Marketing Automation FAQs

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Some FAQs about marketing automation technology.

Some FAQs about marketing automation technology.

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  • 1. Marketing Automation FAQs
  • 2. We have an e-mail auto-responder, isn’t that just the same as Marketing Automation?Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 3. NoAlthough Marketing Automation platformsoffer an automated response function, that isjust a tiny component of a comprehensivefeature-set. Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 4. Marketing Automation systems replace all theseparate systems you have for: Email Tracking/Reporting Lead Nurturing Lead Scoring You can find out more about all of these features on our marketing automation website. Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 5. Lead nurturing and lead scoring – what are they exactly?Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 6. LEAD NURTURING WITH DRIP CAMPAIGNS The process of automatically “dripping” relevant information, usually via email, to sales leads over a period of time, based either on user action or predefined time interval.TIMELY INFORMATION LEAD NURTURING EASY OPTIMIZATION Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 7. LEAD SCORINGThe process of scoring leads based on their interactions with your website and/or emails.EXAMPLE: +20 +3 +3 White paper download Page view Link clicked Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 8. LEAD SCORINGOnce prospect reaches pre-determined ‘sales ready’ score, they can be passed on to sales. EXAMPLE: SALES Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 9. So, by nuturing leads, am I doing all the work for sales?Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 10. No, B2B Marketing has evolved beyond allrecognition in recent times. Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 11. “Changes in the purchase process make it more important than ever for marketing departments to go beyond collecting responses to actually managing prospect relationships over time.” David Raab, Raab Guide. Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 12. Percentage of decisions that are made by thetime buyers are ready for sales conversation. 70 % Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 13. Modern B2B marketers must now educate and engage prospects to a greater level than ever before. Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.Increase in qualified leads for companies usingmarketing automation for lead nuturing. 451 % Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 14. Isn’t producing content extremely time consuming for SMEs?Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 15. It can be, but good content is an investment. Word of mouth Social media sharing Strong ContentBlogging responses Comments and debate Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 16. 70%of consumers prefer getting 70% of companies spend at least an hour to know a brand through on social media each week articles rather than ads. Sage Frog Content Plus Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 17. Marketing Automation platforms deliver this content automatically?Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 18. Yes.And automation rules and dynamic lists allowingfor the content to be targetted to the rightpeople at the right time. Marketing Automation FAQ
  • 19. We are Scotland’s marketing automation specialists. If you are interested in discovering more about the ways inwhich the technology can help drive business growth for your SME, please visit our marketing automationtechnology website or get in touch. 4 Lynedoch Crescent Glasgow G3 6EQ Tel: 0141 332 0126 Email: