Develop a Comprehensive Competency Framework

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Leverage the single most important tool for driving key HR functions. …

Leverage the single most important tool for driving key HR functions.

Your Challenge
Designing and implementing a competency framework can be extremely difficult and time consuming.
Most HR departments are too busy with the day-to-day operations so they do not have time to create and build a competency framework

Our Advice

Critical Insight

Competency frameworks are an integral part of many HR functions such as performance management, employee development, identification of future leaders, and recruiting.
Competencies help set the performance standards and build consistency throughout the organization.

Impact and Result

Understand the difference between core competencies and function-specific competencies.
Plan the competency framework project and gain buy-in from stakeholders.
Select and modify the competencies from McLean & Company’s Comprehensive Competency Library.
Define competencies for the framework using behavior-based language if the pre-developed competencies do not align with organizational needs.
Implement the competency framework and integrate it throughout all HR functions.
Support the competency framework through annual reviews and appropriate resourcing.

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  • 1. Understand the different components of a comprehensive competency framework and the definitions and purposes of each of the different components. Determine which type of competencies - core, leadership or functional - you will be developing. Next, determine whether you will leverage McLean & Company’s pre-developed competencies or if you will create your own and set project goals and expectations. Use McLean & Company’s library of over 65 core, functional (HR, IT, Sales, Marketing, Finance & Accounting), and leadership competencies to speed up development and implementation, and decrease costs associated with the project. (please use screen shots of the competency library tool) Modify pre-developed competencies or develop your own using the clear, easy-to-follow process outlined in this section. Ensure your comprehensive competency framework is integrated with a broad spectrum of HR areas or you will fail to reap the benefits of developing a framework. Your organization continues to change and adapt. Evaluate, update, and support your comprehensive competency framework on annual basis to ensure continued alignment.