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Social connecting via mmorpgs -  m2 ass2-bao di tran.s3235414

Social connecting via mmorpgs - m2 ass2-bao di tran.s3235414






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    Social connecting via mmorpgs -  m2 ass2-bao di tran.s3235414 Social connecting via mmorpgs - m2 ass2-bao di tran.s3235414 Presentation Transcript

    • Social Connecting via MMORPGs Why players prefer the company of other MMORPG players than people they meet in real life. [ information mostly based on EVERQUEST players ] Media Cultures 2 2010 -- Assignment 2 Bao Di Tran s3235414
    • Introduction Social interactions in massive multiplayer online role-playing games are virtual behaviours and communications/relations through an internet hosted computer game. Interactions are essential with the mechanics of these games. Through these interactions, players meet other players across the world and may form relationships, vary from a cohesive team, friendship or to romance.
    • Non-gamers stereotype some video gamers to be as solitary hermits, but data on MMORPG players show that 80% of them play with someone they know in real life (a romantic partner, family member or friends) on a regular basis. Most of them are usually introduced to these games from someone they know in real life. Thus, MMORPGs are in fact highly social environments where new relationships are forged and existing relationships are reinforced.
    • Social Journey Anyone can play MMORPGs even some that may be socially awkward or outcasts but they can become who ever they want to be in these virtual worlds, and find other players with similar interests and personalities. In one survey, 39.4% of males and 53.3% of females felt that their MMORPG companions were comparable to or even better than their real life friends.
    • It may seem strange that strong relationships can develop in these virtual worlds where everyone is pretending to be someone else, but the construction of these environments actually smoothes the progress of these relationships. People are more willing to talk about personal issues when they can maintain their anonymity, and about 30% of MMORPG players have told personal issues or secrets to online friends that they never told anyone else. These environments encourage people to form trusting bonds with each other by repeatedly placing players in spontaneous and stressful crises that require players to work together in order to survive. And most importantly, players are pre-selected to be compatible with each other because MMORPGs are a very specific form of entertainment.
    • Being more than just online friends Once we understand how these environments encourage relationships to form, we also begin to see that people make friends and fall in love in a different way than they do in real life. In real life, we learn about a person casually before intimate details are shared. In MMORPGs, intimate details are often shared before knowing where a person lives in real life. In real life, we make friends with someone and eventually a crisis occurs and we figure out whether we can trust them. In MMORPGs, crises occur so often that players can choose to only befriend those who have demonstrated their loyalty and courage. In more ways than one, we make friends and fall in love almost reverse in MMORPGs.
    • In real life, we judge a person first by their physical appearance and then we get to know their character and values. In an MMORPG, it’s reverse. You get a sense of their values and character from the situations in the game. You hang out with them because you share a lot of common values or you like their personality. And then finally, you might get to see a photo of them or you may meet them in real life where you judge their physical appearance. According to Nicholas Yee, 15.7% of males and 5.1% of females physically dated someone they met in an MMORPG.
    • Is it just a fantasy? Part of the concern over online relationships is that they are superficial because the foundation of the game is to pretend to be someone else. How could you possibly know someone well in such an environment? The thing to remember is that people “pretend” all the time in real life. People wear “masks” in real life and “putting on a front” is something happens in the real world as well. In fact, a significant portion of MMORPG players feel that they can be more of who they really are in the virtual world. Other players feel that online relationships can be important because people are actually less superficial online. The removal of physical cues such as age, appearance, race and social class forces players to interact with each other with far fewer prejudices and stereotypes than they would in real life.
    • While many people are frightened by the prospect of encountering individuals with bad intentions in an online environment, those same individuals often times underestimate the number of those same people they are encountering in real life. After all, the “bad” people you meet in virtual worlds live in the real world. Cautiousness is something that people need to keep in mind in both the virtual and the real world. And considering the restricted range of things that other people can do to each other online when compared with the real world, it seems surprising how worried some people get over online relationships. Some people are hesitant to use the words “romantic relationship” or “good friendship” to describe these online relationships, as these relationships begin and develop in an entirely different way than face-to-face relationships. But just because they happen differently, sometimes in reverse, doesn’t mean they aren’t just as real and valuable as face-to-face relationships. If what we mean by friendship or love is really getting to know someone well, then perhaps environments like an MMORPG do have something very important to offer.
    • Invisible shield ON! One reason why this occurs is that when you’re typing to a computer, you don’t worry about how you look, what you’re wearing, or whether you’re smiling at the right time. A lot of this self-consciousness is irrelevant when typing on a computer, and all this energy is instead channeled to the message itself, which typically becomes more detailed. In the case of an MMORPG, the ability to be in the safety and comfort of your own home while typing relieves some of the tension of saying something intimate. Many of these gestures and cues are absent online, and this allows us to finish our original thought more often – the unchanged, uncensored version of what we wanted to say. In other words, this foundation of a good relationship is far easier to reach in an MMORPG than in real life because of the text communication and the anonymity.
    • Of course, this is not to say that everyone who plays an MMOPRG will share their personal lives with their fellow players, but in general, people are more likely to reveal personal information online than in real life for the reasons mentioned. However, without hearing the tone and seeing the body gestures of the other players, it can be hard to unscramble what they may be trying to say to you or if they are lying. All we hope in our minds is that we trust them enough to read the truth and is not just messing with us emotionally or mentally.
    • Another reason why many people are uncomfortable with meeting people online is because, at first glance, it feels like finding a needle in haystacks. The chances of finding someone you could get along with just feel very remote. They then project this attitude and conclude that the likelihood of other people finding compatible romantic partners is also very low. When you think about, an MMORPG is a highly specific kind of entertainment. People who like first-person shooters are probably not the kind of people who like MMORPGs. Also, people who play MMORPGs and enjoy the slow level advancement, character development, and simulated battles while immersed within a fantastical medieval world probably share other attitudes and interests. The MMORPG effectively attracts people with similar interests and attitudes while at the same time filtering out the people who do not share these interests. What you end up with in an MMORPG is a pre-filtered group of people. This is why compatibility is more likely to occur.
    • True Love Outside the Computer? It is possible for MMORPG players to hook up in real life and then get married (etc). It’s not highly recommended to all the socially anxious youngsters who think dating in a game will be easier for them than finding someone in real life. The process of finding that special someone in an online game, intentional or not, and pursuing life long relationship is not a pleasant process. It does involve physical loneliness or could drive you emotionally crazy which often cause people to think it may not be worth keeping it. Sometimes all in the end, people are just happy to find someone that is healthy, loves you and more importantly, not a criminal. Relationships online aren’t any prettier than real life relationships. They can be happy as a roller coaster, or as creepy as anything the real world can throw at you. Your only real benefit is you immediately share a common interest and, at least to start, you have anonymity on your side protecting you. The drama is just as drawn out and complex, only it often involves a lot more people whether you, or they, actually want to be involved. There is just as much lying and manipulation, plenty of good intentions gone badly and promises broken. Certainly, it works for some people, but don't count yourself in that group unless it really does work out. If it does, count yourself among the lucky few!
    • Finally Conclusion! Finding friends or love via a MMORPG (or through the internet) is just another option for people if finding companionship can be difficult in real life. It helps build self esteem and certain traits of a person which could be used in real world and gain better communication skills without the overwhelming feeling of rejection or discrimination. Finding companionship via MMORPGs is one good way to sort out the players that are compatible with you and form a meaningful bond quicker than meeting the random people in real life. There are certain risks when gaining a trust of someone you cannot see face to face, but if you’re a good person at heart then you are bound to find others just you’ like you – not everyone is bad or a jerk. We all need to practice cautiousness and be wary of what others say to us without the aid of tones and body gestures in sight. MMORPGs is just a social game where everyone can come together to play and have fun being fantasy creatures and meeting other players to enhance the entertainment through our long wasted years on these games!
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