Google tv pov 8.23.10


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Google tv pov 8.23.10

  1. 1. Google TV POVAugust 2010<br />Overview<br />177800Google TV is a new television product that integrates the users TV with the internet and is being launched by Google in September of 2010 in conjunction with its partners in this venture: Sony, Logitech, Intel, Dish Network, and Best Buy. Google TV is coming to market in three forms:<br /><ul><li>Google TV Search from Logitech Box
  2. 2. 432435045720Sony and Google have partnered together to create (1) a full line of integrated TVs and (2) fully integrated Blue Ray Players
  3. 3. (3) Logitech and Google are going to launch a Google TV companion box much like the TiVo that can be easily integrated into the users’ current TV setup. </li></ul>16510154305<br />All forms of Google TV will come with a special keyboard and pointing device to facilitate easy navigation of the web. In addition, the Logitech box can be controlled by your smart phone using an app available to iPhone users and Android users. Google has partnered with Intel and Dish Network, whereby, the Intel Atom Processors will power all three devices. Dish Network will provide data and cable to Google TV to seamlessly integrate the user’s DVR, internet applications, and On Demand into the television experience. Plans are for all products to be available in Best Buys nationwide in September of 2010.<br />Smart Phone Apps to Control Google TV<br />How Google TV Works<br />255079545085While Google TV is not the first product that claims to integrate the television experience with the internet, it aims to do so without the limitation to web navigation and the switching of input feeds. Google TV will include a “Quick Search Box” which will integrate the standard Google Search results with the TV experience allowing users to easily obtain new episodes of their favorite shows through internet searches. Google states that Google TV is going to redefine the television experience in the following ways: <br />Google TV Home Screen<br /><ul><li>The user will spend less time searching for their favorite content and more time enjoying it
  4. 4. The user will be able to control and personalize what they watch and when they want to watch it
  5. 5. The existing television content will become more interesting</li></ul>Google Lean Back Translations-20320118110Google TV will also allow users to download applications (much like those available for smart phones) from the Android Market directly to their television. In addition, YouTube has created a feature called YouTube Lean Back which will provide automatic personalized streaming of YouTube videos to the user based on personal choices and recommendations generated by friends. The new version of Lean Back will also include a translation feature which will make the viewing experience more user-specific. The Beta for Lean Back launched in early July of 2010. <br />Google Listen Lab, currently an application that brings podcasts and web audio to Android devices is also coming to Google TV. Listen Lab will stream content from video feeds and music directly to your television. The functionality is much like what is currently available to android phones—the user is able to search, subscribe and create a queue. The Google TV enabled version of Listen Lab will allow users to explore and access new video podcasts and watch them in HD on their TV. <br />-2032027940Google TV will provide an integrated experience across the web and television content. The user will be able to navigate directly to the television channel or can choose to record the show directly from the show’s website or applications. This creates an open platform for both users and developers—providing developers with the opportunity to create new applications that are specifically targeted to at home users thereby creating a unique television experience and innovative ways to distribute content. <br />Google TV Search Results<br />What’s Next<br />Google expects the Google TV product to be in market in its various forms by September of 2010. They are encouraging developers to begin optimizing their websites for use on the television screen as soon as possible. Google expects to have most of the applications currently available in the Android marketplace available on Google TV at the time of launch. Google plans to have all Google Android and Google Chrome products and applications integrated into the system by early 2011. Currently there are no plans for new advertising opportunities on Google TV, the same search ads set up in the Google Ad Words system will be available to be served to users of Google TV. <br />How Can We Use Google TV?<br />This new platform integrates the web into television and will provide opportunities for marketers to serve both search text ads and display ads in the television ecosystem. All Search ad opportunities on Google TV will be available to opt into via Google Ad Words. Currently there are no plans for additional behavioral targeting for search ads as a result of privacy concerns. <br /><ul><li>Given the easy access to the internet, there will be increased traffic to internet video sites (i.e. YouTube, Google Videos, Hulu, Blinkx, etc.) providing additional opportunities and a larger audience
  6. 6. Google TV promises to provide a unique consumer specific targeting based upon actual audience tuning data thereby increasing the relevancy of ads shown to the user
  7. 7. Google TV will allow for search style ads to be served against listings and media searches
  8. 8. Google TV will provide better targeting for traditional TV Ads as it combines television tuning data from research firms (i.e. Nielson) with online search behavioral data- enabling the traditional ads to connect with the most relevant audience
  9. 9. Increase in use of video advertising as a result of increased traffic to internet video sites
  10. 10. Google TV allows for the custom integration of internet advertising with television spots</li></ul>Example of “Widget” Search & Google TV<br />-129209361343User searches for Widget and is served Google TV resultsUser clicks Widget PPC search ad and is brought to the websiteUser clicks on Google Search option and is brought to Google search results page<br />