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TMKu 2013: Developing A Target Analysis and Media Landscape

TMKu 2013: Developing A Target Analysis and Media Landscape



Developing a target analysis: the process in which we define a target and the resources available to do so.

Developing a target analysis: the process in which we define a target and the resources available to do so.

Development and process of defining a media landscape.



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    TMKu 2013: Developing A Target Analysis and Media Landscape TMKu 2013: Developing A Target Analysis and Media Landscape Presentation Transcript

    • TMK .EDU: DEVELOPING A TARGET ANALYSES & MEDIA LANDSCAPE Presented by Monique Lemus 7/24/13
    • WHAT WE’LL COVER • Developing a target analyses • Defining a target • The Targeting process & resources • Considerations • Examples • Developing a media landscape • Defining a media landscape • The process • Examples • Summary
    • WHAT IS A TARGET? Text
    • WHAT IS A TARGET...IN MEDIA? The specific group of individuals to whom the advertising message is directed Like me. Target audience can be as general as a basic demographic (e.g. Mom) or custom built with unique qualifiers
    • THE TRADITIONAL TARGETING PROCESS Gather all available information from all relevant parties Outline key prospects based on brand research and identified brand attributes Create a target using psychographic statements & behaviors using qualitative and quantitative tools Deep dive into target datapoints to understand target and determine key media touchpoints from output data Media plan away! 1 2 3 4
    • THE STARTING POINT: GATHERING INFO Client briefs: Clients know who their general target audience is- whether its a specific demo or a combination of specific characteristics or traits Finding Current & New Users: When clients want to redefine their target, they look to current users to help define who their main consumer is C aud Before diving into data, we need a starting point, to help define what and who we’re looking for Who uses our product? Who wants to use our product?Why do people use our product?
    • LOOK TO #’S & WORDS TO FINDYOUR TARGET Quantitative Data: Syndicated data Client Based Data Quantitative Field Work Qualitative Data: Focus Groups Trend Research Ethnographies Current Users Psychographic Group
    • THINGS TO CONSIDER IN TARGET BUILDING When building your target, you should keep in mind a few factors: • Segmentation: Are there varying segments of consumers who could serve as a potential target? • Influencers: Who are the “alpha consumers” who will help spread the word or be most easily influenced by the advertising •Target Population: Is the population size of the target realistic given factors such as current sales and budget? • Demographic Qualifiers: Is it important to include an age, gender, or geographic qualifier?
    • OUR TARGETING TOOL BUCKET Syndicated Studies (Quantitative) • Simmons • MRI • Monroe Mendhalson (MMR) • Erdos & Morgan • ComScore/Fusion Trending Tools (Qualitative) • Iconoculture • Yankelovich • eMarketer • Forrester Audience Insights While not exact tools, shouldn’t discount vendor research and insights like • Publisher target studies • VMM Insights
    • READING THE #’S: SYNDICATED OUTPUT 1. Sample population size 2. Projected population size 3. Coverage (% reach of target audience) 4. Composition (how much of this audience is made up of our target) 5. Index (based off composition, comparison to general population) 1 2 3 4 5 Regardless of the study, syndicated research output tends to have the same format and show the same data measurements Target audience Total population Tips: • Only use for directional purposes • Sort by index for quick data glance...but don’t forget to think about reach, especially when looking at media properties • If you forget what each line measures...remember, its all in the numbers!
    • YOU HAVEYOUR TARGET,NOW WHAT? One you have your target you can delve into the insights to better understand who your target audience is and how you should reach speak interact engage ...etc with them in your communications plan Media Deep Dives... to uncover what media channels and properties they consume to inform media landscapes & tactical planning Psychographics Deep Dive to get a deep 360degree perspective on who your target is, what they value, how they react to advertising, to inform brand strategy Day in the Life combine media, demo, psychographic findings to understand target’s daily life and potential media touchpoints Basic Demo Overview to get a general synopsis of who your audience is and inform buying demos, geo- parameters, etc Target deep dives vary based on your starting point, objective of exercise and are not exclusive of each other
    • GATHER INFO & KEY PROSPECTS 2 Environmental Impact Americana Reasons for Tune-In “A land without ruins is a land without memories – a land without memories is a land without history” - Abram Joseph Ryan Through his lens, Ken Burns offers an in-depth look into one of the most important ecological events in American history. Delving into the history, personal tales of the era and the lasting impact in today’s culture, The Dust Bowl offers a number of reasons for tune-in: Never more so are we aware of climate change and the human effect on ecosystems and the environment than we are today. The Dust Bowl brings to light the parallels of yesterday to present day The Dirty Thirties as an event and an era still carries current relevance. The Dust Bowl brings into focus how this time period touched and affected lives and still pervades in today’s culture
    • BUILD THE TARGET History Buffs (5 of 10): Important to continue learning new things* It is important to be well informed* Hobbies: Visited a museum in the past 12 months Showtype watched: History/ Biography Showtype watched: News/ Documentary Network watched^: History Channel OR Biography Channel Network watched^: PBS Program watched^: American Experience Movie Genre Seen: Documentary Magazines read: The Atlantic OR Smithsonian Eco-centrics (4 of 8): Belong to an environmental organization Personal obligation to be environmentally responsible* Like to understand nature* Read: Natural History Magazine OR Discover Magazine Networks watched (2 of 5)^: Planet Green OR TWC OR Nat Geo OR Discovery OR Outdoor Channel Programs watched (2 of 4)^: Storm Chasers OR Naked Science OR Nature OR Storm Stories Online activities^: News/ Weather Online sites visited^: Weather.com OR Weatherbug.com OR Accuweahter.com Heartlanders 22.6 MMOR }
    • GET TO KNOW THE TARGET 6 History Buffs: Demos & Media Demographics • M/F = 48/52 • Average age: 56 • Caucasian: 75% • African American: 14% • County size: • A = 49%; B = 29%; C = 13%; D = 9% • Belongs to: Arts/ Museum association 348i; Civics Club 268i; Human Rights org 375i Reliant on magazines • Magazines are main source of entertainment 138i • Most magazines are worth the money 156i • Can’t resist buying magazines 134i Media Habits History Buffs 15MM 65% of HLs Source: Winter Simmons 2011 LOVE TV • I am a big TV addict 134i • I arrange my schedule around my TV programs 127i …And also frequent the cinema • I am a regular movie theater goer 141i • Notice ads in lobbies of movie theaters 128i Not shy to online networking •  Online activities in the past 30 days: • Blogs/ Blogging 144i • Chat forums 164i 352i 210i 358i 224i 1234i
    • GET TO KNOW THE TARGET 7 History Buffs: Psychographics • I like to learn about things 127i • It is important to continue learning new things 137i • Hobbies: Education courses 184i • Visiting museums 266i • Online activities: Research/ Education 158i • I like to try new things no one else has 139i • I am often chosen by peers as spokesperson 139i • I am good at leading discussions 136i • I like to share my knowledge with others 132i • Others say my enthusiasm is contagious 129i • I am an optimist 133i • Self concept: Frank/ Straightforward/ Outspoken/ Candid 132i …And Information spreaders- love to lead and share knowledge Information hungry, always seeking information and learning… Source: Iconoculture Trends; Winter Simmons 2011 Life long learners looking for insider access that’s authentic, exciting and informative “More history buffs looking for ways to learn history without it becoming a dull experience. Combining true-to-life accounts of nearly forgotten events and contributions by lesser known figures can make history come to life” – Iconoculture, 6/8/11
    • CONTROLLING TARGET SIZE:THE IMPORTANCE OF AND & ORIdentifying the Downton Abbey 2 Target Culture Connoisseurs Essential for tune-in: Our Anglophiles also seek out entertainment and immersion in other cultures Epic Drama Lovers Essential for tune-in: Our classic romance lovers also find escape in epic tales and dramatic sweeping stories Intellipops Essential for tune-in: Our smart PBS viewers stay up- to-date in pop culture as well as current news and events CLASSical Escapists 2.0: 20MM CLASSical Escapists love smart tales and epic romantic dramas with a British flare. They follow and participate in the culture buzz and will return to tune in to Downton Abbey 2! We’ll reactivate and refine the Masterpiece CLASSical Escapists expanding our target by capitalizing on Downton Abbey’s rich appeal and and !" Pop Culture focus! Romance + Drama! Love all things culture ! ! ! ! 77 To keep up with the ever expanding Downton Abbey-sphere, we ll expand on our classical escapist to capitalize on the core masterpiece audience and the broader pop-culture enthusiast enthralled by the Downton Abbey buzz Pop-Couturists Our viewers stay up-to-date in smart, pop culture as well as current news and events Abbey Road Scholars: 28MM! Abbey Road Scholars are tuned in to culture across a wide spectrum – whether immersing themselves in smart, cultured entertainment or keeping up with pop- culture news and events. The Downton Abbey buzz will bring them all to the premiere of Season 3! Pop Culture Enthusiasts OR Culture Connoisseurs Our Anglophiles seek out entertainment and immersion in other cultures Epic Drama Lovers Our classic romance lovers find escape in epic tales and dramatic sweeping stories and Love all things culture The Downton Abbey 3 target! Be creative with your use of and & or to play around with target size.To increase target, try an OR to make the target more exclusive, use AND
    • TARGET“DAY IN THE LIFE” Morning already? Need 9 more minutes Look kind of cloudy, better check the weather and see if its going to rain- where did I put the kids raincoats? Running low on peanut butter and cereal- put that on shopping list 7:30- already! The kids are running late! An egg McMuffin- just what I needed and I can use my 2 for 1 coupon Time to work…after I check my emails…. Coffee chat with coworkers Look at sister s online photo album Parenting.com can probably explain the rash… Get text from husband- he s working late again Lunchtime! I ll ask Sally where she got her shoes Those leftover I had at lunch was not…wonder what the kids will want for dinner… Make sure kids get to afters chool activities Serious work time Pick up kids from activities… Stop by Walmart to pick up poster boards for school project …wish the kids would stop fighting over the radio Decide to eat at restaurant and chat with kids about their days Bath time for kids! Helping kids with homework…where do we find out about historic landmarks in Ohio? Watch Drake & Josh with kids before bedtime Ahhh they re finally asleep! My time…watch my DVRd shows Read while husband watches end of game Good night…zzz Love my drive to work..radio s all mine… All the single ladies put your hands up up… 6:00 A.M - 9:00 A.M Pay some bills online Kids say their hungry, start thinking about dinner- what s quick and on the way? Call Sue about Saturday s BBQ 9:00 A.M - 5:300 P.M 5:30 P.M - 11:30 P.M Touch points: cable TV, local morning news, Top 40 radio, outdoor, newspapers Touch points: internet, social networking sites, mobile Touch points: kid s radio, OOH, cable TV, children s programming, magazines Themes: It s a Whole New (Chaotic) Day Themes: Our Separate Lives- Mommy at Work Themes: All in the Family…All Over Town A day in the life of Jen… The Provider
    • TARGET DEEP DIVES: A|X TARGET OVERVIEW 7 Dressed Down to the Bare Essentials: A|X Consumer Demos Basic Demos •  57% Female •  43% Male •  Average Age: 23.5 •  Attending/Graduated College •  Single- never married •  Average HHI $70K •  Average IEI $33K •  Plays in NYC (10%), LA (8%), Chicago (4%), Miami (2%) •  Works in food prep/ accommodations or retail Source: Simmons Spring 2010 NCS Adult Full Year Study
    • TARGET DEEP DIVES: A|X CONSUMER BRANDS 10 Favorite Accessories: A|X Consumer go-to Brands Source: Simmons Spring 2010 NCS Adult Full Year Study (26%; 229) (17%; 328) (13%; 301) (8%; 341) (7%; 263) (15%; 237) (10%; 202) (41%; 233) (18%; 210) (16%; 213) (13%; 213) ( 13%; 214) (9%; 424) (11%: 298) (Index 193) (9%; 223) (52%; 220) (19%; 202) (9%; 305) (43%; 234) (30%; 333) (25%; 195)
    • TARGET DEEP DIVES: A|X CONSUMER INSIGHTS 8 Dressed Up in Personal Style: A|X Consumer Insights Unhindered Fashionista •  Updates wardrobe every season (35%; 301) •  Spends more than can afford on clothes (36%; 269) •  Uses designer clothes as way to vamp up image (33%; 282) •  Shops for fun and fashion- not out of necessity (40%; 190) 24/7 Social Being •  In touch with friends around the clock- through phones, online and in person (55%; 228) •  Constant networkers- always looking to meet new people and introduce others (79%; 198) •  Loves to shop….love to shop with friends even more (53%; 236) Source: Simmons Spring 2010 NCS Adult Full Year Study Only the Best for the Best •  Considers self: egocentric, vain and self centered (28%; 222) •  Spends a lot of money on toiletries/cosmetics (39%; 200) •  Will spend what ever’s necessary to stay young and attractive (26%; 237) •  Believes the more expensive a product is- the better it is (46%; 191) Tech-a-holic •  Relies on cell and internet to keep up with news, sports, social life (32%; 333) •  Money is no barrier when it comes to new tech equipment (31%; 292) •  Admittedly spends less time sleeping, watching TV and/or reading because of internet (32%;240) 11 Catching their Eye: A|X Consumer Media Insights On the go- OOH Notices ads… In Trains (28%; 224) In Taxis (27%; 209) At bus-stops (36%; 206) In stadiums/arenas (23%; 205) In subway trains & platforms (13%;200) On billboards (70%; 141) In their palms- Mobile Likely to… Rely on phone to stay informed (41%; 381) Want to receive mobile ads (14%, 295) Visit websites on phone (51%; 295) Buy products in mobile ads (27%; 290) See value in mobile ads (29%, 256) Maintain friendships via phone (72%; 239) Through the web View Internet as… A new way to socialize (55%; 283) Main source of entertainment (51%;62) Substitute to magazines (50%; 200) New way to gather info (83%; 153) On Paper- Print Magazines… Help determine clothes to buy (33%;282) Ads enjoyable to read (34%; 196) Are a guilty pleasure (17%; 180) Rank low in overall usage (26%; 127) Media can act as a virtual window display- catch their eye and invite them into the brand experience, no matter where they are… Source: Simmons Spring 2010 NCS Adult Full Year Study
    • TARGET DEEP DIVES: A|X TARGET IMPLICATIONS implications from A|X 13 Using What We Now Know: Target Implications …..Knows how to stay connected at all times and likes to be part of new and innovative products/ trends and in the know- use of cool mobile apps, original content and social media will resonate Top Market Defined as California, NY, NJ, Florida and Canada Source: Simmons Spring 2010 NCS Adult Full Year Study AX Target Consumer hopes to one day be sophisticated- but is not quite there- media selection should be focused on more fun, young, everyday media properties …..Is very impressionable and will buy something based on who uses it and how other people view the brand- strong creative messaging, editorial PR (in the right titles) and good celebrity endorsements go a long way The Target A|X Consumer…
    • WHAT IS A MEDIA LANDSCAPE? In the simplest form, it shows the various considered media channels for a specific campaign
    • WHAT IS A MEDIA LANDSCAPE? But its not all that simple. Its a complex media world, with complex landscapes.
    • MEDIA LANDSCAPE DEVELOPMENT: STARTING POINT STEPS Start with all broader media channels (or what you are scoped to plan): Broadcast, print, online, OOH Look over client direction, brief, timing, etc, and eliminate any media that is not feasible and/or not in line with client direction Think about campaign objective- what are you trying to achieve? What are the KPIs? How is the campaign being measured? Consider budget- are there any restraints? And think a little more, about all other factors, e.g.: marketplace, geo, target behavior/consumption Allocate budget towards specific channels using all the insights from previous steps Move on to individual landscapes by media!
    • LOOKING AT THE PURCHASE FUNNEL 17 Media Strategy – Purchase Funnel AWARENESS – Place A|X brand as top of mind for a broad consumer base to consider Channels: Print, TV, Radio, OOH, Digital CONSIDERATION – Transition audience to consumers. Make them place A|X in their consideration set while shopping Channels: Digital, Mobile, In-Store PURCHASE – Activate consumers to make a purchase Channels: Digital, Mobile, In-store LOYALTY – Keep consumers engaged with the brand over time Channels: Digital, Mobile, Email, Social
    • PURCHASE FUNNEL TO FIND BEST MEDIA MIX 4 4 Finding the Right Media Mix Media scenarios should focus on various combinations of media that focus on brand building but can also drive lead generation TV Print Display Paid Search BNY Mellon Ideal Awareness Advocacy Consideration Acquisition
    • LET’S RECAP WITH SOME FINAL TIPS Target audience will help define and lay the foundation for your media landscape, and eventually, your media plan Understanding your target audience is vital to a campaign’s strategy- not only in media, but also creative- as media strategists, we should help with both
    • LET’S RECAP WITH SOME FINAL TIPS Approach target analyses and developing a media landscape with a 360degree perspective- look at all the signals and factors Tackle target analysis like a college paper- look at the big picture (thesis); then whittle down to the details with further analyses Numbers are for guidance only- use directionally
    • LET’S RECAP WITH SOME FINAL TIPS Ask questions and be curious! Target analyses takes practice. Its tedious, but if you approach it the right way, with a curious eye, it can be a fun, strategic way to understand your clients’ business or unveil new ideas for your brands