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Cloud Computing from scratch to beginners
Perfect for presentation assignments in Msc or MBA or university
applied in egypt
well designed ppt with alot of pics and examples in a perfect layout

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  • Cloud” is simply a metaphor for the internet▪ Users do not have or need knowledge, control, ownership in the computer infrastructure▪ Users simply rent or access the software, paying only for what they use hosted over the internet– Refers to accessing computing resources that are typicallyowned and operated by a third-party provider.
  • Cloud computing

    1. 1. Agenda Outline Innovation trend, History of cloud, What is cloud Cloud Deployment Models Market Share of Cloud providers Pros & Cons, Risks of cloud Cloud Service Models Cloud evolution forecast Cloud examples, Cloud failures Summary of cloud
    2. 2. Predicting the Future When he saw a demonstration of the telephone in 1880, a U.S Mayor declared: "One day every town in America will have a telephone!“ 133 years later…. Over 100 million total smartphone users in America
    3. 3. Innovation is Accelerating… In 2008, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said “the computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven than women’s fashion”
    4. 4. History of Cloud The concept was coined by John McCarthy in 1960. The term cloud came into commercial use in the early 1990s generally refers to large ATM network. The term “cloud computing” was derived from the diagrams of clouds used to represent the Internet in textbooks. The concept was derived from telecommunications companies who made a radical shift from point-to-point data circuits to VPN.
    5. 5. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is where Software applications, processing power data and even artificial intelligence are accessed over the INTERNET
    6. 6. Cloud Deployment Models Public Owned by an organization selling cloud services to the general public Outsourced services, standardized, shared by multiples organizations. Private Owned is leased by a single organization and is operated solely for that organization Not shared, control & visibility, self-service, capacity planning Hybrid Composition s of 2 or more clouds; public, private. ERP in private cloud & sales and email on public
    7. 7. Market Share of Cloud providers
    8. 8. Pros & Cons Strong Points Reduced Hardware equipment for end users Ease of Implementation Simplify operations Flexible Accessibility Scale on demand Less Expensive Multi-Tenancy Go Green Agility-Elasticity Pay for what you use- Virtual on-demand Need not invest on multiple licensing pooled resources
    9. 9. Pros & Cons Weak points Security Issues Culture resistance Internet connection Network dependency Location of Servers Privacy Time for Transition Reliability & availability Speed Regulatory doubt Dependent on provider Issues of taxation
    10. 10. Risks of Cloud Take a long time to resolve Terms and condition issue Being dependent on cloud computing provider Data migration issues when moving to cloud Business will terminate if internet connection is down What happens if your cloud provider goes out of business ?!
    11. 11. Cloud Service Models Software-Applications-Email Operation system-Database Development tools Server-storage-network Virtual machines
    12. 12. Separation of Responsibility
    13. 13. Cloud Evolution 10 years forecast
    14. 14. Cloud Examples Solution: Siebel CRM running on virtualized shared environment Result: 100+ Times Faster to Deploy – Usage Accountability – Better Compliance. Solution: ERP running on Cloud Result: Lower labor and food costs as well as better recruiting of candidates to serve guests at 100’s of Red Robin locations
    15. 15. See these examples are more clear ! 1 Day $5.3M 300% Implementation Time Saved in 3 months Improvement in compliance data collections
    16. 16. Cloud Examples in Egypt !! The National Research Center The Informatics Research Institute of Alexandria(IRI) The Electronic Research Institute of Cairo (ERI). In 2005, Allied Soft was engaged with Volvo IT in the first Cloud Computing Consortium in Egypt to develop an E-learning solution in Egypt Etisalat Masr applied a Cloud project
    17. 17. As an end-consumer, believe it or not you've been using CLOUD for long times ago ! We all use cloud !
    18. 18. Cloud Failures Amazon’s failures: (April 22, 2011),, and were unable to access. Microsoft online services hit by major failure: (September 9,2011) Hotmail, Office 365 and SkyDrive.
    19. 19. Summary of Cloud
    20. 20. Summary of Cloud Lets use a simple model… Say you just moved to a city & you’re looking for a place to live you either Build a house or Rent an apartment
    21. 21. Any questions Thanks for listening