Open Source In The Paris Region


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You\'ll learn the assets of France and the Paris Region in Open Source and the way the Paris Region Development Agency can help you for free develop your business locally.

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  • Open Source In The Paris Region

    1. Come in the Paris Region& Join the 1st Open Source Cluster in Europe!
    2. Executive Summary• Who are we?• Why choose France? • 1st Open Source Activity in the World • A 35% annual growth in 2010 - €2.9 billion expected in 2012 • And now a shift from public sector to industry leaders• Why choose Paris Region? • The Paris Region is “The Place to Be” • A dynamic Open Source ecosystem• Our next steps Paris Region Economic Development Agency 2
    3. Who are we?YOUR BRIDGEHEAD INTO EUROPEOperating since early 2001Non-profit organization with €11 Million budgetEncouraging International Inward Investment byhelping YOUA 50+ Staff including Activity Sector ExpertsAerospace, Automotive, Business Software,Electronic, Internet & Multimedia,Life Sciences, Bank-Insurance, Clean-Tech Your contact: Marie Buhot-Launay Business Software DirectorA worldwide network of partners +33 1 58 18 69 41 mbuhotlaunay@paris- Paris Region Economic Development Agency 3
    4. France: 1st Open Source Activity in the World Source: Georgia Institute of Technology, April 09 1st Open Source Index ranks France 1st in terms of Open Source activity. Index analysed the level of activity in: - The government - The industry - The community education Paris Region Economic Development Agency 4
    5. At the heart of Europe “Europe has a better affinity for open source, its more interested in it than the US so there is a natural pull to us.” LARRY AUGUSTIN LONG TIME OPEN SOURCE INVESTOR & CEO OF SUGAR CRM (Interview with Computer Business Review - 25 November 2010) “I dont think we get quite the same level of acceptance of the open source business model in the US as we do in Europe, its very widely accepted in Europe. You often see mandates where an open source solution must be considered. That works for us well.” Paris Region Economic Development Agency 5
    6. With the leading Open Source Growth French Market 3500 100 Market growth In million € 90 in % 3000 80 2500 70 2000 60 50 1500 40 1000 30 20 500 10 0 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Open Source in France • 33% annual growth since 2004 • Estimated at €1.5 billion for 2009 • €3 billion Expected in 2012 • Even with increasing size, annual growth expected to remain over 20% in the next 3 years. Source: PAC, Feb 2009 Paris Region Economic Development Agency 6
    7. The French public sector is paving the wayAll French ministries now have a true an open source strategy:• €10m /year deal in the Finance Ministry since 2009• 2009: Education Ministry invested €23m in full Open Source application development /deployment infrastructure for HR (SIRHENE)• 2010: Ministry of Defense implements OSS application development software factory (SAFR@N)• 1/3 of desktop in the French administration including the French National Parliament are running on Linux. Paris Region Economic Development Agency 7
    8. The French public sector is paving the way In 2010, state agencies have been pioneering ambitious, large-scale open source projects:• The French Police selected an Open Source solution: Maarch to manage its documents.• The Atomic Agency (CEA): Tera100 project – 1st Petaflopic European SuperComputer – using 80% Open Source Software• The National Social Welfare Agency (CAF): consolidation of 128 databases to 1 postgres database, 11 million person, € 169 Md subsides, 1 Md request / day• The Gendarmerie Nationale (a major arm of the French National Police) has migrated 70,000 desktops Paris Region Economic Development Agency 8
    9. and represents 46% of the market… …And our manufacturing, services and telco sectors (some of the largest in Europe) our starting to follow suit Manufacturing 20% Telco Administration 8% 46% Services Other• 17% verticals 9% Source: PAC, Jan 2008 Paris Region Economic Development Agency 9
    10. Growing shift from Public Sector to Industry Leaders 3 key issues of the Benefits from using 130 largest French companies: Open Source solutions as perceived by CIOS Value Creation through Agility, interoperability, time to Innovation market accelerator Value Creation through Open Source mindset Mutualization Within Build & Run IT activities Value Creation Licensing, support, balance the through impact of their providers Cost Reduction consolidation « Today we have to justify why we are not using Open Source » Source: CIGREF, The Fortune 500 CIO organization, Open Source Think Tank Results, Oct 10 Paris Region Economic Development Agency 10
    11. The Paris Region is “The Place to Be” To have a national dimension, you need a presence in the Paris Region. Market The Center of Government Large Corporate HQs Major SP HQs Innovation Vision Top R&D Labs Opinion Leaders Top Clusters: Business Networks « R&D project factories » Investors Skills Top 3 Business & Engineering Schools Source: PAC, 2008 Paris Region Economic Development Agency 11
    12. …and the « Open Source Place to Be »! Open Source Market Pure Open Source Players segmentation in France IT Services Companies ISV’s Source: PAC 2008 Paris Region Economic Development Agency 12
    13. With a dynamic ecosystemLeading Open Source business cluster Europe’s leading global summit Paris Region Economic Development Agency 13
    14. Unparalleled business cluster System@tic offers the unique opportunity to network with the major Open Source players and users, and to get finance for up to 45% of your R&D 76 members 14 Major Corporations: Providers: Bull, Cap Gemini, Thales Services Users: AFP, Air France, PSA, Sagem Com, Thales Security Systems 37 SMEs: Talend, Nuxeo, Exo Platform, Wallix, Mandriva 25 research and Higher Education Centres: INRIA, CEA 21 R&D projects, total investment €61 m including €25.5 m public founds in less than 2 years. R&D Roadmap: IaaS: Embedded, GreenIT? Cloud P2P PasS: Development Tools, Middleware SaaS: Web 2.0 / 3.0, Enterprise Apps Paris Region Economic Development Agency 14
    15. Europe’s Leading Global Summit: the Open World Forum • More than 100 speakers and 1,500 delegates coming from more than 20 countries • A unique opportunity for networking and business – Largest IT industry players: Accenture, Google, Cap Gemini, Thales – Leading communities: Eclipse foundation, Apache Software Foundation – Key research centers: INRIA, Fraunhofer, Carnegie Mellon – Large network of SMEs Paris Region Economic Development Agency 15
    16. Our Services We assist international companies that seek to start, expand or relocate business activities in the Paris Region Free of charge Customized Confidential Finding your premises Your introduction to the market Offices, warehouses, sites, etc. Information on your business sector Costs of purchasing and renting Technological and Commercial Accompanying you on site visits partnerships Occasional use of our offices Access to public partners Publicising your presence Finding your staff Setting up your business Recruiting local personnel Legal advice on setting up your company Supporting your expatriates Fiscal information Training Financing/subsidies Information on employment contracts Providing contacts and social security issues Paris Region Economic Development Agency 16
    17. Our next steps1. Meet your business ecosystem at the Open World Forum 2011 1. One to one meetings set up by us with partners and local authorities 2. Free Participation to the DemoCup 3. Meeting set up with potential candidates 4. Promotion (sponsorship, speaker)2. Leverage from your trip to evaluate the cost of your local set up 1. offices, wages, overheads 2. Legal information and tax3. Local follow-up Paris Region Economic Development Agency 17
    18. Our Open Source References Finding your premises Your introduction to the market EZ Publish Jaspersoft Exo Platform Black Duck Bonitasoft Zarafa TurboHercules Zimbra Linux Foundation Mindtouch Finding your staff Setting up your business Jaspersoft Jaspersoft (legal advice, subsides) Pentaho Jedox Each year more than 15 US high tech companies are setting up in the Paris Region thanks to us. Paris Region Economic Development Agency 18