Qa is dead long live the new qa agile sparks


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Qa is dead long live the new qa agile sparks

  1. 1. QA is Dead! Long live the new QA! Ronen Bar Nahor, Yuval Yeret AgileSparks Challenging your comfort zone1 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  2. 2. AgileSparks • We help companies improve by Adopting agile principles and practices. • We provide training and coaching to all organizational levels, from high management to developers. • Our team consists of Agile professionals with diverse expertise – several coaches participate in each implementation. • Successfully completed dozens of projects. 2 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  3. 3. Agile is … Delighting Customers Deliver value to customers/users frequently, at a continuously sustainable pace, seeking constant feedback and welcoming direction changes in an UNCERTAIN DYNAMIC world *Maturity/Effectiveness of process is a factor of the frequency 3 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  4. 4. Feature Teams Testers Developers • Whole Team Approach • Working Tested Software • Build Quality In – Zero Defects • Trusted / Empowered with Meaningful Goal 4 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  5. 5. G-Forces of agility Learn Idea Validate Specify Verify Code Learn Idea Learn Idea Validate Specify Verify Code Validate Specify Verify Code 5 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  6. 6. Deployment to production: 1990 Annual Quarterly Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly 6 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  7. 7. Deployment to production : 2010 Annual Quarterly Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly 7 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  8. 8. Deployment to production : 2030 Annual Quarterly Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly 8 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  9. 9. Early Feedback – The Goal and the conflict… Improve – Reduce Testing Overhead Ideal Batch Size WITH Ideal Batch Traditional Great automation W/O Processes Automation Earlier Feedback – Cheaper to change Lower Testing Overhead • Even without reducing testing overhead it is usually more cost-effective to reduce batch size • Aim to reduce testing overhead to reduce batch size even more and be even more cost-effective 9 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  10. 10. Automate at the right level Manual UI 5% Acceptance ROI Cost (Service/API) 15% Unit Testing 80% 10 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  11. 11. How do we get these supermen testers?11 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  12. 12. So what is the unique value of QA? 12 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  13. 13. 1313 Credit - Udi Weinberg – HP Software All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  14. 14. Back to Basics – Minimize Quality Risks • Being Champions of the Product and the Customer/User. • Specializing in Performance/ Security/Load/etc. • Shining light on where to focus quality efforts by analyzing risk probability and Impact. 14 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  15. 15. Test for Value Deliver the RIGHT it is even more important than doing it RIGHT* Fit to Customer OVER Fit to Spec 15 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  16. 16. New Perspective of QA’s Role Accountable to Quality: By Enabling it rather than Owning it16 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  17. 17. Quality OVER Quantity - experts SUPPORTING delivery Delivery Team Software Engineers Delivery Team Software Engineers Automation Expert Test Experts/Architects Delivery Team Choose where to be Software Engineers involved Delivery Team Delivery Team Software Engineers Software Engineers 17 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  18. 18. How will roles/ratios change over time? Automation Test Engineers/ Experts Experts Testers SW Engineers SW Developers 2005 2010 2015 2020 18 *AgileSparks prediction All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  19. 19. What do I do tomorrow? • Learn about post-agile QA. • Map Current State, Decide on Direction. • Work on – Effective whole team Automation/ Continuous Integration/Deployment. – The “Test Engineer” Role – Identify, Gap Analysis, Establish plan for closing gaps. – Mindset/Doctrine and Processes/ Policies to transition from Owning to Enabling at the teams level. • Proceed using small experiments or big revolution, depending on the context. 19 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  20. 20. References ing-software-quality/ 20 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
  21. 21. Questions? Ask us HowRonen@AgileSparks.comYuval@AgileSparks.comwww.AgileSparks.comQ&A at our booth 21 All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks