The Home of Situation Comedy

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  • 1. The Internet The true home of Sitcom A presentation by Daniel Kidney s3237937
  • 2. My Topic
    • The growth of short episodic situation comedy on the internet
    • The reason for the high quality and size of the industry
    • Its survival despite the presence of big budget TV sitcoms
  • 3. An example of some internet Sitcoms:
    • Mr Deity
    • Words
    • Rooster Teeth Shorts
    • Girl Friday
    • Forget the Rules
    • Red Vs Blue
    • Three Day Growth
    • Captain Dynamic
  • 4. Why we should care
    • Strengthens the creative industry
    • More good original content
    • Gives indies a chance to get known
    • Innovation (business models, story-telling)
  • 5. Why it’s so popular
    • Accessible to anyone computer literate
    • Current for our generation
    • We can relate to the character more easily in the contemporary setting
    • They are short, don’t take long to download and are easy to watch
    • There is something for everybody
  • 6. Why it is growing
    • Audiences support the best
    • Indie nature of shows mean they can persist over years at little cost
    • Survival of the fittest through views and word of mouth mean the best shows survive and continue to grow
  • 7. Making Money – The Best Thrive
    • Those that are the most popular are likely to:
      • Get publishing deals
      • Become sustainable through selling their product or range of products
      • Become sustainable through donations and/or subscriptions
  • 8. Why TV doesn’t hurt them
    • It has developed to be a sophisticated and funny as commercial shows
    • On demand accessibility
    • Short enough to watch in a lunch break or when your boss isn’t looking
    • More likely to find something more suited to you
  • 9. Interesting Links