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McKenney’s, Inc Critical Systems - Reliable, High-Quality Mechanical Services for Mission-Critical Facilities
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McKenney’s, Inc Critical Systems - Reliable, High-Quality Mechanical Services for Mission-Critical Facilities


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McKenney’s, Inc Critical Systems Offering Reliable, High-Quality Mechanical Services for Mission-Critical Facilities. For more visit …

McKenney’s, Inc Critical Systems Offering Reliable, High-Quality Mechanical Services for Mission-Critical Facilities. For more visit

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  • 1. Critical Systems Ensuring seamless operationsM E C H A NI CAL SYST EMS SO LUTI O NS
  • 2. Generating revenue, maintaining customerWhere quality s f ­ atis­action and improving employee productivityis a mission- are mission-critical initiatives. If the mechanical s ­ ystems that support these organizational needscritical fail—your business is compromised. As a result,requirement McKenney’s Critical Systems offers a comprehen- sive approach for constructing or renovating high- quality mechanical systems for data centers and operations centers that meet the most exacting demands and schedules. With more than 60 years of experience delivering industry-leading innovation, superior service and customization, McKenney’s ensures you have immediate access to your most critical systems without fail. Choose McKenney’s for maximum uptime for your business critical data center oper- ations. And, protect the future of your business.Save more thanthe environmentMcKenney’s is dedicated to green buildingpractices to improve your business’ eco-nomic and environmental performance.We take pride in mechanical systems thatadhere to the industry’s most sustainableinitiatives. For example, we support LEED®certification standards and innovative tech-nologies, including rainwater harvesting,to achieve optimal efficiency and fostercorporate stewardship.Our mechanical systems encourage healthyand productive work environments thatensure safe, efficient operations and reducedoperating costs for mission-critical facilities.
  • 3. Customized forpeak performanceQ uality construction is a team effort. McKenney’s experienced professionals collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure we tailor mechanical systems and installations that enhance the performance of your most criticaloperations. Because we understand your business’ unique demands and requirements,we can offer integrated servicesthat ensure reliable operationsand maximum efficiency. “ rom the initial concept designs, through F construction and beyond, you andEvery project is different, but your team were there guiding us andeach one has the same result— assisting us and the rest of the design-on-time completion. The assist team in a very professionalM­ cKenney’s team coordinates manner. We are proud to let other clientsand customizes the entire know McKenney’s is an exceptionalprocess—from schedulingto modeling to installation company of strength and integrity.”to commissioning. A proven —CHAD WILLIAMScon­ ultative and responsive s Chairman and CEO Quality Group of Companiesapproach ensures timely execu-tion of high-quality construction.M­ cKenney’s project teams are experts in helping our customers develop the detailedschedules and sequencing that deliver each phase of our projects on time, costeffectively, and with the highest quality possible. Our in-house manufacturing experi-ence enables us to plan in short intervals, leverage lean processes and productivitytracking, and deliver desired outcomes every time. We work with you to optimizemanpower levels—and your ROI. Plus, a dedicated quality control manager is alwaysavailable to verify performance, evaluate craftsmanship and improve delivery.
  • 4. Smarter management– by designThe best construction optimizes opera-tional efficiency. Our in-house engineeringsupport teams employ the latest tech­nologies into everyday workflows so youreceive accurate, consistent results atevery stage of the construction process.Nearly every mechanical system’sdesign and drawing is produced with3-D graphics to provide clarity duringthe planning, design and construction ofyour building. The technology is an integraltool used to effectively model mechanicalsystems and ensure ­ oordination and caccuracy prior to and during construction.By incorporating intelligent building information modeling (BIM) and computer-aideddrafting (CAD), McKenney’s can offer greater insight at every stage of your building’slifecycle. In fact, McKenney’s embeds system data and equipment information to makethe BIM model invaluable for managing and monitoring your facility. FULL- McKenney’s is the only major full-service mechanical servıce systems contractor in the Southeast. Our services include engineering support, drafting, BIM, HVAC MAXIMUM systems, sheet metal, piping, plumbing, controls, uptime monitoring and commissioning expertise. Our dedicated Critical Systems team focuses on providing world-class service delivery for any size and type of mission-critical facility. We perform the entire scope of services to ensure higher quality control and we guarantee exceptional performance.
  • 5. Protect your most valuable assetsAs technology evolves, so does the way builds the robust foundation ofyou conduct business. With the matura- mechanical systems you need fortion of data-centric consumers, eco- optimal and sustainable performance.friendly initiatives, integrated business Whether it’s a design-build, design-systems and a more mobile workforce, assist, or plan-spec project, we offerthe demand for new or rebuilt data and full-service resources and a compre­operations centers has grown signifi- hensive approach to meet your uniquecantly. There are new mission-critical requirements on time and on budgetoperations to protect — and McKenney’s for exceptional value.
  • 6. Successful Critical Systems engagements WITH MORE THAN 2.5 MILLION SQUARE FEET of completed data center space accrued from more than 140 projects, McKenney’s offers unmatched experience, insight and proven processes to build efficient mechanical systems. We have a proven track record of delivering peak performance every time in a wide range markets, including:   Co-location   Legal   Telecommunications   Healthcare   Financial PROVEN RESULTS Examples of recent McKenney’s Critical Systems projects include:  quifax E   uality Technology Services Q (QTS)  avvis S  quinix E  nited Parcel Service U  ank of America B   ewlett-Packard H   ells Fargo W  acebook F McKenney’s Critical Systems Reliable, High-Quality Mechanical Services for Mission-Critical FacilitiesTo learn how we can help you, contact:Critical Systems   1056 Moreland Industrial Boulevard, Atlanta, Georgia 30316 3601 Performance Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28214 Copyright © 2011 McKenney’s, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.