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McBru Advertising Case Study - ON Semiconductor
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McBru Advertising Case Study - ON Semiconductor


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ON Semiconductor Takes On Global Markets with McBru Advertising Services

ON Semiconductor Takes On Global Markets with McBru Advertising Services

Published in: Business
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  • 1. CASE STUDYON Semiconductor Takes On Global Planning and focus deliver outsized resultsMarkets with McBru Advertising Services for brand awareness and lead nurturing.
  • 2. Objective StrategyAn innovator in semiconductor components across Since 2006 McBruglobal markets, ON Semiconductor competes with executed a successfullarger rivals with correspondingly bigger budgets. Yet brand awarenessON Semiconductor counts on advertising to build brand campaign for ONawareness as well as engage design engineers around the Semiconductor thatworld with its lead generation and nurturing activities. resulted in globalThat’s why the company has relied on McBru for years for increases in brandadvertising and lead nurturing services. We maximize the awareness year overbudget, the response, and the results across all objectives: year. Starting in 2010, ON Semiconductor Qualified leads are invited to• Build affinity/preference among design engineers redirected its advertising download high-value assets, in North America, China and Europe objectives toward and they click through at double- demand generation and digit rates.• Build and nurture a substantial database of qualified lead nurturing. design engineers in those regions To meet these objectives, McBru employed a multi-pronged• Focus on specific strategy: traffic driving ads and market segments with demand gen programs with selected This strategy is based on our deep the most potential and publishers in key target geographies, competitive advantage understanding of the electronics intelligent lead nurturing microsites, for ON Semiconductor market dynamics. and nurturing emails, all in English and Chinese. This strategy is based• Identify sales-ready leads in the nurturing database on our deep understanding of the electronics market that are ready to interact with a sales contact at dynamics. In particular, design engineers are starved for ON Semiconductor detailed, up-to-date information on the best technologies 1
  • 3. and techniques to create their next product designs.Building an advertising and lead nurturing program on Publisher 1 Publisher 2 Publisher 3high-value content would not only attract engagement withON Semiconductor, but also reinforce ON Semiconductor’sposition as application experts in its target markets. 62% 57% 70%Traffic driversMcBru devised a program in which traffic would be drivento the lead nurturing microsites by two means: high Media Placement Savingsimpact banner ads and email. For the banner ads, McBruemployed a strategy of highlighting the key application The 2011 ON Semiconductor RFP system saved between 57% andareas for each market segment targeted and included a 70% off the publishers’ rate card.very strong call-to-action (CTA) in each ad to encouragedesign engineers to click through and get more information. budget. In this system, the agency carefully selects keyIn addition, McBru assembled an email list comprising publishers in each region and specifies objectives, targetcontacts collected each month from publishers’ demand audience and, most importantly, the total media budgetgeneration activities, such as whitepaper downloads and available for that publisher if it were to win. In return,webinars, and from ON Semiconductor’s own internal we ask each publisher develop a proposal that addressesprospect database. “First touch” emails were created and as many of the needs as possible and does not break outdistributed to these lists, explaining that a resource center pricing for individual elements. This allows the publishersfull of relevant technical content existed, and inviting to be creative with how much value-add they includeengineers to visit and explore the resources. in their programs. Frankly, the approach allows them to include more – sometimes a great deal more – than weTo select the publishers to participate in the program, pay for without eroding their pricing.McBru uses its unique block-buy RFP system for mediabuying, which greatly expands the reach of the advertising 2
  • 4. value propositions for each application. The dialog culminates in a question that asks if the engineer is ready to be contacted by ON Semiconductor with price and availability information. Sales‑ready leads are passed immediately on for sales contact; the other contacts remain in the database for nurturing. This intelligent dialog technology is unique to McBru’s leadMcBru’s lead nurturing technology builds affinity and makes it easy nurturing service.for interested leads to indicate they are ready for a sales call. In 2011, McBru enhancedLead nurturing microsites the English-languageMcBru developed and launched four lead-nurturing versions of the micrositesmicrosites: English and Chinese versions for engineers with a custom-developedinterested in each of two vertical markets. Once an engineer “Ask an Expert” applicationvisits one of these microsites and chooses to download to further encourage use Innovative netmercial units hadone of the many content assets, an intelligent dialog is of the microsites and the highest overall responsetriggered. This dialog gathers qualifying information as well boost preference for the rate, 10X the industry averageas presenting the engineer with ON Semiconductor’s core ON Semiconductor brand. for tech B2B banners. 3
  • 5. Advertising creativeMcBru executed a series of creative campaigns thatspeak directly to the design engineers’ need for up-to-date resources and information. Our in-house creativedepartment is highly focused on well-defined value propositions and CTAs, and utilizes the highest- performing ad formats and interactive technologies. Regular in-depth reporting makes it easy to assess and optimize As a result, the overall performance. campaigns consistently maintain above-average this way, we can continually build upon affinity for engagement as well ON Semiconductor’s reputation for expertise in theseMonthly nurturing emails as increased favorable applications as well as catch prospects when they areinvite leads back for new brand recognition. McBru ready to receive sales information.high-value assets. manages the execution, trafficking and reporting Reporting and optimizationon the ad banners produced in over 20 different formats, McBru delivers a high-level monthly Results Report thatin English, German and Chinese. tracks how the program is performing against our agreed- upon measurable outcomes. Additionally, every monthNurturing activities we generate separate custom reports that track theEvery month, McBru sends an email (in English and performance of the ad and nurturing programs. The reportChinese) highlighting new microsite resources to each provides a breakdown of each publisher’s performance asof the two audiences. The nurturing emails are encoded well as an in-depth look at ON Semiconductor’s bannerso we can track click- throughs and subsequent activity performance. Using this data, McBru can tweak theon the microsite for each prospect in the database. In program as needed (remixing under-performing banners, 4
  • 6. optimizing high-performing banners, etc.). In addition Combined with email-based demand generation activities,to these monthly reports, we also deliver comprehensive the entire program has generated tens of thousands ofhalf-year and end-of-year reporting. qualified visitors to ON Semiconductor’s lead nurturing microsites. Thousands of those leads have indicated theirResults readiness to start a sales discussion, thanks to McBru’sMcBru’s integrated advertising and lead-nurturing intelligent dialog produce global campaigns that multiply ONSemiconductor’s campaign reach, response rates, and These big results help ON Semiconductor stand tall in itscustomer engagement. First, the block buy RFP process global markets.typically delivers 50-70% savings off rate-cards, accordingto publishers. At the same time, the program drives downthe cost-per-impression, making the program even morecost efficient. The ON Semiconductor campaign average CTR was 0.84%, helping to boost awarenessRunning in English, Chinese and German, the advertising and drive tens of thousands of visitors to leadbanners perform far better than the industry standards - generation North America, for example, the ON Semiconductorcampaign average CTR was 0.84%, or almost 10x thetypical response rate of 0.09% (for 1H 2011). Thecampaign also includes innovative “netmercials” featuringvideo of ON Semiconductor’s engineers speaking incandid, technical terms directly to designers. Thenetmercials also far exceed industry-average responserates—one particular netmercial averaged 1.99% CTR sofar in 2012. 5
  • 7. CONTACT US 5331 SW Macadam Ave Kerry McClenahan Suite #220 CEO Portland, OR 97239 direct: 503.546.1002 503.546.1000 mobile: 503.789.8525 @mcbru McClenahan-Bruer