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A short presentation on video blogging, with a focus on Community Channel.

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  • Talbot Trevor s3194971 vlogs

    1. 1. Vlogging: With a focus on Community Channel Where Pixels commit suicide and cool comes to die
    2. 2. Vlog? Vlog is a contraction of the term ‘video blog’. According to Mike Miliard (http://www.bostonphoenix.com/boston/news_features/top/ features/documents/05145823.asp), video blogging is ‘the next stage in blog evolution.’ So like a blog it can cover anything from politics, business, news, gossip, food, sad hipsters, your many cat’s all named mittens and the list goes on. For instance the first known video blog (http://www.4tvs.com/explanation.html) was published in 2000. It was by Adam Kontras, who was describing his move to Los Angeles and his attempt at show business. Mostly a vlog is a person filming themselves in their room; talking about life or nothing really all that important. But it can be serious, comedic or informative. But in the last couple of years Politicians and news websites have fully embraced the vlog. For instance both Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and former Prime Minister John Howard used YouTube to broadcast their policies to the “Younger Generation”. Fairfax media uses vlogs to tell the news, give reviews of TV, movies, gadgets and to tell gossip and give life advice. So in conclusion, a vlog is a way to get your voice and opinions out into the big wide world. Unlike blogging your audience can see your face, your actions, your idiosyncrasies and hear your voice; Something a blog cannot do. This is why Politicians have taken it on. It is also easier to watch a screen and gain information from that, than it is to read a 1000 word article in a newspaper, magazine or on a website.
    3. 3. Community Channel FEEL the swine flu (http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwm45MHV2jM) Community Channel (AKA Natalie Tran) is a digital media student of the University of New South Wales, from Sydney. She is also the most subscribed of all time in australia, and 18th most subscribed in the world on YouTube. Her first vlog was created on September 25, 2006. Her videos are mostly about her daily life with observational and self-depreciating humour. She also discusses social dilemmas, like how much money to spend on presents or rude retail workers.
    4. 4. An Analysis Mainstream Media Vs Vlogs The difference between mainstream media and vlogging is that the majority of vlogs are made by people in the general public. Also it’s incredibly cheap. This is due to the influx of cheap digital cameras and webcams, as well as a large selection of free video editing software being made available. Over a decade ago these things were almost nonexistent. In relation to Natalie Tran’s (Community Channel) vlogs; she interacts with her viewers, by asking them if they had similar situations, or views etc. commenting back through her ever present ‘Porno Music/Comment time’ segment at the end of every video. She also talks about things that some of her subscribers have said to her in the main parts videos. What does it Cost? nothing. So long as you have a computer, webcam and microphone you essentially have everything to make your very own vlog. However, for a more professional looking video, you could purchase more expensive equipment and software. politicians and news media Might incur production costs with a small film crew and editing team. Despite that it is a small fraction of the cost for something that would appear on TV, and vlogs have the potential of reaching the ever growing number of people who are watching TV on the internet.
    5. 5. An Analysis, cont. Community Channel: A Critique It’s interesting to watch Natalie Tran’s videos from her earliest to her most recent. As you can would see, the amount of improvement her production quality through the four years that she has been vlogging; from poor quality videos with bad lighting, angles, bad editing and sound that just doesn’t seem in sync with the video. To Better film quality and lighting. However she still has some problems with editing with not quite right cuts and graphics. Another thing to take note of is that she films some of her situational skits with a hand held camera. These skits are often well presented and edited. They will rarely have her friends or mum acting out parts, but she mostly plays all the parts herself. Using a clone of herself on screen at the same time, and sometimes her mum as a stunt double, as seen in the video ‘FEEL the swine flu’. The quality doesn’t match up with what you might get in a professional TV or film production, but for most YouTube vlogs, her videos are pretty high in terms of quality and production. They are also pretty entertaining, which is no wonder why she is one of the most subscribed people in the world. The People Who Like to Watch Community Channel has viewers from a wide range of countries. When YouTube was mostly a North American phenomenon; she already had a large following. Of the more than 239,186,037 views; The majority of them are middle class Gen Y’ers. This is because she talks about things that they may come across in their own lives, and her sense of humour is also very appealing to that generational group.
    6. 6. I would like to thank coffee, and all it’s magical properties.