McGraw High School Brochure 2012


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Find out all the information about online learning experience at McGraw High School

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McGraw High School Brochure 2012

  1. 1. Bringing Education at Your Doorstep Challenge your thinking Change your outlook and choose your future G r a c w M High School H l o g i h ow w w . m c g r a w h i g h s c h o o l . c o m S c h
  2. 2. Table of Content www.mcgrawhighschool.comTable of Content Welcome Message 02 Introduction to McGraw High School 03 History 04 Education Philosphy 04 Global Locations 05 Why Choose McGraw High School 06 Faculty 07 Student Services 08 High School Diploma Program 09 Tuition & Financial Aid 10 Alumni Success Stories 11 Global Acceptance by Top Employers 13 Contact Us 14 01
  3. 3. Welcome www.mcgrawhighschool.comWelcome toMcGraw High School McGraw High School is one of the most prestigious online high schools in the world. Our internationally renowned faculty combined with years of experience in online distance education has allowed us to uphold the best industry practices. Our curriculum is the epitome of our efforts to ensure that students receive the highest quality of education. When you graduate from McGraw High School, you dont just graduate with a high school diploma; you graduate with a learning experience bar none. Our graduates enjoy the benefits and support that come with studying at an international high school. McGraw High School has partnered with several prestigious universities to offer you great opportunities for further education in tandem with several national and international higher education agencies to extend the possibilities for you when you graduate. 02
  4. 4. Introduction www.mcgrawhighschool.comIntroduction to McGraw High SchoolMission At McGraw, we provide a college preparatory academic program that challenges all students to reach their maximum potential. We provide an environment of excellence, responsibility, and diversity that fosters intellectual, social, and analytical skills accomplished through professional development and structured online learning experiences.High School Diploma Program The intense 12-month curriculum prepares leaders and entrepreneurs with cross-cultural insights and problem-solving skills - leaders who generate value for their organisations and communities. Recent McGraw High School graduates work for over 300 different companies in more than 50 countries around the world facilitated by McGraws excellent placement programs. 03
  5. 5. About Us www.mcgrawhighschool.comHistory McGraw was envisaged in the early 2000s and the dream of our founders was brought to culmination c G r a in 2007. McGraw High School started from humble beginnings and gained international recognition in w M a short period of time as a leader in online education. High School H l o g i h o S c hEducational philosophy McGraw High School continues to build upon the ideals of its founders, inspired by their vision of an educated world. Defined by action in solidarity with the economically poor of the world, especially women and working men who deserve to be given a chance to improve their lives against the odds. In keeping with this tradition, the school offers a challenging online high school diploma. The school has a world-class faculty, committed to providing coursework, resources, activities, and instructional facilities that encourage excellence in teaching and learning. Students at McGraw High School are exposed to a wide range of coursework and support services designed to enhance their learning at all levels and to help them develop into confident leaders of an ever-increasingly complex and global community. 04
  6. 6. Our Global www.mcgrawhighschool.comOur Global Locations McGraw High School has global presence across 6 continents. Our faculty comes from more than 36 countries. An inspiring mix of globally recognized thought leaders, change agents and innovators ensure the highest educational standards at McGraw High School. Global Locations of McGraw High School South America Asia North America Africa Europe Australia 05
  7. 7. Why Choose Why Choose McGraw High School? McGraw High School is one of the most prestigious online high schools in the world. Our internationally renowned faculty combined with years of experience in online distance education has allowed us to uphold the highest academic standards. Features of our curriculum: Designated specifically for self paced learners Developed to ensure superior learning Highest quality standards that ensures global acceptability and competitiveness Highlights of McGraw High School experience: Quickness Education verification services Flexibility Experts advice available 24x7 Best mode of home-schooling Convenience Truly global education at your fingertips! When you graduate from McGraw High School, you dont just receive a high school diploma; you graduate with an exceptional learning experience. Our graduates enjoy the benefits and support that come with studying at an international high school. McGraw High School has partnered with several prestigious universities to offer you great opportunities for further education in tandem with several national and international higher education agencies to extend the possibilities for you when you graduate. 06
  8. 8. Faculty at Faculty McGraw High School The creation and transmission of knowledge is central to the core mission of McGraw High School. Achieving the highest levels of pedagogical impact in the classroom and beyond is what makes McGraw High School truly great. Beyond their individual fields of research, our faculty continues to explore new domains, driven by a determination to share their knowledge and their vision as they uncover multicultural management solutions to the challenge of tomorrows economy for a new generation of thought leaders. Our faculty is known for its distinguished members who have outstanding reputations for their teaching, research and service. McGraw High Schools faculty are not only leaders in the classroom, but also in their fields as recognized by academic peers. Classroom Management: We provide high school curriculums that are aligned and articulated with state and national standards for university and college acceptance while promoting academic excellence. Distance education: The classrooms at McGraw High School are completely online and can be accessed anywhere at any time of the day. Students can learn online whenever they feel like without having to go through textbooks. All learning material is provided in the online student area. You only need an Internet connection to access your student area. You also have the opportunity to participate in access online study guides, use a white board, and more through our dedicated student area. Assessment Management: Our faculty online exams to effectively check the learning of students. This ensures that each and every McGraw High School student is rigorously assessed before graduating. 07
  9. 9. Student Services Services at McGraw High School Academic counseling whenever you need it! At McGraw High School, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. To speak to our academic counselor, you can call 1-877-787-6888 or start a live chat. Education Verification Service McGraw High School provides its students with FREE Lifetime Verification of their documents for prospective or current employers, colleges or any other institutions which require credential verifications. This service is activated free of cost within 24 hours of your degree approval. Furthermore, all the student credentials can be easily verified through online document verification system, phone, fax and email. McGraw High School Online Campus After filling out the application form and qualifying for the equivalency test, you will be granted access to our state of the art online campus and personalized student area. You can easily check your application status and evaluation results, and order additional documents such as transcripts, etc., from this area. Scholarships McGraw High School also provides scholarships to deserving students, depending on their financial status. The scholarship can help them get 10-15 percent reduction in their tuition fee. Lifetime Education Verification Service for Alumni McGraw High School offers education credential verification for your employers, college, government institutions, etc 08
  10. 10. The McGraw Diploma High School Diploma Program The McGraw High School diploma is well suited for professionals who want to grow in their careers and also college bound students. The program may be taken virtually via distance learning without physical class attendance; all required materials are available at the online student section. Students in MHS come from all walks of life, but all of them have a common goal: to pursue academic success through distance education. Our diverse student body includes professionals, homeschooled individuals, veterans, athletes, performing artists and individuals from various backgrounds. Student transcripts are evaluated for previously earned credits which may be counted toward high school graduation. An individual graduation plan comprising credits the student needs to graduate is mailed to the student after the acceptance of the admission application. Courses: There are 16 courses in high school diploma program. You need to pass all the courses (other than those for which you transfer credits or get prior learning credits). 09
  11. 11. Financial Aid www.mcgrawhighschool.comTuition & Financial AidMcGraw High School was founded on the principles of low cost high quality education for every individual of the world. Weenable people from all sectors to get quality education regardless of their financial and geographical constraints. And to furtherour mission, we have developed our own Scholarship Program which helps students pursue their education at a very low cost. Scholarships Credit TransfersListed below is our tuition fee for high school diploma program. The mentioned fee is applicable till January 2012 Total Approx. Program Study Material Total Program courses Completion Time Fee Program Fee High School 16 1 Year (Self-paced) Provided FREE! $1399 Diploma Program Study material will be available in your online classroom. You don’t need to buy books* You can further reduce this fee with the help of various fee reduction methods 10
  12. 12. Alumni success Alumni stories Sandra Roberts MHS Graduate class of 2007 With over 5 years of investment and advisory experience helping start-up businesses, Sandra is an Investment Advisor at a Wall Street Venture Capital organization. Born in the US, Sandra had forgone high school education for a low paying job at a fast food franchise. Two years after dropping out of high school, she realized that she needed to change her life dramatically. For her a constant stream of income was necessary, so she had to choose a institution that provided her the flexibility to work along with finishing her high school diploma. Sandra admits that McGraw High School was a ‘big awakening’ and it was here that she started to understand where her strengths and weaknesses lay. “MHS rounded out my skills and gave me a great deal of confidence. Suddenly I was part of a ‘pack’ of like-minded people who were now all in my global network.” “I look back on my decision to go to MHS and see how it started this long journey of being comfortable in the white spaces, building order into chaos, working with imperfect information and building relationships wherever I go. I was brought up to not be a quitter. I have always been a real fighter and have always lived by the mantra, ‘never give up; never accept no and never go away.’ 11
  13. 13. Alumni success Alumni stories Alex Heung MHS Graduate class of 2008 “MHS was a great insight into excellent teamwork and camaraderie and prepared me for many real-life situations I would encounter in my career.” It was the diversity of the participants that struck Alex when he arrived at MHS. “Their different backgrounds and cultures and the way they looked at problems from a different angle gave me a good perspective of the different views to a problem. It also provided me with a global network of contacts.” Alex was able to find employment in civil service when he completed his high school diploma and has remained there since he graduated in Public Administration. Now holding a senior post at a government ministry in Singapore, Alex was able to excel as a bright student due to the flexibility McGraw High School offered. “The MHS experience gave me the confidence to examine issues from a different perspective which helped me considerably when I was appointed to challenging development projects.” Alex’s experiences with MHS helped him get admitted into an Ivy League university on government sponsorship. “If it was not for the learnings at MHS, I would never have developed as successfully as I have today.” 12
  14. 14. Global Acceptance Global by the Top Employers MHS Alumni are accepted globally by the top employers of the world. See for yourself! 13
  15. 15. Call Toll Free: 1-877-787-6888 We are open 24x7 (Even on Sundays) Facebook connect with us Twitter connect with us Linkedin network with us G r a Contact Us c wMH l o g visit our website: www.mcgrawhighschool.comi h o S c h