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TMK Cultural Landscape 5.20.13

TMK Cultural Landscape 5.20.13



This presentation provides a top line consumer outlook and a deep dive into the mobile landscape. Topics include how mobile and digital are changing traditional media channels, and how privacy is ...

This presentation provides a top line consumer outlook and a deep dive into the mobile landscape. Topics include how mobile and digital are changing traditional media channels, and how privacy is becoming a bigger issue due to more data and mobility.



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    TMK Cultural Landscape 5.20.13 TMK Cultural Landscape 5.20.13 Presentation Transcript

    • 2013 MEDIA LANDSCAPEMAY 16, 2013
    • optimistic accountable3CONSUMER OUTLOOKFor the first time in morethan five years, thepercentage of people whofeel they are improvingfinancially is higher thanthose who feel worse offWith this optimism comesgreat accountability. Post-recession, consumers havehigh expectations abouthonesty, integrity andresponsibility — forthemselves, their peers, theirbrands and their electedofficials+Source: Iconoculture
    • 4REDEFINING COMMON TERMSLush captures the idea that theultimate luxury is being able tofeel affluent on your ownterms.For some, it’s a designer bag ora private island getaway. Forothers, it’s organic vegetablesor indulging in premium icecream.Artisan is a natural backlashin a mass-marketedconsumer society.Consumers have a passionand quest for the real,unique, and one-of-a-kind.lush artisan+
    • 5AT YOUR FINGERTIPSDue to the accessibility ofinformation in a digitalsociety, consumers haveconstant access toinformation needed in makingdecisions.Online opinions matter asmuch as word-of-mouth.Consumers rely online asmuch as on their friends.hyper-informed word of internet+
    • 1,000,000,000people willaccess socialnetworks ontheir mobiledevices by 20147A MOBILE SOCIETYSources: Techcrunch.com, Digiday.com,Allthingsd.com90,000,000people useInstagram on amonthly basis158 minuteson average spent byAmericans on theirsmartphone andtablet every day40%of traffic toBuzzfeed andWSJ comes in viamobile
    • 8MOBILE IS OMNIPRESENTThe number of worldwide smartphones surpassed 1 billion in Q3 2012.In 2013 more people will access the web through a mobile device thanthrough a computer.Source: BusinessWire.com
    • 9LIVING THROUGH MOBILESource: Harvard Business Review46% spenton fun:videos,games, etc.126 minutes permonth spentshopping
    • 10MOBILE AS A PROFIT CENTERSquare allows consumers tocreate their very own “tab”directly on their mobiles.This POS software is aimingto replace cash registers.Uber is everyone’s on-demandprivate driver.This taxi-hailing app helpspotential passengers locate aride in real time.
    • 11MOBILE SECURITY CONCERNSMobile devices know where you are, what you’ve purchased, and storebank and credit card information.•74% of U.S. consumers use location based services on theirsmartphone•In 2012, 34% of consumers made a purchase using their mobilephone compared to 19% in 2011Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, DC Financial Insights, Javelin Strategy & Research ReportsAs consumers use their mobile devices for more sensitive interactions, privacy becomes alarger concern.
    • 13MOBILE ENGAGEMENT CHANGING OOHOOH is evolving with new technology leading to further engagement.NFC and real time response boards are on track to engage audience throughtheir mobile devices.1 in 5 smartphones will have NFC by 2014 and NFC is projected to overtake QRcode usage in 2016Source: JCDecaux North America
    • 14TV CONSUMPTION CHANGING7% of Prime viewing is nowthrough streaming video vs.0% in 2008Source: Q1 Global Video Index Report OOOYALATV ratings declined due to consumption on other devices other thantraditional TV
    • 15PEOPLE ARE CONTINUING TO CUT CABLESubstantial amount of the viewing population have watched morestreaming and on-demand media as a result of having cancelled orlessened their cable TV subscriptions.30% of internet users would consider cutting cable
    • 16EXTENDING REACH WITH SECOND SCREENSThe days of executing individual campaigns for TV and digital aregone; social TV enables marketers to connect their TV advertisingwith their social strategies, however it is still in the early days.Zeebox automaticallydisplays more in-depthinformation about theprograms as viewersare watching on secondscreen devices.Viggle will listen to yourTV and check you intowhatever you arewatching.Once checked in, youearn points to redeemprizes.Shazam tracks musicfeatured in shows andcreates trivia gamesShazam also has socialsharing capabilities
    • 17PRINT FACES TV-LIKE CHALLENGESConde Nast has launched a customizable digital video network from GQ and Glamour. They createdan online channel along the lines of their magazines with original programs which lives on theirYouTube channel and will be distributed widely across the Web, IPTV, mobile and tablet platforms.
    • 18PRINT: MOVING BEYOND THE PAGEEsquire allows users to take a picture of anitem from the magazine which brings them toa site that lets them learn more, share oreven buy the product on their phone!MyGQ is a new technology which enablesreaders to save all pages from the issueinto a personal collection and share selectcontent through email, Facebook, andTwitter.
    • 1923% of U.S. adults now get news on at least two digital devices. the percentage who regularly getnews on a cell phone, tablet or other mobile device has nearly doubled since 2010, from 9% to 15%,and the number regularly seeing news on social network sites has almost tripled, from 7% to 20%.NEWS IS BECOMING MOBILE AS WELLSource: Pew Research “In Changing News Landscape, Even TV is Vulnerable”
    • 21Brands, sites and third partycompanies are collecting cookieswhich track and store informationabout a consumer, and can belicensed or sold to outsideadvertisers.BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING
    • 22IN ONE MINUTE...Source: Mashable
    • 23HOW MUCH DATA?Source: Mashable
    • 25CONSUMERS ARE CONCERNEDSince cookies are so widespread, users are becoming paranoid of the “data footprint” they leavebehind.
    • 26CONSUMER CONCERN IS LEADING BRANDS TOCHANGE BEHAVIOR• In 2011, Mozilla introduced its do-not-track feature.Now, among the 450 million people who use its desktopbrowser, 11% have turned it on.• Internet Explorer, which has about 25% share ofbrowsers, now comes with the do-not-track optionautomatically enabled.• Evidon Ad Choices has been introduced onboth and websites, alerting consumers thatthey are being cookied and their personaldata is being used, and allowing them to opt-out.
    • 27As targeting capabilities expand to the point where advertisers can pinpoint exactly what aconsumer is doing, thinking about, watching, or shopping for.HOW PERSONAL IS TOO PERSONALAdTonik is a new company tryingto partner with mobile devicecompanies to allow the device tohear what the owner is watchingon TV.Ads will then be served on theirmobile depending on their real-time viewing habits.
    • 28HOW PERSONAL IS TOO PERSONALPlaceIQ uses location, time, cell phone information, sentiment and event information tocreate profiles for a specific place.While it’s platform can be very beneficial to brands, if abused consumers begin to feel‘watched’.
    • 29MOBILE DATA INTELLIGENCE IS STILL ACOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEFlurry increases the size and value ofmobile app audiences – Flurryempowers brands, agencies anddevelopers to reach the mobileaudience in the most effective andefficient waysLiveIntent provides solutions for buyingand selling email ad inventory. LiveIntentfor Publishers (LFP) combines apowerful prediction engine with an admanagement and targeting facility thatworks in the inbox making real-time adserving a possibility for the first timeEven with privacy concerns, new companies focused on dataaggregation are still continuing to emerge.
    • 30HOW TO REACH CONSUMERS IN THE RIGHTWAYThe discussion now has to move towards how to use data andtargeting capabilities in order to reach the consumer in a non-intrusive, non-creepy way.
    • 32Native advertising allows advertisers to gain attention by providing valuable content in thecontext of the user’s experience.Ads that are native to a site don’t interrupt the user; they exist in the stream of content andbring value to the user in the form of brand content.Brands become lifestyle accessories, engaging the consumer with creative content.In environments with millions of people, they’re calling bullshit on advertising.Native ad spending in 2013 will increase by 12.6% v. 2012NATIVE ADVERTISING
    • 33THE FUTURE OF RETAIL IS CHANGING@getnomi – www.getnomi.com!Nomi provides omni-channel engagement software for retailers in real time about"every aspect oftheir store to increase foot traffic, loyalty and sales!@TaskRabbit – www.taskRabbit.com!TaskRabbit is a website and mobile app where you can outsource small jobs and tasks to fully-vettedpeople right in your neighborhood!@getnomi - www.getnomi.comNomi provides omni-channelengagement software for retailersin real time about every aspect oftheir store to increase foottraffic, loyalty and sales.@birchbox – www.birchbox.com!Discover beauty better. Birchbox is redefining the discovery commerce platform –consumers a personalized way to discover, sample, shop and learn about productsnow offering mens, specialty and event verticals!@WarbyParker – www.warbyparker.com!Boutique-quality prescription eyewear and sunglasses starting at $95 – by circumvechannels, cutting out middlemen and engaging with customers directly through the@WarbyParker - www.warbyparker.comBoutique-quality prescription eyewear andsunglasses starting at $95 - by circumventingtraditional channels, cutting out themiddlemen and engaging with customersdirectly through their website
    • 34CONSUMERS ARE ENGAGING ONLINE IN NEW WAYS@trueandcompany – www.trueandco.com!Your search for the perfect bra ends right here. True&Co makes bra shopping fun and personal -sitting at the intersection of consumer technology, ecommerce and apparel !@Wanelo – www.wanelo.com!Wanelo (from Want, Need, Love) is a global platform for shopping organized around people – userspost, collect and organize products and follow people and stores they like!@trueandcompany - www.trueandco.comYour search for the perfect bra ends righthere. True&Co makes bra shopping fun andpersonal- sitting at the intersection ofconsumer technology, e-commerce andapparel@Wanelo - www.wanelo.comWanelo (from Want, Need, Love) is a globalplatform for shopping organized around people- users post, collect and organize products andfollow people and stores they like@birchbox - www.birchbox.comDiscover beauty better: Birchbox is redefiningthe discovery commerce platform - offeringconsumers a personalized way to discover,sample, shop and learn about products andbrands - now offering mens, speciality andevent verticals@TaskRabbit - www.taskRabbit.comTaskRabbit is a website and mobile appwhere you can outsource small jobs andtasks to fully-vetted people right in yourneighborhood.
    • 35A GOOD CONSUMER EXPERIENCE IS KEY@getsatisfaction – www.getsatisfaction.com!Get Satisfaction is in the business of building the best customer commcreate engaging customer experiences by fostering online conversatioservices at every stage of the lifecycle!@siftscience – www.siftscience.com!Sift Science monitors traffic on your site and alerts you when a user iabuse!@getsatisfaction - www.getsatisfaction.comGet Satisfaction is in the business of buildingthe best customer communities - helpingcompanies create engaging customerexperiences by fostering online conversationsabout their products and services at everystage of the lifecycle@siftscience - www.siftscience.comSift Science monitors traffic on your siteand alerts you when a user is committingfraud, spam or abuse
    • 36UNDERSTAND, REACH AND ENGAGECONSUMERS ON SOCIAL PLATFORMS@Percolate – www.percolate.comPercolate is an engine that consumes theworld for a brand: bubbling up the mostinteresting stories and making it easy tocomment on those stories and push themout to a brand‘s .COM,Twitter,Tumblr,Facebook, or even ad units@Adaptly – www.adaptly.comAdaptly is a social media buying platformthat is revolutionizing social web advertisingby offering agencies a unified buyingplatform across all social networks –including Facebook,Twitter,YouTube andStumbleUpon@curalate – www.curalate.comThe only analytics and marketing suite for Pinterestand Instagram – comprehensive understanding of abrands visual content web presence@socialwire – www.socialwire.comSocialWire is the next generation Facebookadvertising platform for premium online retailersbuilt on top of Facebook Open Graph
    • 37CONSUMERS EXPECT A PERSONALIZEDEXPERIENCE - GIVE IT TO THEM@monetate – www.monetate.comMonetate enables marketers to deliver the ultimate customer experience with unprecedented agility.Monetate enables online businesses to implement superior marketing strategies, to quickly and easily testand target website content and features, thereby providing customers with more relevant and compellingwebsite experiences