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Introduction au #crowdsourcing pour tous les adeptes de comm digitale

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  • Seeing consumers not only as consumers, not only as a source of insights but also as a source of ideas. A source of ideas for new products, for new campaigns…
  • We recognize that. Forrester used to segment consumers broadly in 3 tiers. While these tiers may vary, while you could add subtiers… the principle remains the same:90% of consumers are SPECTATORS– these people can REACT to creative ideas - tell you what they like – and what they don’t like – but they cannot DO white space creationThese people are simply not very creative10% are called ENTHUSIASTS – these people blog about brands and ideas, heavy social media users, and will like or dislike you on Facebook – these people can comment on creative ideas and are a good measuring stick to validate ideas – but they are not as creative as 1% - Compulsive creators – people who are compelled to create. They are found everywhere on the wed – publishing photographs videos artwork – whatever. These people get fulfilment from being creators.These are the type of people eYeka attracts. We are a community of 1%, a community of creators. This is the type of people you want to involve in your co-creation projects.
  • Most of the time, what you get through a crowdsourcing project are ideas that are still pretty raw. When all the ideas are collectively analyzed, you can extract meanings, territories, potential routes…. Of course once a while youget some ideas that are fully articulated, we call them gems.
  • To summarize, how do you write an inspiring – simple – effective brief? Here are a few practical tips:Don’t ask creators to solve a problem for your brand.THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR BRAND PROBLEMS – THEY WANT TO BE CHALLENGED CREATIVELYAllow people to express their creativity.THEY WANT THE FREEDOM TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES – AND THEIR CREATIVE IDEAS Keep it simple (no marketing jargon) – CUT THE MARKETING jargon and marketing prioritiesKeep it open yet focused. David Ogilvy oncesaid “Give me the freedom of a tight brief?” Absolutely right – it’s a fine balance between OPEN and FOCUSEDImagine the ideal entry then write the brief to inspire it – Visualise what you’d like to see – and then draft the brief to inspire it. You can also visualize the entries you do not want to see and adjust your brief to avoid such misunderstandings.
  • We see that all the time in our projects where often the winner is from a different market, culture, background… The winner of a project to help position an infant milk formula in China was French, male and does not have kids. The winner of a project to promote a new drink to young Indian males in Mumbai was from the UK and has never been in India… The winner of a project to re-position mini-oreo cookies in the UK was a Chinese, from China…
  • Most of the time, what you get through a crowdsourcing project are ideas that are still pretty raw. When all the ideas are collectively analyzed, you can extract meanings, territories, potential routes…. Of course once a while youget some ideas that are fully articulated, we call them gems.
  • We can ask our community to do two thing;Ideas = fresh thinkingContent = when you need the quality of creative execution to be higher. User generated content of quality. E.g. for use on social media or own digital platforms.
  • OpportunityThe rise of café culture has redefined the benchmark for a quality cup of coffee and influenced the launch of more premium coffee solutions for in-home consumption such as coffee machines. This resulted in a dip in sales for instant coffee. Nescafé was searching for a range of innovative concepts for the next generation of instant coffee to keep the category relevant and attractive.
  • ApproachWe challenged the eYeka community across the globe to reinvent instant coffee to offer the specialness and quality of a cup of coffee you get in a coffee shop while keeping the convenience of "instant", at home. Our brief: “Make the best of both worlds by reinventing instant coffee with a new product idea so it can be enjoyed at home as a treat, café style.” In 3 weeks, our community developed 138 ideas, originating from over 40 countries.This is a new product development project therefore the entries are confidential. Our client allowed us to showcase only a small selection of entries. These are not the winning entries, but just to show you the type of submission you can get from a community of creators on such brief.
  • Opportunity Energy and refreshment are two of the core feelings Coca-Cola has been inspiring for decades. Yet is is becoming increasingly challenging for the brand and its agencies to communicate these feelings in an ever-original fashion, to keep the brand fresh and current and to provide local markets with new and impactful campaign materials.
  • Results The project generated worldwide buzz with over 6 million online mentions. Several videos produced by eYeka members achieved top 10% of all-time best ads in sample markets such as Indonesia and the Philippines through the Millward Brown Link™ score test. Internally, Coca-Cola saw a 100% adoption of the creative materials across markets compared to an average of 47% and the whole project had cost saving efficiencies of 92% against average agency fees and production costs. More importantly, the wealth of consumer interpretations inspired Coca-Cola's marketing teams with the possibility to constantly refresh the brand thanks to a new way to access consumers’ seemingly inexhaustible creative ideas.
  • The Return On Investment of co-creation is:Choice: you get a “A wealth of creative, consumer-rooted ideas”Relevance: As the ideas are consumer-rooted they tend to resonate more with other consumers. You “Get it right from the start”Acceleration: It happens online, in parallel, across the World on in a matter of a few weeks only.
  • La comm digital expliquée à mon boss - Francois PETAVY - EYEKA

    1. 1. Association des professionnels des médias sociaux en entreprise
    2. 2. Collaboration between Consumers & Brands is the future of marketing & innovation #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
    3. 3. Not all consumers play the same game 1% creators 9% unlock enthusiasts refine 90% the 1/9/90 rule - Forrester Research #mediaaces spectators @mediaaces validate /mediaaces
    4. 4. The largest community of creators 154 countries 260,000 creators
    5. 5. Welcome to the world’s biggest creative playground... #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
    6. 6. What drives our creators #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
    7. 7. #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
    8. 8. Collective intelligence & gems Gems Some ideas are fully articulated. They provide innovation & quality creative execution. Insights Most ideas are raw. Collective analysis tells the story. They provide insights & validation. #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
    9. 9. Our community delivers Communications crowdsourcing product innovation packaging positioning communication concepts UGC social content brand activation Consumer engagement #mediaaces Innovation and positioning @mediaaces /mediaaces
    10. 10. Nescafé New Product Development How could we reinvent instant coffee, prepared at home to keep the category relevant and attractive? ideas #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
    11. 11. Nescafé New Product Development ideas 40 countries 3 weeks 138 entries #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
    12. 12. Coca-Cola Creative Concepts How do we communicate “energizing refreshment” in an ever-original fashion to provide local markets with new and impactful campaign materials? #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces content
    13. 13. content 82 countries 3 months 2,535 entries #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
    14. 14. content #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
    15. 15. Coca-Cola Creative Concepts • 6 million online mentions • Top 10% of all-time best ads in sample markets on Millward Brown Link™ score test • 100% adoption of creative materials against 47% on average • Cost saving efficiencies of 92% #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces content
    16. 16. Schick Quattro Digital content How could we reinforce our association with “titanium” and dramatize the difference it can make, to drive user engagement online? Expected ROI Action: online engagement measured in View-Through-Rate (VTR) #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
    17. 17. Schick Quattro Digital content Our brief to the eYeka community: content “Show us an engaging, masculine, humorous or emotional moment when Titanium can give you an unexpected edge by transforming an object in your life into a stronger and more durable “Titanium” version.” #mediaaces @mediaaces Action: 21% VTR (highest in the campaign) /mediaaces
    18. 18. Schick Quattro Digital content #3 Video Category Creator: FlojoArt Country: Germany Gender: Male content Action: 21% VTR (highest in the campaign) #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
    19. 19. Schick Quattro Digital content Return On Investment The winning videos were immediately put to the test in an online campaign in Japan on Google TrueView (pre-roll ads on Youtube) alongside sponsored content from a Japanese Anime franchise. All the videos led to a dedicated site where viewers could engage with the brand, with data capture. 1. eYeka videos had the highest View-Throuhg-Rate (VTR): 17.1% VTR 21% VTR content Evangelion eYeka Action: 21% VTR (highest in the campaign) 2. eYeka videos had the lowest cost to conversion across all campaigns (current and past): 54% vs. historical #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
    20. 20. “A wealth of creative, consumer-rooted ideas” CHOICE + “Get it right from the start” RELEVANCE + “Innovate in weeks vs. months” ACCELERATION #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
    21. 21. Want to learn more? Download our White Paper: Contact: François Pétavy - @fpetavy #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces