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I Pher Mape


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See how useful is this card we are promoting in Europe. Do not hesitate to contact to elarn how it works...

See how useful is this card we are promoting in Europe. Do not hesitate to contact to elarn how it works...

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. World Of Wellness Sdn Bhd Suresh Ponndurai CEO Dr. Naomi Melvin – President/ CEO Winners 2006 Governors Innovation Award State of Florida Winners 2007 Wired Grant for Innovative Technology
  • 2.
    • Happens when:
      • Patients are offered personal
      • attention in their language,
      • Transmission of information is rapid and accurate when needed,
      • Precise information is available on a global scale at the time of treatment
    World Of Wellness
  • 3.
    • Preadmission patient health information can be checked using a system that provides clear, reproducible data and images
    • Language barriers, with no supported digital data may lead to medical errors
    • Universal Access to the PHI (Personal Health Information) by all health care providers inside and outside the country
    • Universal Access by Employer Wellness Programs and Insurer Groups
  • 4.
    • Global Portable PHR provides continuous access to healthcare information:
    • After the procedures
    • In emergencies on the job or during travel
    • Physically always with the person providing ID, continuous input and retrieval
    • Uses cost efficient USB technology and Microsoft OS
  • 5.
      • Tables to record your PHI
      • Is Plug and Play
      • Has a security wizard
      • Does not require Internet access
      • Has a Security Delimited Backup
      • Can download languages& communicate PHI in various languages
      • Is patient owned and part of CCR with Cradle to Grave PHI storage
      • Has universal EMR portal link capability.
    A self-contained PHR USB device that has Patient Practitioner ®™ Software
  • 6. Patient - Centric Medical & Health Record Availability For Travelers and Every Member of the Family Stores Blood Type & Organ Donor Information Provide Medical Record and Insurance Information to the Hospital Store & Share Medical Records with Other Doctor’s Instantly Provides Vital Medical Record Information In an Emergency Provides Lab Information to Home Health Caregivers All information presented in Multi-Lingual format for the Traveler Store Immunization Records Reduces Paper Organizes Records Store Radiological Images Store Medication Records & Fills Prescriptions WorldOf Wellness™ iPHER®™
  • 7.
    • 98 million+ adults have had adventure travel
    • Baby Boomers- 268.9 million personal trips to look better
    • Business travelers- 69% carried a cell phone and > 42% a laptop
    • 332 million uninsured people travel for medical and dental procedures
    • Solo Cruise vacationers- 34.8 million with income > $54,000
    Market Trend- 10,000 Americans created online members systems to store PHI for some access ( Internet based)- vulnerable to no overseas access. SMART Cards in Europe, Brazil- not compatible with other systems
  • 8.
    • Medical Records are a mess
      • Information is not easily transferred from one doctor or hospital to the next
      • EMR systems are proprietary, incompatible and competitive
      • Cost of health procedures is prohibitive to employers insurance, and the uninsured
    • Travel is a mess
      • Travel arrangements, poor communication, security, difficult to carry information
  • 9. Clinician Health Record Personal Health Record Mobility and Device Integration
  • 10.
    • Copy of Superbill with codes for scanning
  • 11.  
  • 12. Will be in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and other language - All medical information
  • 13. Drug Interaction Warnings
  • 14.  
  • 15. Abdominal Ultrasound
  • 17.  
  • 19.  
  • 20.
    • The Primary Outcome: Was the number of patients who returned to the medical pilot facility with their WOW iPHER®™ at each visit.
      • What a benefit it is to have their own health on an iPHER®™
        • Most Patients wanted to control their health!
      • The Secondary Outcome: The following measures will be evaluated:
      • Number of times the WOW iPHER®™ information was accessed over the study period by medical professionals
      • Comparison of the length of time with a provider to review medication history on the WOW iPHER®™ users versus the non-iPHER®™ cohort group
      • Patient satisfaction with the new technology
      • Determination of Medical Provider satisfaction with the new technology
      • Determination of the cost effectiveness through an assessment of the reduction in information errors by the use of the new WOW iPHER®™ technology.
  • 21.
    • Patients felt the government should provide this
    • Health professionals spent less time collecting health history information
    • Information traveled quickly from one health provider to the next
    • Patient privacy was secure because the patient was
    • Carrying it from one provider to the next
    • Link to Open source decreased time in data input, sharing and access from outside the medical facilities.
    • NON-EMR users still get technology with i PH ER®™ Powered by My HealtheFile™
  • 22. We Invite You to be a Partner & Look Forward to Providing this New Service Thank You