Gender Diversity and Caltex's story


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Milano Pelligrini, head of HR, Caltex, gives an excellent presentation on gender diversity and Caltex's story on how they got to where they are today. Caltex certainly has come a long way with gender diversity!

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  • Disclaimer– my perception of diversity @ Caltex view from Lytton
  • 4,500 employees nationally2/3rds of senior executive team have tertiary qualifications in engineering the remainder have finance-related backgrounds  CLT all male Female Chairman
  • Resource Industry Workforce SeminarMining Monthly – major sponsorExtensive story re 3rd annual Chamber of Minerals & Energy WA Women in Resource AwardsCommendable 3 page article, even more commendable if not followed by full page ad re mining equipmentSafety showers, critical safety equipment in Refining – matter of life & death, injury & serious injuryMore frequent use if more frequent ads like thisNot only Caltex’s challenge, and not only that of Refining
  • Leading transport fuel supplier and convenience retailer in AustraliaOnly oil major listed on ASX50% owned by Chevron, 50% by private shareholders2 refineries2011 Caltex sold 15.7 billion litres of Fuel or approximately 30% of all transport fuels in Australia
  • ASX requirements acted as a catalyst for more vigorous change2007 Caltex had implemented improved diversity policy and new workplace behaviour training to eliminate any harassment or discrimination that might exist Changes did not lead to any increase in the number of women choosing to work for Caltex, or the disproportionately small number of women making it to leadership positions.In dealing with this issue successfully we would need to be more proactive.
  • Several HIPO senior women managers moved into new roles in different functions of the business to enhance their career development Female appointees represented 50% of all senior manager promotions3 women while on parental leave participated in career success programs
  • ICWESHeld every 3 yearsCaltex Gold sponsorChairman, Elizabeth Bryan addressed the plenary session- First time in Southern hemisphere20 Caltex female engineers & scientists attended
  • Leadership: continue to develop talented women leaders and offer career development opportunities and programsFlexibility: 3mth on/off example Lytton
  • Child carePilot across company to provide new parents with ad hoc emergency nanny support if the face a childcare ‘crisis’ while working
  • Cost of replace employee 107% of their salary
  • Quarterly review
  • Gender Diversity and Caltex's story

    1. 1. HR LEADERS RESOURCES SUMMIT MAY 2013 GOLD COAST QLD Gender Diversity Case Study Caltex Refining & Supply Milano Pellegrini Caltex HR Refining & Supply
    2. 2. Our Challenge Advertising says a lot…… We have come a long way…. Haven‟t we………???
    3. 3. Sabrina – Caltex TV Commercial
    4. 4. Caltex Australia
    5. 5. FRAMING NUMBERS • 3,500 employees nationally • 1,000 in Refining & Supply • 30% to 34% women employed • 25% of Board (inc Chair) vs 0% of EXCO • 18% to 21% women in management roles • Technical focus: Chem Eng, Mech Eng, Elect Eng, Process Eng, Chemists
    6. 6. Caltex In 2008 there was an investigation. The 2010 ASX changes provided a new impetus for Caltex to think about how we were utilising available female talent pools, in the broader labour market and internally
    7. 7. 2011/12 GENDER OBJECTIVES & OUTCOMES • Established Caltex Diversity Council, chaired by CEO, to drive gender diversity initiatives and outcomes • Provided high potential women managers with development experiences to position them for promotion to critical leadership roles • More than 90% of women managers participated in targeted programs with the aim of progressing their careers
    8. 8. 2011/12 GENDER OBJECTIVES/ OUTCOMES • Caltex held 28 separate women‟s networking events • Unconscious bias training rolled out to senior managers across Caltex • CEO + Direct Reports + HR Heads have Gender Diversity Targets as part of their 5 BPOs • Sponsored and participated in the 2011 Triennial International Conference for Women Engineers and Scientists in Adelaide
    9. 9. 2012 Gender Objectives • Increase number of women managers in its pipeline critical successor Talent Pool (16% 20% 25%) • Review remuneration by gender to ensure unconscious bias has not influenced outcomes • Increase the number of graded employees who answer „yes‟ to “Do you feel comfortable talking to your manager about flexible work arrangements?”
    10. 10. 2013 Gender Objectives • Maintain the reduction of voluntary turnover amongst graded female employees so that it continues at a similar proportion to the voluntary turnover rate of graded male employees (overlay with Kurnell Refinery closure) • Establish measures to provide direct support to new parents who return to work following a period of parental leave as a child‟s primary carer
    11. 11. September 2012 BabyCare Package launched • 3% bonus paid each quarter to a primary carer once they return to work • Provide returning primary carers with access to Dial-An-Angel mothercraft nurses or carers, for ad hoc emergencies (up to 5 times a year). • Caltex will provide a specialist service that assists parents locate the type of childcare they want for their baby. • During 2013 Caltex intends to introduce facilities at its key work sites to provide privacy for nursing mothers. Doing things a little differently…
    12. 12. 2012 Business Unit Action Plans Target being addressed Aim (What we are going to do) Strategies (How we are going to do it) Who Our Measures (How we know we are progressing in achieving our objective) Overall measure of progress Increase number of women managers in pipeline critical successor Talent Pool from 16% Threshold 20% Target 24% Stretch 28% Refining to have achieved between threshold & target, meaning: Threshold 29% Target 36% Stretch 43% Nominate 6 eligible women from refining to undertake follow up career development from the 2011 program RMT/ HRM 5-6 women from refining to have completed the ‘Women on Boards – In my Corner’ program Assess target in Q3 of 2012, the aim is to have achieved Target Nominate 15 eligible Grade 54 & 55 women from refining to participate in career development opportunities 12 women from refining to have completed the ‘Women’s Leadership Alliance’ program.