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Career in design
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Career in design


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20 min Presentation I gave to school students and their parents in Ahmedabad, India. …

20 min Presentation I gave to school students and their parents in Ahmedabad, India.
Context: There are some popular myths about design in India because of which some students who could have become good designers and led a satisfying work-life, preclude design (often under parental influence) as a career choice. The presentation was to give a glimpse of what design is through some examples. Design can be many other things as well, but the examples selected were to address the most pressing (and damaging) myths.

Published in: Design, Business
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  • 1. DESIGN Career in By Mayukhini (Klein Design Research*) With the help of many more *
  • 2. DESIGN DecorativeBeautiful Fashion Arty types Girly Popular Perception
  • 3. What is design? Who can become a designer?
  • 4.
  • 5. Myth #1 Design is to make things beautiful. ONLY.
  • 6. INDUSTRIAL design Objectified- 8:03 to 10:35 min
  • 7. Design is to make things better for people. Functionally. Aesthetically. Emotionally.
  • 8. INFORMATION design
  • 9. Observe Feel Make
  • 10. Myth #2 Design is for arty people. ONLY.
  • 11. INTERACTION design
  • 12. Design is transdisciplinary
  • 13. Design in these times
  • 14. Designing BEHAVIOURS
  • 15. Smart OBJECTS
  • 16. APPAREL design
  • 17. So WHO can become a designer?
  • 18. Observe Feel Make Sketching/Painting 3-d Modeling Material Manipulation Manufacturing Processes Design Software Coding Micro Electronics Empathy Self-Awareness Behavioral Sciences Cultural Anthropology Aesthetics Curiosity Questioning Status Quo Visualizing Alternatives
  • 19. Is it worth your time (and money)? PART 2
  • 20. Will someone PAY? Your INTERESTS What the WORLD NEEDS Modified from google image search results for “ideal career Venn diagram”
  • 21. Better Signage? Fun Dustbins? Games to bridge the gap? Indian needs
  • 22. RENOWNED INDIAN INSTITUTES National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai NIFT Pearl Academy Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune DSK, Pune MIT, Pune RESOURCES
  • 23. DESIGN DecorativeBeautiful Fashion Arty types Girly TechieTypes Functionality Problem identification Behaviour Empathy Curiosity Analytical And much more…