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Sbp 10 13-2012.pptx option

  1. 1. Unit 904-905 GalleriaCorporate Center EDSA cor.Ortigas Ave. Quezon City,Metro Manila PhilippinesTel. No.: (632) 667-3722 to 25Email:
  2. 2. Jesus Joey Marcelo Chief Executive Officer Ronnie Piñon Chief Marketing Officer Paul CaluagDirector for Network Development Minerva Carag Ericson Maranan COO/Director for Research Chief Financial Officer and Product Development
  3. 3. `
  4. 4. Producer and Manufacturer of Finest and Quality Barley Powder in New ZeaIand.
  5. 5. Santè Replica Group
  6. 6. Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D.1925 - 2004 Doctor, Scientist, Inventor, Pharmacologist and Entrepreneur.He reports that he researched over 200different plants over a period of 13years. He found that BARLEY GRASSwas the most excellent source ofnutrients that the body needs forgrowth, repair and well-being.
  7. 7. •Dr. Hagiwara The only vegetation on earth that can supply nutritional support from birth to old age.• Recognized by science as the most nutritious of all plant foods, containing a broad spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids active enzymes, protein, chlorophyll, phytonutrients and phytochemicals that our bodies require for the proper functioning of organs and immune system.
  8. 8. Enzymes Amino Acids` Vitamins Minerals Aspartate amino transferase Alanine Boron Catalase Beta carotene Arginine Calcium Cytochrome oxidasee Biotin Aspartic acid DNase Choline Chloride Cystine Fatty acid oxidase Folic acid Chromium Glutamic acid Hexokinase Niacin Cobalt Malic dehydrogenase GlycinePantothenic acid Copper Nitrate reductase Histidine Iodine Nitrogen oxyredutase Vitamin A Isoleucine Peroxidase Iron Vitamin B1 Leucine Peroxidase catalase Magnesium Vitamin B2 Lysine Phosphatase Vitamin B6 Manganese Methionine Phospholipase Vitamin B12 Nickel Phenylalanine Polyphenoloxidase Phosphorus RNase Vitamin C Proline Transhydrogenase Vitamin E Potassium Serine Vitamin F Selenium Threonine Superoxide dismutase (SOD) Vitamin K Sodium Tryptophan P4D1 Vitamin P Sulfur Tyrosine Gly cosyisovitexin-(GIV/G10) Zinc Valine
  9. 9. OXYGEN RADICAL ABSORBANCE CAPACITY ORAC Value Fruits/ per 100 gramsVegetables (Antioxidant Value) Prunes 5,770 Raisins 2,830 Kale 1,770Spinach Raw 1,260 Grapes 739Barley Grass 25,500
  10. 10. I N T E R N A T I O N A L
  11. 11. DEUTERONOMY 8:7-9 “For the LordGod is bringing you into a goodland…a land full of wheat andBarley, milk and honey in whichyou will lack nothing ”JOHN 6:1-14- Feeding of the5,000 People“ with two fishand five Barley loaves..”
  12. 12. The Prophet (Sallallahu AlaiyhiWasallam) recommended Barley to cure grief ofHeart and ailments of the Kidney ”By ALLAH “(who hold my life, this removesthe dirt of your abdomen as one of you removesthe dirt of your face.”According to Firdous Al-Hikmat “(thesuspension prepared from Barley is beneficial forat least hundred diseases of the body. Sattoo… Powder Barley Dr. M Laiq Ali Khan Http: / dietnutrition/barley.html
  13. 13. ` Breast Cancer SurvivorBarley User Author of Lorraine Day, M.D,"You Can Improve on God“
  14. 14. OUR BARLEY TESTIMONIES PRINCESS JAMILA CANDA Aug 12 - Mother started to give baby Santé Pure Barley Born May 4,2010 sachets per day. First week - 2 – diagnosis: neonatal Now - 1 sachetwith clinical sepsis. pneumonia divided into 3 parts May 4-June 4 - admitted to neonatal given 3x a day. Improvements from the unit. intensive caretime that baby Junewaspatient was discharged against 8 - given Santé Pure Barley. medical advice. 1. Healed of blood infection. July 24 – admitted for difficulty of breathing. 2. Normal blood count; no longer anemic. July24 – Aug 8 diagnosed with pneumonia. 3. Became more active. 4. No more Went for checkup to pediatric Aug 12 – difficulty of breathing - hindi na pulmonary doctor;ng mataas nato bring nya kinakailangan was advised unan para makaPhilippinemaayos,dahil hindi baby to hinga ng Children Hospital but were na hirap sa pag hinga. to Manila. not able to bring child 5. Good appetite now. 6. Can sleep well now.
  15. 15. OUR BARLEY TESTIMONIES JANETTE L. CAPILLO In 2009, taking Sante diagnosed withnasal Started was initially Barley Pure in July CT SCAN OF THE2010. Started with 2 caps in the morning polyps.NECK done at PGH and 2 caps in the evening before meals. After a th scan and biopsy of tissue CT on 10/08/2010 On sample,day, blood and pus started the 4 she was diagnosed with coming out ofUNDIFFERENTIATED SINONASAL her nasal passages. states that mass After a week, she took or cancer. Barley CARCINOMA Sante Purehas been reduced powder, one sachet in the morning and After the operation, the lump got bigger. in size from one sachet in the evening before meals. She experienced sudden weight loss in6.0x5.0x6.5cm to 2010 andour went to PGH products, the After taking so Sante Barley to undergo another CTradiation treatments scan. She also underwent 5.0x4.2x5.5 cm number ofradiation therapy. was reduced to 25 instead of 40 sessions.
  16. 16. Santè Replica Group
  17. 17. Roger C. Dalagan 36 years old from Zamboanga City employee of Coca-Cola Company was diagnosed with diabetes and three-vessel disease
  18. 18. Roger C. Dalagan - Was confined on June 27, 2011 at Western Mindanao Medical Hospital for chest pain; stayed 6- Was advised to undergo CABG (CORONARY ARTERY BYPASS GRAFT) on July 18, 2011- Admitted to the PHC July 18 and scheduled forbypass operation on July 21 at 11 am.- On July 21, he was brought to the OR; pre-opprocedures were done- When anesthesia was about to be administered, Dr. Cariňo went to the OR and told the anesthesiologist that the CABG will not proceed
  19. 19. Roger C. Dalagan- As per Mr. Dalagan’s testimony: ‘Sinabi niya sa akin, Ikaw si Roger Dalagan? Hindi muna natin ituloy yung bypass mo… ni-review namin ang laboratory results mo, nagkaroon ng milagro…’ A retired supervisor from his company shared Santé PureBarley 3 grams with him when he was diagnosed with heart disease Started taking 2 sachets per day July 2, 2011- ‘gumaan ang pakiramdam ko at nawala ang sakit sa dibdib’ This saved his company and his family millions of pesos in expenses
  21. 21. I N T E R N A T I O N A L CONTENT; 1 big Box NZ Powder 30 Sachet 3 Box Capsule 500 mg 60 cap Product Cost P4,650.00 Membership ID (Life time) 30-50% Discount Life Time Marketing Mat./DVD Bank Account China trust / BPI BANK Personal Business Website SMS Business System 50% Financial Training P3,988.00 Air Load Distributorship Travel, House, Car, Incentive Big League Member Business Opportunity
  22. 22. SRP - P1,950.00 /Box/P65/Sachet DP - P1,260.00 /Box/P42/Sachet ________________ P 690.00 /Box Income (20 clients x P690= Php 13,800.00/mos.) SRP – P900.00 /Box/P15/Cap500mg DP - P600.00 /Box/P10/Cap 500mg ______________ Php 300.00 /Box Income (20 clients x P300 = Php 6,000.00/mos.)Part time – additional INCOME!
  23. 23. Wellness Kit P1,800.00 (P7.50/Capsule) 100 Barley Points Power Pack P3,780.00 (P31.50/Sachet) 300 Barley Points Fusion Pack P495.00 (P12.40/Sachet) 20 Barley PointsSantè Replica Group
  24. 24. /Directponsor P300 P300 P300 P300Pure Barley Pack ` P300 P300 P300 P300Santè Replica Group
  25. 25. 1 PURE BARLEY PACK = 1 Point or /Link Left Right 1 Link Earn up toNote: Maximum 64 Links per Level per Side Infinity SIDE LOCK
  26. 26. You Left Right You Just Invited Team Team two PersonJanuary
  27. 27. 1 Header 3 Header LEFT YOU 1 RIGHT LEFT RIGHT YOU LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT YOU 2 YOU 3 20 people 20 people 10 10 10 10 people people people people YOU 1: 20 X ₱500 = ₱10,000.00 YOU 2: 10 X ₱500 = ₱ 5,000.00 20 LINKS YOU 3: 10 X ₱500 = ₱ 5,000.0020 X ₱500 = ₱10,000 TOTAL: ₱ 20,000.00 Result is multiplied by 2!
  28. 28. LEFT RIGHT YOU 1 LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT YOU 2 YOU 3 LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT YOU 4 YOU 5 YOU 6 YOU 7 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 YOU 1:20 X ₱500 = ₱10,000 YOU 4: 5 X ₱500 = ₱ 2,500 YOU 2:10 X ₱500 = ₱ 5,000 YOU 5: 5 X ₱500 = ₱ 2,500 TOTAL INCOME YOU 3:10 X ₱500 = ₱ 5,000 YOU 6: 5 X ₱500 = ₱ 2,500 ₱30,000 YOU 7: 5 X ₱500 = ₱ 2,500 Result is multiplied by 3!Santè Replica Group
  29. 29. *Assuming everybody maintains at 1 box of Pure Barley/month Level Loved Ones Barley Pts. Rate Monthly Income P79,200.00 1st 5 500 10% P 200.00 P704,700.00 2nd 25 2,500 15% 1,500.00 3rd 125 12,500 5% 2,500.00 4th 625 62,500 5% 12,500.00 5th 3,125 312,500 5% 62,500.00 6th 15,625 1,562,500 10% 625,500.00 7th 78,125 7,812,500 5% 1,562,500.00 8th 390,625 39,062,500 5% 7,812,500.00 9th 1,953,125 195,312,500 10% 78,125,000.00 10th 9,765,625 976,562,500 10% 390,625,000.00Santè Replica Group
  30. 30. 1. Bonus Auto-NotificationCongrats, your bonusfor Sante Binaryposted on 09/09/2010amounts to P3,147.50. 2. Request for Bonus DisbursementAvailable balance todate is P102,315.13. 1BONUSGO<space><Disburseme nt PIN>/<Amount>/<Mode: CH, BA or MC> BONUSGO SAN12345/100000/BA
  31. 31. SANTÉ Bonus Cycle & Disbursement `I N T E R N A T I O N A L Fast Start Bonus, Infinity Bonus To be computed DAILY Builders Bonus, Executive Bonus To be computed MONTHLY Franchise Leverage Program To be computed EVERY 4 MONTHS Global Bonus (profit Sharing) To be computed ANNUALY Wire Transfer Commission Check League Wallet
  32. 32. R.I.PDaily income: Successor YouMonthly Income:Car/House/Travel IncentivePosition as EDNetwork Local International
  33. 33. 2012 Biyaheng Milyonaryo
  34. 34. 11 months Brand New Fortuner 1 yr & 6 months Brand New Montero
  35. 35. 11 yrs in other mlm company 8 months Brand New Montero GTV
  36. 36. Reality Check 95% of Filipinos who retire at age 65 are either dead or dead broke. An average Filipino’s income is broken down as follows: 90% - food 10% - bills 96% of Filipinos have no savings An average Filipino has only P1,151.90 to spend every month.* There are 1,200,000 new entrants in the Philippine workforce. Only 350,000 got employed There are 5 million Filipinos who are in their working age and jobless. Unemployment rate rose to 13.7% from 12.4% in 2003.** Many OFW’s who went home were penniless.*** Majority of Filipino are Poor & Study Shown 90% of Filipino are Employee
  37. 37. • Are you going abroad?For every 100 Americans who worked from the age of 20 to 65 yearsold:* -36 were dead -54 were living on government or family support (mostly in nursing homes) -5 were still working because they must -4 were well off -1 was wealthyAt age 65, 95% of people who retire in the U.S. have ≤ $2,500 in thebank.**An average American needs to earn $100,000.00 a year to livecomfortably.**An average American millionaire is self-employed.***
  38. 38. Presidential Recognition – Network Marketing has finally been ccepted as an important part of the American economy and culture as former President Clinton commented, “Your industry gives people a chance, after all, to make the most of their lives and, to me, thats the heart of the American Dream.”!Source: What is Network Marketing by Edward Ludbrook