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McBru Branding Services

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McClenahan Bruer (McBru) defines brands, ...

McClenahan Bruer (McBru) defines brands,
positioning and messaging to give tech B2B companies an
unfair advantage.

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  • 1. BRANDDEVELOPMENT McBru Defines Brands, Positioning and Messaging to Give You an Unfair Advantage
  • 2. RESEARCHMcBru researches what the market reallythinks of your brand, and the qualities thatpotential customers care about most in McBru Branding Servicesyour brand category. McClenahan Bruer (McBru) has its own way of doing things, and that’s true of our brand development services. Based on our deep understanding of technology and two decades of experience influencing tech B2B audiences, McBruBRAND VISIONMcBru conducts workshops with your approaches branding, positioning and messaging as asenior management to frame a brand contact sport, where the best and strongest ideas win. Andplatform based on your key audience as a full-service, fully-integrated marketing, social media,personae. This serves as the roadmap for advertising and PR agency, McBru has both the scope andbrand implementation. the focus to help you strategically build your brand and position your messaging to deliver awareness, preference,POSITIONING AND MESSAGING and engagement.We flesh out a customized positioningand messaging matrix with “plug-and-play” messages targeting each audience In the fiercely competitive technology industry, having theto ensure consistency and resonance in right market positioning, compelling key messages, and acustomer communications. strong, distinctive brand can make the difference between market leaders and also-rans. McBru, with its exclusive focusBRAND IMPLEMENTATION on technology B2B marketing, has the tools and the smarts toOur creative group brings your brand tolife: in a visual identity, logo, website, help you craft and grow brands that get business done.templates, whatever you need. Plus we canhelp you plan and execute a killer brand. 2
  • 3. Tech B2B Brand Expertise At McBru, we help technology clients identify what’sA brand is one of the most strategic assets a business can best and different about their companies and how theirhave, and helping our clients keep their brands fresh and products or technology bring value to customers. We marryrelevant is one of the most critical – and rewarding – jobs sophisticated technical knowledge and deep insightswe do here at McBru. We have extensive experience in into technology audiences with broad-based marketingthe process of developing, refreshing and evolving brands; experience to create a robust, methodical process ofcrafting messages and creative content to convey a brand’s branding, positioning, and messaging.promise and value; and designinglogos, web sites and other visual Defining Your Brandcontent to support and enhance McBru’s brand development process We marry sophisticated technicalbrand identity. is dynamic, smart, and research- knowledge and deep insights into based. We recommend beginning technology audiences.Branding, positioning, and with a competitive analysis, as well asmessaging for tech B2Baudiences is different thanbuilding brands for consumer markets. High tech audiencesare highly educated and skeptical, and have a just-the-facts-please attitude to most marketing information—theydon’t like to be marketed to. While the general lessons ofmarketing still apply to tech B2B audiences, for brandingand marketing to be successful with self-professed geeksyou must apply deep-tech knowledge and smart, persona-focused messaging. Rebranding, new logo, visual identity, website template, and blog. 3
  • 4. Positioning and Messaging To identify the company’s value propositions and differentiators for each of its key audiences, McBru conducts a second workshop with sales and marketing executives. McBru then develops a positioning and messaging matrix with relevant messages and differentiated positions for these important audiences and perspectives. At McBru, we understand that to build preference,Rebranding, new logo, visual identity, website template, and blog. positioning and messaging has to be two deceptively simple things: highly relevant and highly differentiated. Relevantinternal and external audits, to find out what the market reallythinks and how the client’s company is perceived. This data-driven information is compiled and presented to key clientstakeholders before McBru conducts a Brand Vision workshopwith senior management. This workshop is a dynamicbrainstorming session that fully engages participants in aseries of lively discussions to identify critical elements of thecompany brand, plus key audiences and customer challengesand pain points. The results of this meeting are then compiledinto a Brand Identity Statement.The McBru process is highly interactive, compelling executivesto think creatively and critically about how customers and key New logo, visual identity, website, collateral templates.audiences experience the company at every level. 4
  • 5. messages tell potential customers how your products and services bring them benefits and value and can solve specific problems they care about. Messages that differentiate tell customers why to choose your products over other alternatives. While these distinctions may seem elemental, they have real dollars-and-cents impact: Relevant messages are what help build sales volume; and differentiation is what makes premium pricing possible, particularly in highly competitive or crowded markets.Messages that differentiate tell Positioning and messaging is one of the mostcustomers why to choose your important – and often least appreciated – forms of marketing, and is the foundation onproducts over other alternatives. which all successful communication is built. Positioning and messaging can considered a separate and discrete service independent of the larger branding process, and in fact at McBru we suggest reviewing and refreshing your positioning and messaging on an annual basis. Bringing the Brand to Life After arming you with a robust brand identity statement and positioning and messaging matrix, McBru stands ready to develop a new or refreshed visual identity and implement a brand awareness campaign. Our creative group can design everything you might need to bring the new brand to life: a 5
  • 6. new visual identity, including a new logo and website, plus • We know your audiences. Not in some theoreticalbranding guidelines, corporate touchpoints, and collateral sense, but with day-to-day familiarity that allows us totemplates. After re-imaging is complete, McBru can understand their needs and concerns. We know how toconduct an internal and external launch of your new brand finesse messages and positioning to create preferencevia brand awareness campaigns and demand generation and awareness with high-tech audiences.activities, all supported by an integrated content strategy. • McBru has extensive experience in technology brandingYou can choose the ideal mix of the following disciplines: processes. We have developed proprietary, hands-oninfluencer relations and social media; demand generation methodologies that dig deep into your business culturethough advertising, email communication, and events; and and engage your executive team in the creative andcontent development such as case studies, white papers, challenging work of defining your brand and audiences.videos, and product briefs. • McBru’s branding services are not a one-size-fits- all product. While we recommend our full brandingWhy McBru process, which is research-driven and propelled by• At McBru, we focus exclusively on high-tech B2B analytics, we can customize our services to suit your marketing. We’re tech experts and have the savvy specific needs and budget. and depth of knowledge to help your company refine • McBru is a full-service agency, with in-house creative, its brand, hone your positioning, and polish your writing, and design expertise. We can quickly take messaging to reach your chosen audiences. your brand and extend it into the marketplace through• McBru’s approach is to take best practices from advertizing, content marketing, influencer relations and consumer branding and marketing and refine them for social media. tech B2B, so our branding processes are data-driven, • Like everything we do, our branding processes are based on the realities of the market, and grounded in designed with metrics in mind; our reporting and knowledge of technology. analysis yield insights about the market’s awareness, engagement, and preference for your brand. 6
  • 7. Elise F. Burke Director of Marketing and Sales direct: 503.546.1017 mobile: 503.459.7545 www.mcbru.comLET’S START SOMETHING. @mcbru McClenahan-Bruer McClenahan-Bruer McBru McClenahanBruer McBru McClenahanBruer