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  • 1. Democratic Republic of the Congo by Lara Turner
  • 2. What went on in 1998? Second Congo War began “African world war” (nine nations) Laurent-Desire Kabila president
  • 3. Country Map  Located in Central Africa  Land 2,267,048 sq. km  Water 77,810 sq. km  Coastline 37 sq. km  Northeast AngolaAngola
  • 4. Geography and Climate Second largest country in Central Africa Total 2,344,858 sq. km Climate: tropical, hot and humid in equator area Cool and dry in southern highlands Cool and wet in eastern highlands
  • 5. History Gained independence in 1960 from the Belgian colony 1965 Col. Joseph Mobutu became president for 32 years Fighting Rwanda and Burundi in 1994 led to topple of Mobutu in 1997 Laurent Kabila took power in 1997 and renamed DRC
  • 6. Flag History Blue: represents peace and hope Red: blood from martyrs Yellow: country’s wealth and prosperity Star: unity and future
  • 7. Government and Economics Republic Capital: Kinshasa 10 provinces 71, 721, 867 population Joseph Kabila president
  • 8. Culture Nationality Congolese Reflects diversity of many other ethnic groups From late 19th century traditional ways of living change due to struggle for independence and First and Second Congo Wars Customs and cultures kept much of their individuality
  • 9. Education In 2002 65% children  Schools in Kinshasa: received education  American School of 6-year civil war 5.2 million Kinshasa children do not get educated  Institut de N’Djili 2002 19,000 primary  Lycee Sainte Germaine, schools serving 16,000 N’Djili 8,000 secondary schools serving 110,000
  • 10. Life in Congo Today French official language Ethnic groups: majority Bantu Four largest tribes: Mongo, Luba, Kongo, and Mangbetu-Azande
  • 11. Life in Congo Today Religions 20% Roman Catholic Kimbanguist 10% Muslim 50% Protestant 10%
  • 12. Bibliography,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=1&biw=1231&bih=824