Aaron Neilson, Safesearch, presents at the OHS Leaders Summit


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  • Increased sample size this year with a greater representation from projectsProject folks are typically working in environments with tough timeframes, requiring high levels of experience and high EQ to be effectiveNational managers often earning less than their project reports leading to some frustration
  • Coordinators - with qualitative feedback indicating experience and personal recommendations are valued more highly than qualifications at this level (where there are a shortage of experienced resources).
  • OHS/HSE Officers - Other = Veolia and Manningham City Council OHS Manager – Other = Veolia and 3x Universities
  • OHS/HSE Officers - Other = Veolia and Manningham City Council OHS Manager – Other = Veolia and 3x Universities
  • Aaron Neilson, Safesearch, presents at the OHS Leaders Summit

    1. 1. • Data from 116 Australian companies• Diverse range of industries including energy, resources,construction, manufacturing, industrial and retail• 1,044 positions profiled• Officer through to General Manager• Qualitative component and seven year trend analysisintroduction to survey
    2. 2. • Overall there was a 14% growth across all HSE positions whilstenvironment and sustainability increased by 3%• OHS/HSE Managers indicated a 33% growth in Total ActualRemuneration to an average TAR of $182,673 compared with$137,026 last year• TAR is often higher than their supervisors in national roles• Coordinator level TAR has grown 30% to $126,562, with STIeligibility doubling• Senior Executives (GM level) have seen a 6% increase in incomegrowth in project salaries hasoverall impact
    3. 3. • Consistent with previous years findings – demand for formalqualifications continue to rise, becoming essential at entry level• At the OHS/HSE Officer level formal qualifications have increasedby 37% over last year• OHS/HSE Coordinators qualified to a minimum degree level hasfallen slightly• Establishment of OHS Education Accreditation Boardqualifications
    4. 4. • WA and QLD hold leadership positions across almost allcategories• Project focused roles in WA meant a huge variation atCoordinator level (an average TAR of $161,685 in WA vs$105,124 in SA)• WA regains it leadership position at General Manager levelafter relinquishing this position to NSW last yeargeographical differences
    5. 5. OHS/HSE Officers - ACTOHS/HSE Coordinators/Advisors – Western AustraliaOHS Managers – Western AustraliaNational OHS/HSE Managers – QueenslandGeneral Managers OHS/HSE – Western Australiahighest packages – geography
    6. 6. position analysis by stateNational OHS/HSE ManagerGeneral Manager OHS/HSE
    7. 7. highest packages – industry• OHS/HSE Officers1) Other2) Government / Government Funded• OHS/HSE Coordinators/Advisors1) Energy & Mining / Construction / Resources (Oil & Gas)2) Telecommunications / Transport / Manufacturing /Industrial• OHS Managers1. Energy & Mining / Construction / Resources (Oil & Gas)2. Other
    8. 8. highest packages – industry (cont)• National OHS/HSE Managers1) Energy & Mining / Construction / Resources (Oil & Gas)2) Professional / Consulting / Retail Services• General Managers OHS/HSE1) Energy & Mining / Construction / Resources (Oil & Gas)2) Telecommunications / Transport / Manufacturing /Industrial
    9. 9. sustainability function• Pressure to show commercial value to the business, translating toremuneration packages having a higher incentive component• Reduction in corporate team sizes and consolidation of function intoother departments (HSE, Risk, Marketing etc)• Continued importance in the resource sector – “licence to operate”
    10. 10. • Ability to Attract Talent:1. 65% found it harder or at least as difficult as last year2. Increased candidate availability3. Limited candidate capability and experience4. Work-life balance still key to attracting people from FIFO5. “HSE has cheapened its brand by the resource sector employingpeople with poor qualifications and paying exorbitant wages”• Respondents commented on the importance of offering differentiatorsand building their brand profile to attract and retain talentqualitative findings
    11. 11. qualitative findings (cont)• Over 60% of respondents felt formal qualifications were a must,tempered by the following comment:• “The appropriate combination of qualifications andexperience is essential”• Most important change that would positively impact HSE:1. Resources (Budget and People)2. Ownership of HSE by Line Managers3. Leadership Engagement4. Reporting Structure5. Technology Improvements (modern machinery)
    12. 12. • Project, Contract or FIFO workforce:1. 65% of respondents had project, contract or FIFO workers2. For 80% of these organisations they made up less than 25% ofthe overall workforce3. 40% expected this type of workforce to decrease4. FIFO rosters reflect operational demands, not used as adifferentiator5. Site uplifts are not paid by most organisations6. Poaching a concern (particularly by clients)7. 50% of organisations fully subsidise travel and time from thepoint a worker leaves homequalitative findings (cont)30% ofcontracts are1 - 3 months
    13. 13. our observations• Remote project workers can earn more than those in moresenior roles• “OHS Manager are not earning an average of $6,843 morethan senior city based National Managers”• Qualifications no longer optional for OHS workers• “Qualifications are now essential for safety professional atall levels”• Environment and sustainability roles at risk• “Flattening demand for senior environment andsustainability professionals in recent months may indicatethat the function is at risk of being absorbed back into otherbusiness functions”
    14. 14. 7 year analysis
    15. 15. 2011/2012 2012/2013OHS/HSE Officer $76k $79kOHS/HSE Advisor/Coordinator $97k $126kOHS/HSE Manager $137k $182kNational OHS/HSE Manager $178k $176kGeneral Manager OHS/HSE $296k $314kaverage total actual remuneration
    16. 16. THANK YOUwww.safesearch.com.au