Time Management For Dummies


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Time is life. Only the prudent survives.

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Time Management For Dummies

  1. 1. What time is it? www.thepotmaster.blogspot.com
  2. 2. ACTIVITYACCOMPLISHEMENT Hint: Life is not measured by the quantum of activities. Men are judged by their accomplishments www.thepotmaster.blogspot.com
  3. 3. “Madness (Insanity) is doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different outcome” www.thepotmaster.blogspot.com
  4. 4. Time ?www.thepotmaster.blogspot.com
  5. 5. Time (Noun) Time is a universal concept. Time is the base of seasons. The metrics for measuring life. Time is the element that measures chronology and duration. Time is an illusion. www.thepotmaster.blogspot.com
  6. 6. Time is an Illusion. Time is a Convertible & Irrecoverable resource. Time = Money Time = Life 24HRS makes a Day for both a Rich & a Poor Man IT IS A FACT www.thepotmaster.blogspot.com
  7. 7. 3Things you CAN achieve with your time Waste it. Invest It. Spend it. Hint: Life is predicated on the Doctrine of Personal Responsibility. www.thepotmaster.blogspot.com
  8. 8. “I will do it later” Mentality (Procrastination) “If It Ain't Broke Then Don't Fix It “I am whiling away my time = I am wasting my time Thieves of Destiny “Anything & Anybody that take your time indirectly takes your life. What you spend your time on rules your life. www.thepotmaster.blogspot.com
  9. 9. UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLE What are your MAJORs & MINORs. What you spend your time most on will shape your life. The Quality of my life is not inversely but directly proportional to the management of my resources (including time) Hint: Check it. Whatever take s your time is taking your life. Watch it! www.thepotmaster.blogspot.com
  10. 10. THE GOLD STANDARD QUESTION What are my doing right now ? Hint: You’ve got to ask that self appraising question Investing? Spending or Wasting? www.thepotmaster.blogspot.com
  11. 11. Practical Effective Time Management Tips  Reflection; Take Stock right now. Where are you coming from? (When did you set out?) Where are you right now? (What time is it?) Where are you going to? (How long will it take you?)  Define your activities; What is your typical day like? Want to change the quality of your life? review and change those things that take your time.  Prioritization; What do you want to achieve? What matters most? Major or Minor.  Timetable; For starters, draw up a physical timetable (This is not a mind game). Pen it down.  Review; Discipline is not a luxury here. It is a matter of necessity. All plans must be reviewed and progress or otherwise noted. It is never a days job so don’t be discouraged if you miss the bull’s eye the first time. Hint: “Write it down and make it happen!” www.thepotmaster.blogspot.com
  12. 12. Cradle to Grave Model ® BIRT H DEATH Infant to Teenage Yrs 0-13 Adolescence to Mid age 13- 45 Evergreen Days (Reap Era) 45-grave v v Hint: Life is a process. Only the wise can lead it! www.thepotmaster.blogspot.com Vision Model ®
  13. 13. “Yesterday is Gone. Today is an opportunity. Tomorrow belongs to those that do the right things at the right time today”. I will do the right thing now”. www.thepotmaster.blogspot.com
  14. 14. THANK YOU For more thought provoking thoughts and life lessons check www.thepotmaster.blogspot.com