Olympic Games of Montreal in 1076

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A lot of information about the best Olympics of the history!

A lot of information about the best Olympics of the history!

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  • 1. The Olympic Games in1976 were celebrated inMontreal, Quebec(Canada) due to Canadawon the Host CitySelection of the OlympicGames celebrated in 1970,against the United Statesand the Soviet Union.
  • 2. All sovereign African nations and a fewother countries from elsewhere (in total 29countries) boycotted the games in Montreal,in reaction to the International OlympicCommittees refusal to ban New Zealand,whose rugby team had been touring SouthAfrica, a country that had been excludedfrom many international sporting events dueto implementation of apartheid policy.
  • 3.   Algeria     Madagascar  Cameroon   Malawi  Central African Republic   Mali  Chad   Morocco  Peoples Republic of the   Niger Congo   Nigeria  Egypt   Republic of China  Ethiopia   Somalia  Gabon   Sudan  Gambia   Swaziland  Ghana   Tanzania  Guyana   Togo  Iraq   Tunisia  Kenya   Uganda Libya   Upper Volta Lesotho   Zambia
  • 4. The Opening Ceremonyof the 1976 SummerOlympic Games was heldon Saturday, on the 17thof July, at the OlympicStadium in Montreal.Elizabeth II was theperson that openedthese Olympic Games.
  • 5. In this ceremonythere were a lot ofsecurity (and in gneral,in all the competitionsof these OlympicGames) due to thetragedy of the OlympicGames of Münich of1972. The curiosity ofthis opening cremonywas that a naked manrun around the OlympicStadium.
  • 6. In total, there were92 countries and 6,028athletes (between themthere were 1,260women) thatparticipated in theseOlympic Games. Thesecountries were:
  • 7. Note: into the brackets there are the athletes of eachcountry.   Andorra (3)    Cameroon (4)  Antigua (9)  Canada (391)  Argentina (70)  Cayman Islands (4)  Australia (182)  Chile (7)  Austria (60)  Colombia (34)  Bahamas (10)  Costa Rica (5)  Barbados (10)  Côte dIvoire (8)  Belgium (106)  Cuba (150)  Belize (4)  Czechoslovakia (150)  Bermuda (22)  Denmark (69)  Bolivia (4)  Dominican Republic (11) Brazil (81)  Ecuador (5)  Bulgaria (160)  Egypt (29)  
  • 8. Fiji (2) Finland (89)   Indonesia (7) France (213)  Iran (84) East Germany (274)  Ireland (46) West Germany (289)  Israel (26) Great Britain (249) Italy (221) Greece (37)   Jamaica (20) Guatemala (29) Japan (215) Haiti (12)   North Korea (41) Honduras (3)   South Korea (50) Hong Kong (25)   Kuwait (14) Hungary (183) Lebanon (4)   Liechtenstein (6) Iceland (14)   India (26)
  • 9. Luxembourg (8) Paraguay (6)Malaysia (23)Mexico (99) Peru (13)Monaco (10) Philippines (14)Mongolia (33)Morocco (9) Poland (224)Nepal (1) Portugal (19)Netherlands (103)Netherlands Puerto Rico (81)Antilles (4) Romania (157)New Zealand (84)Nicaragua (14) San Marino (10)Norway (68) Saudi Arabia (19)Pakistan (24) Senegal (23)Panama (8) Singapore (4)Papua New Soviet Union (412)Guinea (5)
  • 10. Spain (115)  Saudi Arabia (19) Senegal (23)  Singapore (4)  Soviet Union (412)  Spain (115)  Suriname (3)  Sweden (122)  Switzerland (54)  Thailand (43)  Trinidad and Tobago (12)  Tunisia (17)  Turkey (27)  United States (403)  Uruguay (9)  Venezuela (31)  Virgin Islands (18)  Yugoslavia (90)
  • 11. Yellow square: city where the Olympic Games areplayedBlue: countries that played in the first time in theOlympic GamesGreen: countries that played more times in the OlympicGames
  • 12. This map shows the number of athletes of each country.
  • 13. In these Olympic Games there were 198 events in 23 different sports: l Ha ndbalArchery H ockey sA thletic ll Judo n tathlo n Ba sketb a Mod ern pe Boxin g g R owing n C anoei g Sailin g C ycling S hootin g in Diving ian S wimm l E quest r Vol leybal lo F encin g Wa ter po g in F ll ootba ics We ightlift t g Gy mnas W restlin
  • 14. As the tradition says, thejourney of the olympic flamestarted in Olimpia (Greece).From there, people transportedthe flame to Athens and later,with a satellite signal, the fire ofthe olympic flame wastransported to Ottawa. Fromhere, the olympic flame started atour that finished in theCanadian city of Montreal theday of the opening ceremony.
  • 15. Spain was represented in these Olympic Gamesof Montreal by a delegation of 114 athletes (103men and 11 women) that participated in 13 sports:AthleticsBoxingCanoeingCyclingDivingEquestrianFootballGymnasticsHockey
  • 16. JudoSailingShootingSwimmingWeightlifting Our country obtained, in total, two silver medals(in canoeing and sailing).
  • 17. Nadia Comaneci was themost important athlete in theseOlympic Games. She was 14years old when sheparticipated in the OlympicGames of Montreal. Shecompeted in gymnastics.Nadia was the first athlete into obtain a 10. Due to thismark, she became the bestathlete in gymnastics of thehistory.
  • 18. The scoreboard shows “1” because it wasn´tprepared to put “10”.
  • 19. The mascot ofthese Olympic Gamesof Montreal was atypical animal ofCanada, the beaver.The name of this petwas Amik. The comesfrom the Indianlanguage and from aregion of Canada.
  • 20. The OlympicGames of Montreal in1976 ended on the 1stof August, in thepresence of thePresident of the IOCand Jules Léger,Governor of Canada.There was a show inwhere people sang thenational anthems ofCanada and othercountries.
  • 21. The President of the IOCdeclared the closing of theGames. The Olympic Flagwas lowered and eightathletes carried the flag outof the stadium. The Olympic Flame wentout, signalling the end ofthe Montréal Games.Finally, the announcerrevealed the location of thenext Games: Moscow.