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Crash Course on Creativity - Challenge Assumptions assignment pt.2 by team (c)minds

Crash Course on Creativity - Challenge Assumptions assignment pt.2 by team (c)minds






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    Crash Course on Creativity - Challenge Assumptions assignment pt.2 by team (c)minds Crash Course on Creativity - Challenge Assumptions assignment pt.2 by team (c)minds Document Transcript

    • A Crash Course on Creativityby Prof. Tina Seelig, Stanford University Challenging Assumptions pt.2 by team (c)minds: Mayec Rancel Gudrun Vandenbussche Iñaki Erauskin Juan Maestre
    • In pt. 1 of this assignment, we defined the target problem as: “Lack of sleep when travelling”Brainstormed Solution Ideas: 1. Variable light emitting device, that emulates natural light cycles to help regulate sleep (jet lag). 2. Program through physical exercises, nutrition and some mild (natural?) drugs to regulate sleep cycles (jet lag). 3. vs. noise: app/device that masks ambient noise with relaxing constant noise (white noise, rain, ocean waves, relaxing music etc.). 4. Inflatable/portable ergonomic pillow that puts your body in a comfortable position to sleep in airplane/bus seats and such. 5. Hat/pillow hybrid that also blocks light and sound. 6. Bunks/beds in buses & airplanes (already done in trains and ships). 7. Smart blanket / snuggie / sleeping-bag that regulates temperature inside with a thermostat. 8. Foldable cushioned structure for support to sleep on when seating. 9. Harness to support back, neck & head when sleeping in a seated position. 10."Travel" through multiple surrogate androids placed around the globe. 11.Virtual Reality (and avoid travel altogether). 12.Projecting extremely boring films/documentaries to induce sleep. 13.Hypnosis device to induce an instant deep sleep. 14.Wear a hoodies hood low, to cover eyes from light. 15.Hire trusty travel assistants who take care of anything that can be delegated (anything stress-inducing, or pay attention to anouncements or to take care of kids while you sleep soundly with earplugs and your eyes covered). 16.Cryogenic travel: you are kept in a deep sleep and inanimate state, inside a safe, isolated and comfortable coocon, while the cocoon is transfered to your destination. 17.Make vehicle seats more comfortable and spacey. 18.Take a pill. 19.Use a neck pillow. 20.Use a special “cap” in the head. 21.Use ear plugs. 22.Use a “sleep mask”.
    • 23.Have a time machine to travel (“The time machine”, H.G. Wells, 1895).24.Have a “clone” to travel and you can stay at home (“Multiplicity”, a Harold Ramis film, 1996).25.Relaxation techniques (Yoga, …) when travelling, imagining you are asleep, ...26.Listen to pleasant music.27.Remote control to avoid unpleasant things, fast forward (in “Click”, a film by Frank Corachi, 2006).28.Apply psychological techniques before travelling to sleep better (“Insomnia”, a film by Christopher Nolan, 2002).29.The same day is repeated over and over again (“Groundhog Day”, a film by Harold Ramis).30.(“Sleepless in Seattle”, a film by Nora Ephrom).31.Stay awake as much as possible, before travelling.32.Do much exercise before travelling, to sleep better when traveling.33.To have a cosy blanket to sleep.34.Avoid travel altogether.35.Private means (private plane, limousine, ...) all with comfortable bed, isolated to noise, light and other human beings.36.Teleportation machine: hop in in Italy, hop out in Australia. No need to sleep.37.Micro-environment (like a tent) that you can set up anywhere and get noise and light isolated.38.Taking a pill that allows the human not to need sleep and yet restores body energy.39.Taking a pill that allows the human body to shrink and fit more comfortably in a seat.40.Wearing a fake leg cast so that the person can travel in VIP or in a horizontal position.41.Women can pretend to be pregnant (wearing an artifact in their abdominal area) so they are given more spacious and comfortable seats.42.Live in a motor house (house van) so that a person can travel with his home all the time.43.Business-class travel.44.Listening to hypnotism audio tracks in order to sleep.45.Taking sleeping pills.46.Travelling during the day with entertaining things to do all the time (playing games, watching movies, etc).47.Adjusting vehicles so that they can travel at the speed of light.48.Not sleeping for several days before the travel date.49.Having the day off the next day of travelling so to recover sleep.50.Installing a microchip in the brain so that when a button is pressed the brain goes to “sleep” mode.
    • 51.Have a machine that would punch in the face and knock the person out of conscience.52.Have someone to tell you a bed-time story.53.Have someone to sing you a bed song (lullaby).54.Avoid travelling by saying that you have a phobia to leave your city.55.State that you have a phobia to moving vehicles and that a sedative is necessary.56.Travel with someone who has really stinky feet so you faint.57.Pretend that you are really sick and that the medicine is at your destination so that they take you on an ambulance (you on the bed of course so you can sleep).58.Travel in days and schedules when there are less passengers so that you can have more space to stretch out and be more comfortable while travelling.59.If possible, get the people or things you are supposed to meet or do at the destination, to come to you instead of you going to them.60.Drive to the destination so that you don’t have to worry about not sleeping (you just can’t sleep, period).61.Travel with someone who you find very interesting and entertaining, or someone you really like so that you don’t want to sleep at all.62.Not allowing noisy people (babies, snoring people, etc) to travel along with you.63.Travel with a bicycle and a tent. Whenever you feel sleepy along the road just deploy the tent and sleep in it.64.Have an intense session of sex before travelling so you are really exhausted.65.Travel with a rock band (you’ll definitely end up sleeping at some point..).66.Never travel at night or on a trip that takes more than 5 hours.67.Ask for a ride to a marine jet pilot.68.Travel the old fashioned way: horses, carriages and tents.69.Transform your mass into energy and travel through fiber optics wires.70.Travel on a moving nightclub so you can dance and/or chill out while traveling.71.Travel on a moving sofa.72.Do not drink anything containing caffeine for 2 days before trip date.73.Wear a special suit that would make your body, muscles and organs feel like the need you to sleep immediately.74.Wear special sleepers that would massage certain areas of the sole (reflexology), provoking tiredness and sleep.75.Travel on a vehicle that would allow to put seatbacks in a complete horizontal position.76.Have a few drinks during the trip, just enough to make you relax and sleepy.77.Buy two or three tickets to have a full row of seats to lay on and sleep more comfortably.
    • 78.Travel with your spouse/couple or a very close friend, who won’t mind you resting your head on their shoulder/lap for a more comfortable sleep.79.Extract your living brain, transport it to destination in a machine that sustains it and keeps it rested, then implant it inside a robot surrogate, enabling it to do whatever it needs to do in the destination, then bring the brain back home to its rightful body.80.Have a martial arts expert strike “pressure points” in your body to make you pass out when you need to sleep (either during trip, or when sleepless due to jetlag).81.Generate an antigravity field inside the vehicle (so that even if sitting or standing, your body is floating weightless and comfortable).82.Get a relaxing massage right before time to sleep (either before/during a flight, or before going to bed if sleepless due to jetlag).83.Aroma therapy.Use a special perfume that relaxes the senses and makes you sleep.84.Sleeping cream. Use a cream that relaxes the muscles and makes you sleep.85.Dress up like an old lady and get the best seat.86.Schedule breaks in travel.87.Fully integrated travel app.Personalised travel app that advises you on delays and problems caused by random vehicle delay (flight departures), Traffic jams, weather conditions and whatever you will find in your personalised travel schedule.88.Meditation.89.Noise cancelling headphones.90.Wear noise cancelling headphones with alarm clock so you do not miss the plane when sleeping while waiting in the airport.91.Technologic special cap. A soft cap comfortable to sleep with that blocks noise like a NC headphone, that has an eye mask but also a build in alarm clock. Include the music function, the light and noise emitting device/app and the fully travel app that will wake you right in time to catch your flight.92.Travel pajamas.Comfortable inside and durable outside, has legs and arms, you can regulate the temperature and get up and run if you need to catch a plane.93.Travel suit. Combine technologic cap and travel pajamas94.Remove arm-rests from airport/station benches, to sleep comfortably in them.95.Napping/sleeping cabins in airports/stations.96.Camp for jetlagged people. Live inside an isolated area (with controlled light and schedules) with people similarly jetlagged, for an easier transition in 1-3 days to the new timezone.97.Self-driving cars (so that everyone traveling can sleep and rest whenever they want).98.Hire a driver service (if have to travel with own vehicle), for same effect as above.99.Make changes in DNA so we don’t need to sleep anymore.
    • 100. Postpone your travel until you feel less stressed out.101. Take “valeriana” infusion before travelling.101. Seat next to a politician.102. Get into every frequent flyer scheme, this will help you to get upgraded to business if flights are full.103. Travel Companion app.Let plane, train, bus or boat companies integrate their booking sites with social networks so you can choose the person you want to sit next to and not just the seat.If you are lucky you probably be happy to stay awake.