David Henderson: Awareness, Brand Journalism workshop 14-15th April 2011


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Brand Journalism workshop 14-15th April 2011 was an international event organized by Media education CEE

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David Henderson: Awareness, Brand Journalism workshop 14-15th April 2011

  1. 1. Awareness
  2. 2. Competitive LandscapeCluttered Competitive Noisy
  3. 3. The World is Flat
  4. 4. The World is Flat In today’s global marketplace ... We need to master the evolvingcommunications techniques of the globaldigital environment ... in order to bring value to our work.
  5. 5. Communications has Changed• Top-down communication is failing.• Talking “at” has been replaced by conversations “with.”• Organizations must release control, stop selling & promoting ... begin listening and participating in conversations.• We have enhanced ability today to manage brand image with more credibility.
  6. 6. Communications has Changed Traditional tactics of public relations,advertising and marketing ... which promote,sell & push messages ... are less effective in the digital era.
  7. 7. Facts About OnlineIf you talk “about” your organization ... no onecares ... and no one will listen.Today’s audiences only care about themselvesand value to themselves.
  8. 8. Facts About Online• Only 14% of people online trust advertisements.• 25% of search results for top 20 brands are user generated material.• 78% of consumers online trust peer opinions over ads.• There are approximately 200 million blogs. Source: Erik Qualman, author, Socialnomics
  9. 9. Facts About Online• Content is essential as consumers look for information that is most convenient.• 346,000,000 people globally read blogs.• 77% of active Internet users read blogs.• 900,000 blog posts every 24 hours.• People online actively seek new information. Source: eMarketer.com
  10. 10. The Second Internet
  11. 11. Sharing
  12. 12. Successful Second Internet companies are poweredby similar features, including:•Platforms open their API to developers, giving code developers essential building blocks to enhance a site or application.•Continuous and rapid pace of innovation (such as Facebook and Huffington Post).•The company/brand must listen to the dialogue and participate with customers.•Customer contribution is a large percent of the value/experience.•Every customer has a personalized experience.•Social graph connections drive discovery rather than search.
  13. 13. Who is Today’s Media?• Mainstream papers, magazines, TV, radio, cable• Blogs, social media, forums• Online news services• Online news aggregators• Maybe someone you never heard of ...• Lines have become blurred between pure journalism, entertainment and opinion
  14. 14. Who is a Journalist?• Trained, experience reporter• Blogger, with or without experience• Celebrity, notable, attorney• Someone with absolutely no skills or experience in journalism
  15. 15. What is Brand Journalism?Using the credibility and influenceof news to tell a corporate story to achieve competitive differentiation.
  16. 16. What is Brand Journalism?A completely different style, technical andapproach than PR.Brand journalism is news, not PR.PR is promotion & “pushing.”
  17. 17. Value of Brand Journalism“In the Internet age, executives have to learnhow to shape information about themselves andtheir companies ... or the Internet will do it forthem, and it won’t be pretty!” Mark Cuban, billionaire entrepreneur, Chairman of HD Net
  18. 18. Brand Journalism• Accomplished communicators with journalism experience.• Knowledge to create and strength original online content, deepen engagement through online communities and develop new brand awareness models.• Clear purpose-driven objectives and results.• Commitment to openness, transparency, accuracy and balance.
  19. 19. Why Use the Blog Platform?• Easily adapted for news sites and other purposes.• Easily updated with no technical skills required.• Dynamic, interactive and highly search engine friendly.• Provides greatest online awareness.• Represents the latest online software developments.
  20. 20. Tactics Then ...
  21. 21. Tactics Now!
  22. 22. Essentials of Brand Journalism1. Evaluate and cast off old or bad habits
  23. 23. Old, Bad Habits “About”
  24. 24. Bad Habits• “About” boilerplace. No one cares!• Blast, unsolicited emails.• Press releases that are not stories.• Pushing out self-serving messages.• Being inaccessible.• Not listening.
  25. 25. Essentials of Brand Journalism2. It is journalism ... not PR or marketing
  26. 26. PR Message GulfYou The Media
  27. 27. PR Message GulfYour Press Release Actual News Story
  28. 28. Essentials of Brand Journalism3. Sharpen focus to achieve more impact
  29. 29. Focus on Influencers
  30. 30. Essentials of Brand Journalism4. Seek clarity of journalism, not jargon.
  31. 31. Essentials of Brand Journalism5. Constant updates and news style.
  32. 32. Features Ranking, info NewsfeedCategories Photos
  33. 33. Comments Visitorsa Social media Social media Related Feed Social media Links Comment
  34. 34. TwitterRelated LinksTwitter Facebook
  35. 35. Essentials of Brand Journalism6. News style writing, stories, photos, video
  36. 36. Outstanding Visuals
  37. 37. Essentials of Brand Journalism7. Drive traffic to your news relentlessly
  38. 38. Essentials of Brand Journalism1. Cast off old or bad habits.2. It is journalism ... not PR or marketing.3. Sharpen focus to achieve more impact.4. Seek clarity of journalism, not bureaucracy.5. Constant updates and news style.6. News style writing, stories, photos, video.7. Drive traffic to your news relentlessly.
  39. 39. Brand Journalism ...the most important competitive asset for influential communications
  40. 40. Strategic Directions• Advocate change - Learn new styles, trends & protocols.• Avoid compulsively marketing and promoting ... start to listen and engage.• Use plain language.• Embrace storytelling.• Become the credible voice and face.• Reach out to fewer to achieve more.
  41. 41. Awareness