Crash Course on Creativity. Assignment 3: Bread Therapy by team (c)minds

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Crash Course on Creativity, by prof. Tina Seelig. …

Crash Course on Creativity, by prof. Tina Seelig.
Assignment 3 on "Framing and Reframing".

This is the resulting presentation by team (c)minds:

Gudrun Vandenbussche
Mayec Rancel
Iñaki Erauskin
Juan Maestre
Vikram Gupta

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  • 1. CRASH COURSE ON CREATIVITY PROF. TINA SEELIG THIRD ASSIGNMENT "FRAMING AND REFRAMING" “What will you do with one loaf of bread?” 7 November 2012 TEAM (c)minds Gudrun Vandenbussche Mayec Rancel Iñaki Erauskin Juan Maestre Vikram Gupta
  • 2. A SYMBOL OF CIVILIZATION "Bread symbolized the elevation of mankind from a beast-like to a civilized state."
  • 3. MOTIVATION: PERSONAL EXPERIENCE● A friend of one of our teammates got addicted to bread- making when going through very serious personal problems (which regularly caused him insomnia).○ With a troubled mind, the only thing he could focus on during sleepless nights was making bread (and he made some outstandingly excellent bread!)○ Focusing on making the bread, kneading the dough with his hands, was empowering and very soothing. Image credit: cutting-board.html
  • 4. MOTIVATION: HELPING OTHER PEOPLE● “Give bread to the hungry” ○ "I want you to share your bread with the hungry, open your homes to the homeless poor, remove the yoke of injustice and let the oppressed go free." - Isaiah 58 Image credit: html
  • 5. PROJECT PROPOSAL: BREAD-MAKING THERAPY● This project implies the creation of a therapy through bread making.● Workshops will be organized, so that: ○ Stress and other mental problems could be treated through learning and practicing bread-making. Image credit: html● This project would also provide poor people with healthy, fresh, quality food.● The project comprises a new website containing the relevant information.
  • 6. CONTENT OF THE PROJECT● Organization of bread therapy workshops.● Organization of donation of bread to poor people.● Additional materials available through website: ○ Videos and tutorials showing bread recipes, on how to relieve stress kneading the dough, ... ○ Personal experiences, based on workshops.
  • 7. THERAPEUTIC WORKSHOPS Image credit:
  • 8. HELPING POOR PEOPLEImage credit: Image credit:
  • 9. ... OUR WEBSITE ..
  • 11. ... AND THIS IS OUR LOGO Thanks for watching!