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Media4Math's Algebra Series



Get an overview of Media4Math's Algebra Nspirations series. This PowerPoint was used at a recent NCTM.

Get an overview of Media4Math's Algebra Nspirations series. This PowerPoint was used at a recent NCTM.

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    Media4Math's Algebra Series Media4Math's Algebra Series Presentation Transcript

    • The TI-Nspire™ in the Algebra Classroom
      Monica M. Neagoy, Ph.D.
      Series Content Writer,
      Host and Math Consultant
      NCTM – Salt Lake City – 04.09.08
    • Background
      Discovering Algebra with Graphing Calculators
      Featured on The Discovery Channel
      Featured on Discovery Streaming
      10 30-minute episodes
    • Background (Continued)
      Finding the Slope of a Line
      Graphing a Line (on linear functions)
      Exploring Quadratics
      Solving Systems of Equations
      Investigating Inequalities
      Understanding Exponential Functions
      Investigating Logarithmic Functions
      Exploring Probability
      Representing and Analyzing Data
      Plotting the Curve of Best Fit
    • Background (Continued)
      International Mathematics Consultant Dr.Monica M. Neagoy served as Series Author, Host and Math Consultant (;
      Award-winning Producer Dr.Edward de Leon served as the Executive Producer of the Discovering Algebra series;
      Award-winning editor Brian Savoie worked on the video editing and graphics.
    • Background (Continued)
      New series by a New Media company:
      am productions llc.
      Algebra Nspirations
    • Algebra Nspirations: Main Objectives
      Modelthe teaching and learning of algebra in the technological world of the 21st Century;
      IntegrateTI-Nspire handheld technology in the algebraic problem presentation as well as in the problem solutions;
      Connect the topics of algebra—in meaningful ways—to the world in which students live;
      Showcase the dynamic new TI-Nspire Technology
    • Algebra Nspirations: Rationale (based on algebra research)
      Algebra, the perennial gatekeeper : algebra is viewed as the "filter" course for future success in college (e.g. TCB)
      The importance of teaching the multiple representations of algebra: words, equations, numbers and graphs
      The Importance of Real-World Connections
      A Strong Partner of MATH FORWARD
    • Algebra Nspirations: Proposed Titles
      1. Linear Functions and Equations (focus: geometry of graphs)
      2. Linear Functions and Equations (focus: algebra of equations)
      3. Quadratic Functions and Equations (focus: geometry of graphs)
      4. Quadratic Functions and Equations (focus: algebra of equations)
      5. Exponents and Exponential Functions
      6. Logarithms and Logarithmic Functions
      7. Rational Functions and Expressions
      8. Solving Systems of Equations
      9. Solving Systems of Inequalities
      10. Data Analysis and Algebra
    • Algebra Nspirations is Problem Based
      Each video contains three engaging and thought provoking problems.
    • Algebra Nspirations has Dynamic Footage
    • Algebra Nspirations has TI-Nspire Animations
    • Host Monica Neagoy
    • Algebra Nspirations Math Lab:a hands-on investigation
    • Algebra NspirationsDVD Cover Single DVD: $49.99Two-pack: $75Four-pack: $125Price for all ten: $