Business Builder Forum September 2011


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Presentation used at Meades & Company September 2011 Business Builder Forum.
Increasing your productivity and effciency with OnePage business plans.

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Business Builder Forum September 2011

  1. 1. Business Builder Forum 14th September 2011 Welcome Rachel Girling – Meades & Company
  2. 2. Morning agenda07.45 Arrival08.00 Registration, breakfast and networking08.20 Welcome: Paul Meades, Meades & Company08.30 Finola McManus, Practice Perfect09.30 Q & A09.45 Close and networking10.00 Stadium tour with former Watford FC player Neil Price
  3. 3. • Your event• Feedback essential• Networking
  4. 4. Increase your productivity and efficiency with OnePage™ business plans
  5. 5. What you will discover•Why you should measure stuff•What you should measure•How you can measure it•The benefits of a OnePage™ business plan
  6. 6. What you can measure you can manage. McKinsey MaximBUT......Building a better scale doesn’t change your weight. Philip Crosby
  7. 7. What stuff should you measure?•Measure results•You must manage working capital – in particular, cash•And you must improve profits•But profits are a consequence•So you must focus on sales•And focus on costs•But the most critical drivers are not found inaccounts•You must identify your key underlying success drivers
  8. 8. In summary•Measure key results•Measure key sales drivers•Measure key cost drivers•Measure key cash drivers•Measure key underlying success drivers•That tie into your goals, core purpose, vision
  9. 9. So what key results would you measure?
  10. 10. Some suggestions....•Sales revenue•Market share•Cash•Return on capital•Profits•Number of customers
  11. 11. And whatkey cost and cash drivers would you measure?
  12. 12. Some suggestions...•Key cost drivers•Overheads per head/hour/square foot•Marketing costs per sales lead•Product reliability•Key cash drivers•Debtor days•Creditor days•The number of times stock is turned over ayear
  13. 13. And whatkey sales drivers would you measure?
  14. 14. Some suggestions...What is your sales model?•Number of leads generated•Number of referrals•Enquiry conversion rates•Repeat customers/ lostcustomers
  15. 15. And whatkey underlying success drivers would you measure?
  16. 16. Some suggestions...•Customer delight•Harnessing the true potential of you andyour people•Innovation and creativity•Investment in knowledge and other assets•Operational effectiveness
  17. 17. “From worst to first: behind the scenes ofContinental’s remarkable comeback” Gordon BethuneContinental Airlines measured…•On-time arrival•Lost luggage•Customer complaintsWhat makes these leading is they measure successthe way the customer does…… ultimately the success of any business is a result ofloyal customers who return
  18. 18. How can you measure that stuff?
  19. 19. OnePage™planA business plan that fits on a single sheet of A4
  20. 20. Based upon... Balanced Scorecard Developed by Kaplan and Norton
  21. 21. OnePage™ plan
  22. 22. OnePage™ plan Our core purpose/vision
  23. 23. OnePage™ plan Key underlying success drivers Our core purpose/vision
  24. 24. OnePage™ plan Key sales drivers Key underlying success drivers Our core purpose/vision
  25. 25. OnePage™ plan Key sales Key cost & drivers cash drivers Key underlying success drivers Our core purpose/vision
  26. 26. OnePage™ plan Key results Key sales Key cost & drivers cash drivers Key underlying success drivers Our core purpose/vision
  27. 27. OnePage™ plan Lagging Key results Key sales Key cost & drivers cash drivers Key underlying success drivers Leading Our core purpose/vision
  28. 28. •Don’t try to find hundreds of success drivers•Don’t make them all traditional financial measures•Consider monthly versus YTD numbers•Consider the systems you will need for data collection•Use Post-It notes to identify the chain of cause and effect•Don’t feel you have to get it 100% right first time
  29. 29. •Set realistic targets•Discuss results in your monthly business strategy meeting•Share the results with the team•Consider % measures rather than £ actuals•And don’t forget... the most important part are the actions
  30. 30. Benefits of the OnePage™ plan •Simple and readily understandable •Tells you how you are doing •Helps you to identify the areas you need to work on •Forces you to think about, record and monitor actions •It can easily be updated on a monthly basis Everybody in the business knows… •Exactly what the business is trying to achieve •How far they have got towards achieving it •What they can do to get the business there even faster •And so it provides a focus for discussion, effort and creativity •And it is a brilliant tool for motivating people
  31. 31. What to do now...... Have you heard anything here today that you feel you may need help with? We can help you implement these things into your business. Do not hesitate to contact us for an initial free consultation call 01923 800444