McKenney’s, Inc Automation and Control Solutions - Atlanta, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Virginia


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As building systems become more sophisticated, new complexities and challenges emerge—as well as unique opportunities. McKenney’s, Inc Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) give you complete control of energy management, HVAC controls and security solutions for the lifecycle of your building. For more info visit

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McKenney’s, Inc Automation and Control Solutions - Atlanta, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Virginia

  1. 1. Automation& Control Solutions Enhancing building performance M E C H AN IC AL AN D CO NTRO L S YST EM EX PER T I SE
  2. 2. Intelligent solutionsfor optimal efficiency As building systems become more sophis­ ticated, new complexities and challenges emerge—as well as unique opportunities. McKenney’s innovative solutions integrate intelligent technology and proven expertise that enable facilities managers, tenants and owners to realize unprecedented levels of comfort, cost savings and sustainable energy efficiency. Our versatile operating platform offers a single point of control to streamline building management in virtually any environment. McKenney’s Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) give you complete control of energy management, HVAC controls and security solutions for the lifecycle of your building.Smarter buildings start withautomated control systemsMcKenney’s ACS team of savvy professionals makes systems integration simple,efficient and cost-effective. Our goal is to deliver smart ideas and solutionsthat ensure smarter buildings. Backed by extensive mechanical and electricalbuilding systems expertise, we’ll design, install and service innovative, highquality automation and control systems that meet your specific requirementsand provide exceptional value.
  3. 3. maxımızeINTEGRATED SYSTEMSPERFORMANCEUp to 75 percent of a building’s expenses can be directly attributed to its operatingand maintenance costs. Disparate, standalone control and monitoring systems can bemanaged individually, but not efficiently. McKenney’s builds long-lasting value throughcomprehensive, integrated services and solutions that enablecustomers to make smarter building management decisions.Leveraging interoperable, open protocols and existingIT infrastructure, we can integrate all building systemsand components—including HVAC, card access, security,video surveillance, and lighting control—in one seamlesssystem. This allows you to monitor your entire enterpriseand develop scalable processes and automated controlsfor peak ­ erformance. pFrom design and installation to service and maintenance,McKenney’s ACS services offer interoperability and versatilityto fit your specific environmental needs. Our goal is make your tenants morec­ omfortable—so you can be comfortable too.McKenney’s ACS services include: uilding automation systems design, installation, programming and commissioning B  echanical systems control design, installation, commissioning and training M ontrol system maintenance for pneumatic, electric, and DDC systems C emperature, environment monitoring, power management, zoned lighting and T access control erformance monitoring and upgrades for building efficiency enhancements P
  4. 4. Real-timecontrol offersreal advantagesA building’s structure may be static.But its environment is not. McKenney’soffers three integrated lines of servicesand solutions for immediate andextensive access to critical information.We provide the information you need tomake sound decisions that can save time, reduce expenses andput your tenants at ease.REGULATE YOUR BUILDING ANYTIME, FROM ANYWHEREClimate control is a science. It requires the systemic study of a building’s environment.McKenney’s ACS allows you to use state-of-the art HVAC technology to gather real-time building information so your environment can be optimized and regulated anytime, from virtually anywhere. Managing your HVAC system will give you more controlover your environment and can help spur positive cash flow.SOLUTIONS TO SAFEGUARD PEOPLE AND PROPERTYProtect your most important assets—people, property and information—with theindustry’s most comprehensive access control and surveillance systems. Whether itssecure entry points with card readers, intrusion sensors, digital video surveillance,Internet protocol cameras or biometric identification systems, you have real-timesecurity and on-demand access to your entire security network.MANAGE ASSETS AND SYSTEM INTEGRATION WITH BDOC ®When managing a large enterprise, the right data can lead right to the bottom line.McKenney’s innovative bdoc® utility software platform offers unmatched control andaccess to analyze your physical asset information so you can make more informeddecisions that drive performance. Built on open standards, the bdoc web portalprovides dynamic real-time information that can be used to simplify asset managementand ensure systems integration across the enterprise is seamless and profitable.
  5. 5. Wedeliversustainable results HOW YOU MANAGE YOUR BUILDING TODAY MAY have a ­ ignificant impact on its health many years s down the line. That’s why it’s important to imple- ment eco-friendly initiatives to ensure your building promotes a healthy and productive work environ- ment to attract and retain tenants, reduce operating costs and enhance its value. For more than 60 years, McKenney’s has delivered industry-leading innovation, best-in-class service and customized, high-quality commercial solutions for every stage of a building’s lifecycle. Our ACS team works closely with a wide range of clients in diverse environments—including office buildings, healthcare facilities, data centers, government facilities, museums, college campuses and more— to ensure buildings are safe, secure, comfortable and efficient, as well as scalable for the future.
  6. 6. Partnering to protect the environment … and your investmentMcKenney’s is dedicated to green building practices, and takes pride inhelping our customers control and monitor building conditions to improveenergy efficiency and ensure bottom line results.We team with only the most trusted manufacturers to provide the mostefficient automation and controls building systems. Our partners include: Connecting minds and machines DSXSecurity Products Dealer All logos are the trademarks of their respective owners. McKenney’s Automation Control Solutions (ACS) Integrated Building Systems and Services from a Trusted ProviderTo learn how you can start saving today, contact:Automation Control Solutions   1056 Moreland Industrial Boulevard Atlanta, Georgia 30316 Copyright © 2011 McKenney’s, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.