Structure and Governance of the Medicines Transparency Alliance

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Structure and governance of the Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA), May 2008

Structure and governance of the Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA), May 2008

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  • 1. Garth Singleton MeTA Structures and Governance 04/06/09
  • 2. Introduction
    • Look at the various governance, advisory and management bodies involved in the international MeTA project and how they relate to each other.
  • 3. Overview MeTA Management Board (MMB) International Advisory Group (IAG) International MeTA Secretariat DFID WHO WB Funding MeTA Country Forum and Secretariat 04/06/09
  • 4. MeTA Management Board
    • Members
      • DFID (Chair)
      • World Bank
      • World Health Organisation
      • Chair MeTA International Advisory Group
    • Terms of Reference
      • Project Management of DFID funded project
      • Coordination of World Bank, WHO and International Secretariat activities
  • 5. MeTA International Advisory Group
    • Members
      • Representatives from 7 participating countries
      • Representatives from a broad spectrum of industry
      • Representatives from a broad spectrum of Civil Society
      • Representatives from the international community
      • Chaired by Sophia Tickell (SustainAbility)
  • 6. MeTA International Advisory Group
    • Terms of Reference
      • Review findings emerging from participant countries.
      • Consider emerging trends in global pharmaceutical markets.
      • Assess developments and lessons emerging from the above and make recommendations for the future direction of MeTA.
      • Contribute to the agenda of international MeTA meetings
      • Make recommendations on research priorities (to ATM Research Network).
  • 7. International MeTA Secretariat Secretariat Manager - Elizabeth Smith Executive Director Garth Singleton Country Programmes Technical Assistance Communications & Capacity Building – Andrew Chetley Technical Director – Wilbert Bannenberg Finance Administration Logistics Knowledge Management Capacity Development Private sector engagement 04/06/09
  • 8. International MeTA Secretariat
    • Terms of Reference
      • Coordinates, organises, promotes & supports implementation of MeTA at Global and National levels.
      • Channels Technical and Financial support to MeTA pilot countries.
      • Maintains contact with international and national stakeholders.
      • Capacity strengthening.
      • Organises global & regional meetings.
      • Supports MeTA governance structures.
  • 9. Participant Country Organisation Country MeTA Secretariat International MeTA Secretariat MeTA Country Forum MeTA International Advisory Group 04/06/09
  • 10. MeTA Country Stakeholder Forum
    • Multistakeholder Forum comprising:
      • Government (MOH, Drug Regulatory Authority, National Procurement Agency, etc.).
      • Private Sector (Drug manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, retailers)
      • Civil Society Groups (representing patients, consumers, good governance and transparency, professional bodies etc.).
  • 11. MeTA Country Stakeholder Forum
    • Role:
      • Forum for discussion between stakeholders
      • Agree and monitor an annual workplan of activities that further the national aims of MeTA
      • Workplan funded from International Secretariat, WHO and World Bank as well as, it is hoped, other sources.
  • 12. MeTA Country Secretariat
    • Preferably attached to an existing country Institution
    • Functions
      • To coordinate and support the implementation of the annual work plan.
      • To present and disseminate findings for discussion within the Country Stakeholder Forum.
      • Financial management and reporting of MeTA funds
      • Maintain links with International Secretariat.
  • 13. Thank you!
    • Garth Singleton
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    • +44 (0) 1273 486861
    • International Secretariat,
    • MeTA:
    • DFID: