Ypres region, .be)● Used CSA, OAI-PMH● Import, archiving and metadata gathering for historical newspapers (World War 1 related)● Automatic processing of 1.5 TiB of complex PDF, JPEG and TIFF material● In development: Workflows for matching master content with derived content and doing cross-reference checks● In development: OCR on images
  • 8. MediaMosa for Archives● Continuation of the Archipel Project, provides strategy for MediaMosa as long-term solution● Goal: provide deep support for relevant archival and curation standards● BagIt ● hierarchical file packaging format designed to support disk-based storage and network transfer of arbitrary digital content ● ● Used by US Library of Congress, Gent University, Stanford Digital Repository.
  • 9. MediaMosa for Archives● PREMIS Data Dictionary The Data Dictionary defines preservation metadata that:● Supports the viability, renderability, understandability, authenticity, and identity of digital objects in a preservation context;● Represents the information most preservation repositories need to know to preserve digital materials over the long-term;● Emphasizes “implementable metadata”: rigorously defined, supported by guidelines for creation, management, and use, and oriented toward automated workflows; and● Embodies technical neutrality: no assumptions made about preservation technologies, strategies, metadata storage and management, etc.●
  • 10. WCAG2 Compliancy● Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0● Initiative of ● Royal Kentalis Foundation, for hearing impaired ● Bartimeus Foundation, for visually impaired● Goal: make MediaMosa fully WCAG2 compliant● Mandatory in .nl for .edu and .gov now● Will be mandatory in .eu soon
  • 11. WCAG2 Features● Standardised format for technical metadata● Support for metadata on mediafile-level (in addition to metadata on asset-level)● Caption and subtitle support (playback, editing)● Generating captions, using sophisticated speech-to-text technology from the Leuven (.be) and Twente (.nl) Universities● Support for audio descriptions, and recording them live
  • 12. WCAG2 Features● Support for video annotations (text, graphics)● Support for sign language interpreter video, both as a separate track and as an overlay● Generalisation of mediafile type support● Support for free tagging on mediafile level● Ready-to-use packaged MediaMosa distribution including all relevant tools and software
  • 13. MediaMosa & SURFconext● SURFconext = OpenSocial + Federated Identity Services● Major new platform by SURFnet● Dedicated session later today● Essentially: MediaMosa will support SURFconext in the next release● MediaMosa will be one of the main Digital Asset Management providers in the SURFconext Cloud
  • 14. MediaMosa and Clouds● MediaMosa is ready for the Cloud● Designed as a webservice platform (REST) from the ground up, and adding more Cloud- specific features every day● MediaMosa has-a Cloud● MediaMosa is-a Cloud● Support the SURFnet GreenQloud initiative
  • 15. Q&A