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Proposal Practice

  1. 1. Proposal Practice Questions<br />
  2. 2. Proposal<br />A proposal is an attempt to persuade someone that you are especially qualified to fill one of his or her needs in exchange for compensation. Proposals are usually written documents and come in a variety of sizes and formats. The two types of proposals are the solicited and the unsolicited. A solicited proposal is written in answer to a request. An unsolicited proposal is initiated by the proposer; no motivation is provided by the intended recipient.<br />
  3. 3. RFP<br />RFP stands for Request for Proposal. It could take form of a newspaper ad or a formal letter. Its purpose is to invite companies to offer solutions to the needs and problems of the requesting company. RFPs could be about Construction, Financial Services, Security, Interior Design, IT services etc. Generally a qualifying criterion is given in an RFP along with related details.<br />
  4. 4. Sections included in a proposal<br />a. introduction <br />b. statement of the problem<br />c. objectives<br />d. method or plan<br />e. materials/equipment/personnel available for use<br />f. cost or budget<br />g. summary<br />
  5. 5. Your organization provides management consultancy to various business enterprises. Recently your company research analysts have highlighted staff turnover and absenteeism as two major factors effecting working environment of organizations employing dual career families. An ancillary wing of your firm ‘Sunshine Day Care’ facilitates working fathers and mothers by solving their child-care problems. An auto manufacturing plant (Autoline Inc), which is located within the vicinity of your company, has staff strength of more than five thousand. If you convince the said company, your ancillary wing can have great business prospects. As Managing Director of Royal Management Consultants, you are required to develop a proposal outlining the type of help you can provide, the time which you will require to complete the assignment and your professional fees for such work. Also, narrate the experience and capability of your organization. You can make appropriate assumptions in making your proposal.<br />
  6. 6. Case No. 1 (8 Marks ICAP Autumn 2005 Attempt)<br />As an employee of the finance department at a leasing company, put up a proposal to the senior management asking them to introduce a company funded qualification enhancement program for employees who have served a minimum of two years with the company and are grade 3 above. This would not only be beneficial for the employees but also help the company in achieving their training and development goals. You may assume necessary details. <br />
  7. 7. Case No. 2 (8 Marks ICAP Autumn 2006 Attempt)<br />Kamyab Bank Limited (KBL) has issued an advertisement inviting proposals for developing an integrated computerized Human Resource Management System. You work for Media Technologies and are required to submit a proposal on behalf of your company to KBL. It is important that your proposal should be specific and yet informative to enable the bank to arrive at a positive decision in your favour.<br />
  8. 8. Proposal 1<br />The Executive Director,<br />A.B.C Leasing Co Ltd.<br /> <br />Sir:<br /> <br />Companies all over the world are spending huge amounts of money to improve qualification of their employees in order to have a better educated and trained workforce. Such qualification enhancement programs have helped companies improve employee morale and reduce turnover. With those thoughts in mind, I am pleased to present the following qualification enhancement program for our grade 3 above employees having a minimum of 2 years service.<br />
  9. 9. Statement of the Problem<br />Organizations have to bear financial and time costs due to unqualified and untrained staff. Timely identification of education and training needs can help organizations avoid such costs. At ABC Leasing company there is a need to introduce qualification enhancement program so that we can have better qualified and trained workforce. <br /> <br />Objectives<br />To enhance qualification of ABC Co employees<br />To achieve HR objective of developing an efficient and effective workforce<br />To increase the value for the company through its better qualified and trained human resources<br /> <br />
  10. 10. Method<br />Assessing existing qualifications of employees and identifying areas in which further education would be helpful for the employees. <br />Determining suitability of further qualification program and selection of educational or training institute<br />Nominating employees for evening educational program<br />Resources and Facilities<br />Contact will be established with leading financial education institutions for conducting customized qualification enhancement programs for our employees. This could be organized on or off the premises.<br />
  11. 11. Cost<br />On average per employee annual cost will range between rupees 60 and 80 thousand. This education enhancement program will be fully company funded.<br /> <br />In conclusion I would state that the proposed education enhancement program would bring a number of benefits for our company including organizational commitment, developed workforce, low turnover and high staff morale and therefore may be started at an early date.<br /> <br />Please let me know in case you wish to discuss any point related to this proposal.<br />Sincerely,<br /> <br /> <br />
  12. 12.  <br /> <br /> <br />The President,<br />Kamyab Bank Ltd.<br /> <br />Dear Sir:<br /> <br />In the present day world of ever increasing competition and communication revolution, human resources of a company are providing it an edge over its competitors. As human resources form the strength for a company, today it is all the more important for different departments of a company to look at its HR department as a strategic partner. With those thoughts in mind, I am pleased to present you the following proposal for integrated Human Resource Management System:<br /> <br />Problem Statement<br />Effective management of human resources is a major challenge for all growing business organizations across the globe. In this electronic age, developments in the field of information technology have provided unique solutions to the challenges posed by a diverse work force.<br /> <br />Objectives<br />To provide computerized integrated approach to the management of human resources<br />To set up computerized environment thus reducing paper work and bringing speed and efficiency in the system<br />To assist different departments of Kamyab Bank to access and process information regarding their human resources<br /> <br />Method<br />Media Technologies will gather all information related to the human resources of the bank<br />Multiple computerized solutions to various HR needs will be developed for e.g. attendance, leave record, payroll, insurance, medical facilities, staff strength reports etc<br />Software will be installed and training given to the Kamyab Bank IT operations team<br /> <br />Materials, HR & Facilities<br />Media Technologies has a core team of software engineers who have developed HR software for leading business houses in the country and abroad. Our company has latest state of the art equipment and technology and has earned a big name among software solution companies internationally.<br /> <br /> <br />Cost<br />Media Technologies will offer customized solutions to Kamyab Bank. Depending on the number of modules, an appropriate fee will be charged. For a single module, Media Technologies has standard charges of Rs 200,000.<br /> <br />Summary<br />Human Resources form the strength for companies and in order to remain competitive a computerized integrated approach to the management of human resources is an absolute requirement and Media Technologies just does that. Should you need to discuss the proposal further, please contact me.<br /> <br />Sincerely,<br />