Improving access to medicines in Uganda


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Presentation given at the national launch of the Medicines Transparency Alliance in Uganda, 27 March 2009.

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Improving access to medicines in Uganda

  1. 1. Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA) Uganda Launch Fairway Hotel 27 March 2009
  2. 2. Presentation Overview  Background to MeTA initiative in Uganda o Sequence of events and consultations o Stakeholder perspectives on MeTA priorities for improved access to medicines  The shape of MeTA in Uganda o Structures: Council, Secretariat, Fund holder o MoU and Work plan 2 MeTA Uganda Briefing Mar-09
  3. 3. Brief History of MeTA Uganda (2007- 2008)  Scoping study & supply chain study in 2007  MOH accept invitation to join as a MeTA pilot country  CSO members attended capacity building workshop in Uganda (Feb. 2008)  Multi-stakeholder attendance from Uganda at global launch (May 2008)  Int’l Secretariat visit (Oct. 2008)  Short-term TA contracted to support pre-launch processes  Private sector mapping by Int’l consultant (Dec. 2008) Mar-09 3
  4. 4. Perspectives – Private Sector  Need for info on medicines market / demand – Most stakeholders agree on info sharing, disclosure  Pricing policy, e.g. recomm. / max. retail price – Agreement in the case of essential medicines; lower price=higher access= increased sales  Import of generics vs local manufacture – S/Hs differ on strategic value of local manuf; GI conditionalities = better quality or barrier? Mar-09 4
  5. 5. Perspectives – Civil Society  Transparency in the supply chain – Procurement and supply management information in the public domain  CSO representation at all levels – Enhanced accountability; reduced pilferage  Capacity building for effectiveness – Players in supply chain, n.b. health facility level – CSO participation from policy level to community Mar-09 5
  6. 6. Perspectives – Government  Poor medicines availability in public facilities  Under funding of medicines – 30% of the requirement for UNMHCP; escalating cost due to scale up of programmes needing expensive medicines (ARVs, ITNs, ACTs)  Weak proc. and supply management systems – At all levels; concerns over VFM/ quality in local private sector purchases/ excessive retail mark-ups; reports of leakage Mar-09 6
  7. 7. Lead up to Launch (2009)  Formal establishment of National Multi- Stakeholder Council  National MeTA Secretariat streamlined and Coordinator recruited  Fund-holder arrangement  MoU signed for implementation of country work plan Mar-09 7
  8. 8. Outputs – transparency and information disclosure Activity Stakeholders Periodic surveys of medicines prices MoH, HEPS, WHO and availability Web-based information on NDA, PS registration, quality, volumes and (Manuf/Importers) FOB cost of medicines Evaluation of the rolling plan for Gov, Dev. Partners, provision of medicines for the Implem Agencies, TWG UNMCHP (FY 08-09) Mar-09 8
  9. 9. Outputs – accountability and good governance Activity Stakeholders Stop the stock-outs campaign CSOs Multi-stakeholder follow-up of Gov, CS, TWG recommendations of the tracking study, periodic surveys and performance evaluation Mar-09 9
  10. 10. Outputs – IEC & awareness Activity Stakeholders Pilot awareness campaign on approp. HEPS, PSU use of medicines in communities and train drug handlers Contribute to IEC strategies and Multi-stakeholder messages at national level Radio talk shows, jingles Multi-stakeholder Mar-09 10
  11. 11. Outputs – CSO capacity building Activity Stakeholders Build capacity in at least 30 CSOs to Expanded CS-MeTA effectively participate in improved alliance governance, transparency and accountability in medicines supply chain Engage policy makers on the issue of MoH, MoFPED, LG, low availability / high stock-outs of Parliament, AG, PPDA, medicines NDA, NMS Mar-09 11
  12. 12. Summary - MeTA  Global initiative to improve access to medicines through increased transparency & accountability  Governed by national & international multi- stakeholder forums  Progressive disclosure of data collected / information reported = key outcome of pilot Mar-09 12
  13. 13. Thank you!  Questions, comments …????  More about MeTA: 13 MeTA Uganda Launch Mar-09