It's All About the Customer Journey


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For companies to be successful today, they have to plan for customer journeys not just customer experiences. In the digital age where engaging with customers across the entire purchase process, the experience with the brand can as important - if not more so - than the product itself. The best companies are aligned on their customer journey strategy, are truly omnichannel, get and keep the right talent, know what their return on marketing investment is, have campaigns tailored to their customers, and are agile. David Edelman made this presentation at the Financial Times Future of Marketing Summit.

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  • Most companies face deep organizational challenges because of how they manage employees. If the company's leaders believe their job is to direct and control the workforce, doing that will demotivate and disengage their workforce. Such a workforce creates lots of mistakes and problems, what you term organizational challenges, because no one likes being told what to do or being controlled.

    However, if management realizes that it is the employees who must decide what to do and how to do it and the job of management is to provide employees with whatever they need to excel, organizational challenges disappear and the company flies with the eagles instead of walking with the turkeys.

    The simple script to do that is to listen and respond to whatever employees have to say to the employee's satisfaction or better.

    Ben Simonton
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  • Hello.
  • The Customer Decision Journey drives our spending beyond “advertising”Consider, Evaluate, Buy, Experience, Advocate and BOND
  • So what could marketing spend look like for one campaign across this journey?(Talking about marketing spend across the whole journey)As you can see, digital touchpoints are playing a huge role throughout the journey.
  • DataUnderstand the consumer’s complete context to drive real-time decisionsNew tools can track across touch points anytime, anywhereDesignWhat is the flow of the journey likely to be?What will inform the kind of touches and messages that will affect them?DeliverySmart, iterative, cross-channel and real-timeFocus on customer intelligence, campaign planning, content supply chain, performance tracking, agency management and service support
  • It's All About the Customer Journey

    1. David Edelman Financial Times Future of Marketing Summit
    2. 2
    3. 3 Influenced by online research and prior product sampling/trial Brands Influenced by friends, suggestions and reading materials on benefits Brands Added Decision based on information learned before shopping Brands Evaluated Engages with their brand after their initial purchase, retaining relationship Consumer Enjoyment Purchases and promotes only the brand and it’s products Loyalty
    4. 4
    5. 5 70%10% 0% 100% Best in class Bottom quartile No agreement on platforms and messages; so we have many fragmented efforts ALIGNMENT What percent of our senior marketing managers can articulate the performance goals for our top five digital KPIs?
    6. 6 What percent of your marketing programs have online and offline components? Digital silos in social vs. display vs. search Conflicts between marketing vs. customer service vs. PR vs. Legal Rivalry among BUs for control COORDINATION 80%10% 0% 100% Best in class Bottom quartile
    7. 7 How long does it take to fill a director-level position in a digital group once it is posted externally?1 The best talent goes to agencies or start-ups ACCESS TO TALENT 3 months1+year Best in class Bottom quartile 1 Reporting to a functional lead in your digital marketing group
    8. 1 Reporting to a functional lead in your digital marketing group8 For what percent of your digital spend can the impact be directly measured with an ROI? We can’t measure the ROI of digital, so we can’t shift money from traditional media BUDGETING 85%10% 0% 100% Best in class Bottom quartile
    9. What percent of your digital customer interactions are targeted/personalized? In TV, one ad reaches 100 million consumers; in digital, 100 creative treatments each may reach 10% of that audience TARGETING What percent of your campaigns include test cells? 80%0% 70%None 0% 100% Best in class Bottom quartile
    10. 10 What percentage of your digital campaign budget can be re- allocated during a campaign? Once we plan a marketing cycle, resources are locked in FLEXIBILITY 1 day1 month How much time does it take to get and react to digital campaign performance data and appropriately adjust the campaign (e.g., modifying, re-scheduling, canceling)? 80%50% 0% 100% Best in class Bottom quartile
    11. Cross-functional alignment: on CDJ, on digital strategy, on goals1 Project management support with engaged Executive Steering Committee2 Talent development and recruitment imperative: analytics, experiential design, mindset evolution3 Responsive flexibility: to the market, to results, and to evolution of customers4 Test and learn: relentlessly part of the operational DNA, cultural shift5 11
    12. How should we articulate, measure, and enforce the standards of a digital brand experience? Brand steward Execution supporter Facilitator External connector Talent developer Are there shared services that all agree would be truly globally scalable? Are there more cost-effective ways to fund, pilot and propagate best practices, training, and consistent approaches across the enterprise? Is there value to having a central scout that scans externally for new technologies, partners, approaches, and seeds them back into the business? How do we help the enterprise retain and attract the right talent? 12
    13. 13 Staying Connected Global Co-Leader, Digital Marketing Strategy Practice @davidedelman Follow me on LinkedIn’s Social Media Channel to learn more about social media, big data and analytics, and consumer research CMSOForum