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Steve Bridger
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Steve Bridger


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Published in: Technology, Sports

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    • 1. Third Sector, London 4th February 2010 “Staying relevant in a wired world” Steve Bridger Builder of Bridges @SteveBridger
    • 2. Charities Staying relevant in a wired world @stevebridger 4 February 2010 #media140 #smwldn
    • 3. I help charities unlearn stuff and trust more of their own people to participate online to support insight, collaboration, transparency, advocacy & philanthropy @stevebridger
    • 4. Can we agree on one thing? @stevebridger
    • 5. 1 This new stuff - let’s call it social media - is disruptive and transformative inside the organisation @stevebridger
    • 6. Can we agree on one thing? @stevebridger
    • 7. two things? Can we agree on one thing? @stevebridger
    • 8. 2 It’s still about relationships @stevebridger
    • 9. @stevebridger
    • 10. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it” Upton Sinclair @stevebridger
    • 11. organisational dependency on hierarchy
    • 12. organisational dependency on hierarchy
    • 13. organisational dependency on hierarchy
    • 14. organisational dependency on hierarchy
    • 15. “I'm convinced that eventually every member of staff will need to have some level of responding power and be empowered to use social media to communicate and build relationships with the people around them” @willmcinnes @stevebridger
    • 16. @stevebridger
    • 17. @stevebridger
    • 18. don’t make social media another @stevebridger
    • 19. don’t make social media another silo @stevebridger
    • 20. charity staff who feel comfortable participating code o f conduct? tr ust the hiring decision? supporters / potential supporters @stevebridger
    • 21. aspirational transactional challenges for traditional charities the changing giving experience self-organising, accountability & peer-to-peer, instant campaigns scrutiny aggregation of small acts platform to more real-time make connected web supporters look experiences good regulation social computing earmarked focused micro- vs payments general funds return on attention mobile borderless donor global citizens ‘intimacy’ global reach impact reporting donations big online still only contributions still matter permission interruption governance 3% Steve Bridger | 04.02.10 | original scribbly doodle by @davegray - remixed with permission
    • 22. closed vs open @stevebridger
    • 23. Thank you... and enjoy the rest of the day @stevebridger
    • 24. Thank you!