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ARG + AR = The physical environment and the reality as a game platform
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ARG + AR = The physical environment and the reality as a game platform


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A look at Alternate Reality Games, Augmented Reality and how to engage different player types.

A look at Alternate Reality Games, Augmented Reality and how to engage different player types.

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  • 1. ARG + ARThe physical environment and the reality as a game platform.MEDIAFRONT A PART OF MCCANN WORLDGROUP by @johannesr - Johannes Rummelhoff, Creative @MediaFront
  • 2. “A game is a problem-solvingactivity, approached with a playfulattitude.” - Jesse Schell Anything can be a game. Playing games is all about solving puzzles in a fun way.
  • 3. WHAT IS ARG?
  • 4. ALTERNATE REALITY GAME(ARG)An interactive story that unfolds in the real world. The story is shaped by theplayers own actions, often through puzzles and riddles that are distributed inseveral media channels. ARG is played on fictitious websites, blogs, Facebook profiles, chatrooms (msn etc..). Some tasks may require you to move away from your computer to complete them. The game is constantly adjusted and designed based on the players behavior.
  • 5. THIS IS NOT A GAME The mantra of ARG games is to make you feel like you’re taking part in something happening in the real world.
  • 6. I Love BeesAn ARG that promoted and told the prequel to Halo 2The games plot begins with a spaceship that crashes in an unknownlocation. The ships artificial intelligence, known as the "Operator" or"Melissa", has been damaged and is not alone. Other AI applicationsshare the system. In an attempt to contact any surviving allies, Melissatransfer signals shown as codes hidden within images or text to awebserver in the San Francisco area.This interferes with the operationof the website I Love Bees and destroys the content.The most significant hacker message was a countdown to the "Fullywide awake and physical" on 24 August 2004.Tasks•  The first task was a honey jar that was sent out to players from otherARGs (TheBeast). In the jar the receivers found pieces of papershaped as the URL to The URL was also flickered ontoon the trailer for Halo 2.•  A main task in the game was to decode a series of GPS coordinatesand resolve their hidden message. The players resolved the task byfinding phone booths near all the coordinates. Then the players had toanswer incoming phone calls to the phone boots.•  Decoding of the fictional programming language Flea + +
  • 8. Achievers Players are engaged by different things: Richard Bartles four player types:Socializers • Achievers: Wants to maximize their scores and climb the high score list. These players are driven by their own success. • Explorers: Wants to understand how the game works, plan optimal strategies.Explorers • Socialize: Love to interact with other players and meet new people through the game. • Killers: Love to take advantage of other players. These players steal, kill and exploit.Killers ARGs mainly attracts Explorers as the game is based on the player constantly searching for clues and figure out obscure solutions. Socializers also have their part in the ARGs, but it is less accessible to them as it is often necessary to be a combination of Explorer and Socializer to succeed. Read more: Richard A. Bartle: Players Who Suit Mudshttp://
  • 10. The game unfolds in thephysical reality where yourmovements and actions affectthe game.
  • 11. I sense something of significancenearby. Cancel Show me The phone is your sixth sense.
  • 12. ExplorersYour mobile phone takes youon an adventure around thecity. You develop a character(you) and use your knowledgeand skills to solve puzzles toprogress in the game.On the map you can see whatis going on near you.•  Friends / foes•  Tasks•  NPCes•  Suspicious areas
  • 13. Achievers Throughout your journey you will encounter a variety of puzzles and tasks you have to resolve. •  Puzzles •  Knowledge Tasks •  Logical •  Physics The tasks can be resolved using the phones technology: •  Motion (gyroscope)Attack Bag Friends Profile More •  Audio, voice recognition •  GPS •  Etc..
  • 14. 200 millioner minutter spilletid hver dag Curiosity: A puzzle / casual game with great success, Angry Birds is played in over 200 million minutes a day (equivalent to 16 human life spans)
  • 15. AchieversAttack Bag Friends Profile More Once you have solved a puzzle you’re rewarded accordingly to your performance.
  • 16. “The consequences of an actaffect the probability of itsoccurring again.” - B. F. Skinner When you do one thing that gives you a positive feedback there is likely that you repeat the action again and again.
  • 17. Socializers Some tasks require collaboration with other players, creating new relationships. Players at higher levels can train and teach skills to players on a lower level.Attack Bag Friends Profile More Attack Bag Friends Profile More Players build relationships and friendships through the game. The game becomes a meeting place, a social arena.
  • 18. “No one knows everything,everyone knows something” - Pierre Lévy ARGs often requires collaboration to solve problems so difficult and complicated that it is not possible to complete them on your own. Together the players creates a collective intelligence. Further reading: Why I Love Bees: A Case Study in Collective Intelligence Gaming. Utmerket ført i pennen av Jane McGonigal,
  • 19. Achievers ExplorersSloss mot monstre In your surroundings, there are tons of scary monsters that give you experience points and treasure if you beat them.
  • 20. Socializers KillersWar between factions: You,the player must make adecision early on and choosewhich side to join. (However,one can at any time, switchsides.)You have to watch out whenyoure out there. You neverknow who lurks around thecorner.
  • 21. KillersDuels are constantly occurring between players from differentfactions.Players from higher levels with better skills and a better sixthsense are more likely to win battles.The battles are carried out by using your phone as a sword or amagic wand and verbally articulate spells that harm the enemy.
  • 22. Explorers Killers The faction’s reputation is determined based on the size of the territory under their control. For a segment to control a territory a given number of players from the faction must have been in the territorial area for a sufficient time.Attack Bag Friends Profile More Factions can claim their enemy’s territory by "attacking" it with their presence.
  • 23. Bli en helt! The Epic Fight! Work with your faction to kill the great dragon flying over the major cities in the world.