MediaMosa version 3.0
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MediaMosa version 3.0



MediaMosa version 3.0

MediaMosa version 3.0

Presentation by Robert Blanker, Madcap

Event: March 29-31, 2011: MediaMosa and TF-Media conference 'MediaMosa, weblectures & open video'



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MediaMosa version 3.0 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Introduction Robert Blanker Senior Software Developer Madcap Technical Project Leader for MediaMosa
  • 2. MediaMosa version 3.0
  • 3. MediaMosa 3.0 ● 2.3.8 release last week ● 3.0 release confirmed features - Confirmed features is new functionality that is finished for 3.0 ● 3.0 release planned features - Planned features is new functionality that is either under development or will developed
  • 4. 2.3.8 release last week● Solr support - Speed improvements - Only support for asset meta-data search - Full support for existing CQL search - Setup Solr, turn on, done. - More information;● Static still links - Faster still response - Only on stills that have no ACL rules.● Drupal role support in administration - Extended role support for client applications● Work flow improvements - ffmpeg tool is now converted to module - More usage of Drupal hooks
  • 5. 3.0 confirmed feature – OpenAPI● OpenAPI support - Search - oAuth - oEmbed - Open upload● MediaMosa OpenAPI interface - Own interface in MediaMosa for support for open REST calls and other related functions
  • 6. 3.0 confirmed feature – oAuth● What is oAuth - An open protocol to allow secure API authorization● How does it work? - Websites or software that supports oAuth - Websites or software that knows MediaMosa REST● What are the use-cases; - External website/software that wants to copy media - External website/software that supports video editing● For more information; - -
  • 7. 3.0 confirmed feature – oEmbed● What is oEmbed - oEmbed is an open format designed to allow embedding content from a website into another page. This content is of the types photo, video, link or rich.● How does it work? - A external website does a call to a front-end website that supports oEmbed. - MediaMosa will provide the REST calls to return the embedded information● What are the use-cases; - Websites that want to support embedding of their MediaMosa media in external websites● For more information; - -
  • 8. 3.0 confirmed feature – Other● Watermarking - Allows stills to be watermarked● Multiple users in groups - No longer 1 on 1 relation between users and groups● Status page improvements - More information - Real time and cached information● PDF tool - Integrated analyze using pdfinfo for meta data parsing - Converts PDF to SWF to enable to view PDF inside website
  • 9. 3.0 back-end new look
  • 10. 3.0 back-end new look
  • 11. Future MediaMosa ● Version 3.5 in Q4 - 2011 ● More towards digital management ● Improved work flow and job handling ● MediaMosa Flash Player ● Recording and editing of media ● More front end tools
  • 12. Questions?