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Stop social media madness

Stop social media madness



This is a presentation delivered by Megan McKenzie, president of McKenzie Worldwide, to the Portland chapter of American Marketing Association on Oct. 11, 2011. It talks about some of the trends in ...

This is a presentation delivered by Megan McKenzie, president of McKenzie Worldwide, to the Portland chapter of American Marketing Association on Oct. 11, 2011. It talks about some of the trends in social media and discuss how finding your Why can improve your results.



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  • Highlights from Nielsen’s “State of the Media: The Social Media Report, Sept. 2011Social networks and blogs continue to dominate Americans’ time online, now accounting for nearly a quarter of total time spent on the InternetAt over 53 billion total minutes during May 2011, Americans spend more time on Facebook than they do on any other websiteTumblr is an emerging player in social media, nearly tripling its audience from a year agoNearly 40 percent of social media users access social media content from their mobile phoneInternet users over the age of 55 are driving the growth of social networking through the Mobile Internet70 percent of active online adult social networkers shop online, 12 percent more likely than the average adult Internet userAcross a sample of 10 global markets, social networks and blogs are the top online destination in each country, accounting for the majority of time spent online and reaching at least 60 percent of active Internet users
  • The point you want to make is that social media is NOT a stable place as yet. There are some leaders, but it continues to change and evolve at an incredible pace. What’s more it’s very complicated and hard to maximize and keep tabs on what’s being said.
  • Here’s and example of the rapid change. Google is making another run at social media with Google+
  • Newegg - an online retailer that geeks everywhere know and love posts the video above.Best Buy sends Newegg a cease & desist letter claiming infringement on the word Geek (absurd)Newegg posts the C&D letter online.People who love Newegg are very angry at Best Buy for not being able to take a joke, and will now NOT recommend that friends go to Best Buy. Remember that geeks who shop at Newegg are the experts and friends and family look to them for advice. They used to recommend going to BestBuy, but not anymore.
  • The comments on YouTube are even nastier.  Complete screw up by Ragu: This is sexist and should never have been approved! Congratulations on finding a few bitter women who would publicly sell out their husbands for a few cans of shitty sauce. This will do nothing for their marriages, or your company. Time to find a new agency and begin writing that public apology, not that it will help this stay at home father of two that does all the cooking. I believe in home made, healthy meals for my children, not canned garbage. Can't wait to share this on the blog with my rdjmichaelsavant 1 week ago 15  Reply Thanks for assuming that all men are bungling idiots in the kitchen! Way to sell to your audience! Idiots...craigodonnell 1 week ago 11   Any parent that feeds their kid this processed crap should be thinking more, including not taking a word of what these paid shills say seriously.FreeholdArts 6 days ago  These look like stand-up moms: "I'm getting smashed off mimosas at a quarter to 6 because I'm so tired from being so perfect all day. My husband is a buffoon, you see, but I'm content with that even though I'll make pretense to the contrary."Ragù, well done! Not only have you insulted fathers, but you've also portrayed the other half of your parental demographic as alcoholic, male-bashing harridans.abjectsilver 4 days ago 5   
  • Tie back to the complex, rapid changing landscape. Marketing has to really be on top of its game to take advantage of social media in a smart way. And it’s way too easy to have things get mixed up.
  • Here you should set up the next portion of the deck by talking about how the previous examples illustrate the in escapable fact that the landsape
  • Here you should set up the next portion of the deck by talking about how the previous examples illustrate the inescapable fact that marketing and brand development has fundamentally changed

Stop social media madness Stop social media madness Presentation Transcript

  • STOP! Social Media Madness
    Presented by Megan McKenzie
    McKenzie Worldwide
  • Agenda
    Social Media Madness
    We’re not there yet
    Some examples
    Yes, it works, but not always
    Strategy and planning
    Building trust in your brand
    It’s all about your “Why”
    The key to success
    Slide 2
  • Social Media Madness
    We’re not there yet
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Social media – Massive audiences
    AMA Portland Talk
    Source: The Awareness Social Marketing Hub
  • Social media vs. traditional media
    Social media is like a mall where people go to hang out
    AMA Portland Talk
    • Traditional mediais like a grocery store where people get what they want and leave
  • 2011 social media landscape
    Radical changes from 2010, and nothing like 2009
    Anyone remember MySpace?
    Chances are you’re using many of these networks at home and business
    Open Text Media Training
  • Google gets serious
    Google+ social networking system isn’t directly aimed at Facebook as a rival social network but rather a “layer” to help make Google products themselves more socially-enabled…
    Will Google get it right this time?
    AMA Portland Talk
    Slide 7
    Google Chairman Eric Schmidt
  • Why Google wants to become much more social
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Facebook overhauls platform
    Continues Facebook’s focus on building audience
    Is Facebook even stickier now?
    What are the marketing opportunities?
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Some examples
    Yes it works…but not always
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Building a company with social media
    AMA Portland Talk
  • OpenText becomes social
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Even Tektronix is on board!
    Recent launch of revolutionary MDO4000 oscilloscope created online and social buzz
    Hundreds of tweets and re-tweets
    Over 200 news mentions and blog posts
    Numerous Facebook shares and likes
    Complete YouTube review and tear down
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Virgin America Airlines
    Passes the “we’ve got better service than the DMV test”
    Designed from the ground up to be social
    Named the SF-Boston flight the #nerdbird
    Focus on listening and integrating feedback into company
    Sponsors #FlyMoreGiveBack with Twitter
    Encourages employee participation
    Open Text Media Training
  • Virgin Airlines social strategy paying off
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Kawasaki – A new approach to building word of mouth
    Give 10 2011 Nina 1000 motorcycles to 10 bloggers around the country and have them blog about their experiences
    Bloggers all had a strong Facebook and Twitter presence
    More cost-effective than advertising with more reach
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Ford Motor Company
    Highly successful business and social media strategy
    e.g. 2011 Ford Explorer launched on Facebook
    Total impressions – 99 million
    #1 Trending Topic on Twitter; #2 in Google Trends for the day
    500,000-plus 2011 Explorer site visits versus daily average of 7,000 for 2010 Explorer
    Hit 50,000 Facebook likes of the Ford Explorer by end of day July 26 – added over 10,000 likes in a single day
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Ford – Motoring to the top in brand perception
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Best Buy forgets about the “Streisand Effect”
    Creates a wave of negative social backlash from C&D letter to Newegg in response to TV ad
    Open Text Media Training
  • Ragu social media: Leaving a bad taste
    Targeted dads by spamming dad bloggers and pointing them to an insulting video
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Ragu social media: Leaving a bad taste
    Response from the blogosphere:
    “Now that social media is a checkbox service offered by agencies and run by the junior associates as part of a much larger campaign and the only part of social that gets done is the pushing out of meaningless link spam, I’d like to offer that I think Ragu has no idea that you exist, let alone any sense of your cooking skills…Their content, my friend, does not rule.”
    “As the person in my household who does all of the shopping and all of the cooking I took offense to this video. Implying that dads can only cook the simple things and Ragu is somehow going to help make that easier. Give me a break!
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Bottomline
    Putting a bunch of social media buzzwords in a blender is not a strategy – and it will NOT work
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Strategy and planning
    Building trust in your brand
    AMA Portland Talk
  • The new world of brand development
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Quality, transparency, trust most important
    AMA Portland Talk
    Slide 25
    Source: 2011 Edelman trustbarometer research
  • Honesty is the only policy
    “Successful copywriters, brand managers, and marketers understand that the world has changed thanks to communications and technological advancements like Twitter, social networking, online video, and more.  Brands that stretch the truth are called out faster than ever and word of a brand’s dishonesty will spread faster and farther than you can imagine.”
    -- Susan Gunelius,  Corporate Eye blog
    AMA Portland Talk
  • ConAgra/Ketchum PR – What were they thinking
    Attempted to convince foodie bloggers a frozen meal was actually prepared by a chef George Duran (Ultimate Cake Off)
    Food Mayhem:
    “The cheese tasted cheap and like a lot of fat was added…What good P.R. teams do not do is lie to build attendance.  Lying to media makes it that much harder for legitimate P.R. teams to achieve their goals.  Build trust, not facades.”
    Mom Confessionals:
    “Our entire meal was a SHAM! We were unwilling participants in a bait-and-switch for Marie Callender’s new frozen three cheese lasagna…” 
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Trust requires effort
    “Honesty is expected. Trust is engaging and intimate. It needs to be earned…Trust is something else altogether. It is one of the most important values of a brand and it requires real effort from corporations. It is what you would expect from a friend.”
    -- Mark Gobe, Author of “Emotional Branding”
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Path to building trust online
    Practice honest communications and admit your mistakes
    Make a commitment to data security
    Don’t break brand promises (perceptions). Continually meet or exceed online expectations
    Deal with any issues or questions quickly
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Path to building trust online cont.
    Approach every audience interaction with integrity. Take the ethical high road
    Practice ethical online advertising and promotion
    Be open about key information such as terms, conditions, warranties, service levels, etc.
    Trust is created through repetition of positive interactions
    AMA Portland Talk
    Credit: Mark Smicklas
  • Trust at Microsoft? Not so much
    Microsoft programmanager tweets impression of unreleased Nokia phone
    Microsoft fires saidproduct manager
    Result: Word quickly spreads and Microsoft receives a round of negative social mentions and press coverage
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Red Cross: Rogue Tweet
    AMA Portland Talk
    Tweet meant for personal account goes to all 270,000 RedCross followers
    Red Cross responds with grace and humor
  • Red Cross: From potential misstep to beervana
    Impressed by the calm and humane response, other tweeters -- especially @dogfishbeer's fans -- launched a fundraising and blood donation drive
    Breweries and pubs in 30 states promoted beer for blood offers:
    AMA Portland Talk
  • It’s all about your “Why”
    The key to success
    AMA Portland Talk
    Slide 34
  • Rise above the madness
    “Start with Why”
    AMA Portland Talk
    Slide 35
    The Golden Circle
  • Simon Sinek on Why matters
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Seven question to help you find your WHY
    Who are you (really)?
    Why do you do what you do?
    What is your passion?
    What makes you unique?
    Why do people want to be a part of your community/buy your products?
    How do you inspire others?
    Why will people remember you? (think Steve Jobs)  
    Note: Literally ignore your product when working through these questions
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Social media success formula
    Why + Trust + C3 (Consistent Connected Conversations) = Successful Social Media Program
    Social Media Program – Trust + Interrupt Marketing = Brand Decay
    AMA Portland Talk
  • Let’s chat!Megan McKenziemeganm@mckenzieworldwide.comwww.mckenzieworldwide.com