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Maytag UK Premium Domestic Appliances
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Maytag UK Premium Domestic Appliances



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  • 1. Innovative Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Dishwashers and Fridge Freezers
  • 2. Maytag Washing MachinesThese fantastic washers feature superb designscombined with intelligent, intuitive programmingand high quality engineering to ensure that eachwash load is cared for to perfection. And with highspin speeds and large load capacity, you can rely ona smoother, more energy efficient performance ofthe washing machine, delivering outstandingresults while saving you time and money.
  • 3. Maytag Washing MachinesThe outstanding Maytag Washing Range features and options havebeen developed with your specific lifestyle needs in mind: simplifytasks, reduce effort, maximise energy efficiency:10 Year Induction Motor Warranty on selected washers.Maytag Washing Machine Intellisense™ TechnologyFantastic Energy RatingLarge Load CapacityFour Shock SuspensionAntibacterial DrawerLCD DisplayStart DelayClean+ OptionEasy Ironing Option
  • 4. Maytag Washing Machines9kg Washing MachineMWA 09149 WH/1 9kg Washing Machine 9kg Washing Machine MWA 09149 WH/1 MWA 09148 WH/19kg Washing Machine THE WASHING MACHINES COLLECTION ON FIND THE REST OF http://www.maytag.co.uk/product/maytag-washing-machinesMWA 09149 WH/1
  • 5. Maytag Tumble DryersThe Maytag Tumble Dryers offer theperformance you can rely on, with results thatdon’t simply meet, but always exceed, yourexpectations.Built to the highest standards, Maytag Dryersare stylish, robust and efficient appliancesdesigned to suit you and your lifestyle. Theyrun smoothly and quietly in thebackground, taking better care of your laundry.So your garments come out fresher and cleanerevery time, for many years to come.
  • 6. Maytag Tumble DryersOutstanding Maytag Washing Range Features:Maytag Intellisense™ Technology:Heat Pump TechnologyA-50% Energy Rating:Auto Dry and Overdry ProtectionAnticrease+ FeatureMixed load ProgrammeLCD Display
  • 7. Maytag Tumble Dryers9kg Washing MachineMWA 09149 WH/1 Sensor Tumble Dryer 9kg Condenser Dryer MTD 09 HP WH MTD 09 WH9kg Washing Machine THE TUMBLE DRYERS COLLECTION ON FIND THE REST OF http://www.maytag.co.uk/product/maytag-tumble-dryersMWA 09149 WH/1
  • 8. Maytag 2-door Fridge-FreezersStylish glass lines or brushed stainless steeldesigns, combined with high-tech ideas make theMaytag American-style side-by-side fridge-freezersthe best of super-size refrigeration solutions, witha host of innovative, helpful and inventive featuresthat keep food and drink fresher throughintelligent technology.
  • 9. Maytag 2-door Fridge-FreezersMake life easier with refrigeration and coolinginnovations like in-door ice, cold waterdispensers and flexible storage space withvariable temperatures to perfectly suit yourspecific needs and tastes.With Maytag fridge freezers, food and drinks coolquicker and stay fresher for longer.
  • 10. Maytag 2-door Fridge-Freezers Maytag 2 Door Fridge-Freezer Features: Maytag Intellisense™ Technology High Energy Efficiency Electronic Controls Microban® Anti-bacterial Filter Humidity Controlled Department Total No Frost Chef’s Pantry
  • 11. Maytag 2-door Fridge-Freezers9kg Washing MachineMWA 09149 WH/1 Side by Side Fridge Freezer Side by Side Fridge Freezer MNN 20 FCGI 7/1 MNN 20 FCSI 7/19kg Washing Machine THE 2 DOOR FRIDGE FREEZERS COLLECTION ON FIND THE REST OF http://www.maytag.co.uk/product/maytag-2-door-fridge-freezersMWA 09149 WH/1
  • 12. Maytag 3 & 4-door Fridge-FreezersWith Maytag, refrigeration becomes an artform. The style and scale of our fridge freezersis like no other - with big, bold and beautifuldesigns, incorporating the most advancedtechnology and the most helpful, clever andsophisticated features.The Maytag 3-Door Fully Cladded and 4-DoorTwin Bottom Mount fridge freezers make astatement about you, your aesthetics and yourpersonal lifestyle - becoming a focal point inyour kitchen, and the envy of your friends andneighbours. This is refrigeration... taken to awhole new level of design and performance.
  • 13. Maytag 3 & 4-door Fridge-FreezersMaytag 3 and 4 Door Fridge-FreezerOutstanding Features:Electronic Controls: Easy to use touch control display - simplyset the fridge and freezer temperatures independentlyTotal No Frost Humidity Controlled CompartmentMicroban® advanced anti-bacterial air filtration systemChef’s Pantry Full Multi-flow Column
  • 14. Maytag 3 & 4-door Fridge-Freezers9kg Washing MachineMWA 09149 WH/1 4-Door Fridge-Freezer 3-Door Fridge-Freezer MTBM 40 CII X5 M3 IW 20 CBG 89kg Washing Machine THE 3 DOOR FRIDGE FREEZERS COLLECTION ON FIND THE REST OF http://www.maytag.co.uk/product/maytag-3-door-fridge-freezersMWA 09149 WH/1
  • 15. read more on http://www.maytag.co.ukInnovative Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Dishwashers and Fridge Freezers