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Sam 1 Year to 1 Year 5 Months
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Sam 1 Year to 1 Year 5 Months

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Sammie is has begun to walk.

Sammie is has begun to walk.

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  • 1. Samantha Ann Bateman 1 Year to 1 Year 5 Months FYI: Sammie starting walking @ 15 months and pretty much is an expert now.
  • 2. Kum Ba Ya, My Friend…
  • 3. Dada, Mama & Gammy took me to the Strawberry Festival…
  • 4. I had an AWESOME time. My hat was a hit!
  • 5. Dada & I put the hammock together.
  • 6. Wow! Who would have thought swim lessons would be so exhausting.
  • 7. This is D’Lish! Yum.. Yum.. …
  • 8. So this is what it looks like from the dug-out. Sure is big.
  • 9. I’ve found my own little hidey-hole here at Monterey Bay Aquarium.…
  • 10. Look Mama, I can steer on my own.… Mama & me biking. Yippee!
  • 11. Aren’t I a good baby? I can sit nicely while Mama sews.…
  • 12. Mama, I can do this. Let me have the big vacuum.…
  • 13. Look! I’m getting pretty good at this walking thing.
  • 14. Love Love Love Love to paint!
  • 15. Hi! LOL! Here I come. Face first. Oopsy.
  • 16. Mama made me a tutu. I’m going to be a fairy for Halloween. BTW: Do you know what happened to my play do? I can’t find it anywhere. I love to eat it.
  • 17. Mama and I spend her lunch hour together at the playground.
  • 18. Playgrounds are so much fun.
  • 19. Let’s go down the slide.
  • 20. Who’s that over there on my swing?
  • 21. Taking orders.
  • 22. Busy in the kitchen.
  • 23. Mama says I’m a good little commuter,
  • 24. I play with my toys, talk to Mama and look out the window.…
  • 25. Peek-a-boo, I see you.
  • 26. Just a passing away the drive.
  • 27. Game Day; I’m food tester. Yummo.. Oopsy, my cheer outfit had the munchies too.
  • 28. A-Ha! My Game Day wand.
  • 29. I love to squeeze myself into stuff.
  • 30. CheeeeeseE!
  • 31. I can sit at the table like a big girl.
  • 32. Ugh!
  • 33. Life Still Rocks!