Experiential, activation & events video pictorial


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A selection of my work 1997 to current

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Experiential, activation & events video pictorial

  1. 1. Consumer Engagement – Experiential, Events & Activation Pictorial 1997 - Present JOHN MAYBURY
  2. 2. Agencies
  3. 3. Where I work - P2P Branding & Media – Corporate and product branding; retail advertising; TV; radio; outdoor; print; ambient; online; branded content Direct marketing – LAM (local area marketing); email; mobile; website Engagement – Events; sponsorship leverage; partner alignment; Product placement Talkability – Trade kits & presentations; trade advertising; partner presentations; trade incentives Near Store – Car Park & mall advertising; stunts & events; in-mall cross promotions; table top media; sampling In-store – Theatre & POS; in-store demos; store inside a store concepts; category management solutions Incentive – Sweepstakes; GWP; Value adds; POS and collateral
  4. 4. Experiential/ Events Model Events BRAND EXPERIENCE The Experience which engages all of the senses and creates a positive and emotional bond with the brand Any connecting device or behaviour BRAND AMPLIFICATION How we take the Experience and make it as loud and as noticeable as possible How we use media channels to expand the campaign Idea
  5. 5. Thinking <ul><li>An experience should be simple, bold, authentic & human </li></ul><ul><li>The deeper the insight – the deeper the experience </li></ul><ul><li>My sector knowledge spans alcohol, automotive, consumer health, professional services, FMCG, retail, sport, telecommunications and technology </li></ul><ul><li>Expert in malls, streetscape, transit, events, exhibition and leisure locations </li></ul><ul><li>Brand integrity must be present at every touch point </li></ul><ul><li>Set clear & measurable KPI’s </li></ul><ul><li>Integration will only enhance the experience </li></ul><ul><li>Campaign communication is critical. I understand the need for well written briefs, manuals, risk management plans, OHS and training for every activation </li></ul><ul><li>I’m skilled in evaluation; demonstrating the effectiveness of any campaign </li></ul>
  6. 6. Management Experience.
  7. 7. Voiceologist (Freelancer 2008-2011 & 1996-2000) Apple iPhone 4S Launch (NZ Sponsorship Agency) Telecom BackingBlack Travelling HQ NZ Tour (NZ Sponsorship Agency) BAT Retailer Incentives/ Experience, Fiji (Madant Productions) Franklins Supermarkets Flash Mob (Euphorium) Pepsi Max V8 Supercars Media Launch (M&C Saatchi/ Mania Group) Peugeot RCZ Airport Display (The Furnace/ Mania Group) Nescafe Greenblend & NRMA Insurance (Evocatif) family circle & Better Homes and Gardens Show Tour (Original Ventures) Telstra Next G Network National Tour (C4/ Mania Group) Westfield Burwood & Chatswood Launch (Grip & Spin) Nokia Launch with Evermore
  8. 9. Leverage the sponsorship of the All Blacks to connect New Zealanders during the 2011 Rugby World Cup
  9. 15. Result: 17 towns/ cities, 22 event days +65,000 people engaged 17 Billboards, 4 dedicated TVC’s Website content & social media +3m PR value
  10. 17. Create two tailored, brand specific events for a retailer incentive program in Fiji
  11. 20. “ Attending the events myself allowed me to see first hand what you guys can deliver. Your professionalism and creativity did not go unnoticed from other representatives from BAT... ...On the Aussie night I think you guys handled the extreme weather conditions tremendously and delivered a fantastic event that left us clearing out a significant amount of stragglers from the bar post 12am - Definitely a good sign. For the Premiere night, I thought this event was seamless and perfectly suited for the brand”. Iven Berenger | BAT Brand Marketing (Australia)
  12. 22. Create a brand experience to engage & entertain shoppers & store staff In-store & via Social Media
  13. 23. Result: 72 supermarkets flash mobbed 14,400 consumers engaged +25,000 You Tube hits PR & social media
  14. 24. “ John, your professionalism knows no bounds.  Controlling the cast and crew must have been like herding cats at times.  I am sure they too are very thankful of the care, dedication and creative direction you gave.  You have done an awesome job and you deserve great accolades. As you know, I have now spoken with senior management at both Franklins and MJW Advertising and all of us are really impressed with the work you have personally performed across greater Sydney. You were a great leader and the perfect man for the job.  Thanks again on a job really well done. ”   John J Evans Creative Head and Managing Director, Euphorium
  15. 26. Launch the Pepsi Max V8 Supercar livery & driver for the 2011 Season
  16. 29. Events
  17. 30. Educate consumers on the health benefits of antioxidants, drive multiple trial via sampling while delivering a ‘positive’ experience
  18. 31. Bean Cards – Love, Smile & Balance 7-day sample sachet
  19. 32. 7 days to positivity brochure Sales Driver
  20. 33. Result: 125,000 consumers educated DM + mall engagement
  21. 34. Sydney Perth
  22. 37. George Patterson Y+R Suncorp CTP Insurance Catch the Pass Suncorp Investment Expo Suncorp Team Green Bridge to Brisbane Suncorp Home Lending BBQ’s Telstra CDMA closure Stockland Fig Tree Sales Office opening
  23. 38. Events
  24. 39. Leverage the Wallabies Sponsorship for CTP to include a customer recognition & reward program
  25. 41. Statement Insert - Switch RTM Web Tile
  26. 42. Poster Press Statement Insert
  27. 43. Vespas Radio
  28. 44. Result: <ul><li>80% lift in micro site traffic </li></ul><ul><li>Competition entries 600% over target </li></ul>
  29. 45. “ I have been truly impressed by GPY+R’s brand activation capability, particularly the experience, fresh thinking and organisational skills of John Maybury.  Our current activation campaign has gone off without a hitch, and it’s been such a relief not to have to worry about every minute detail, as I know John has it covered.  Having previously worked in the activation industry, I know how much work goes on behind the scenes, and I have been really pleased at how well John has managed our campaign.  I won’t hesitate to use the GPYR team again!” Kirsten Wiskar Marketing Advisor CTP Insurance, Suncorp Group Marketing
  30. 47. Events
  31. 48. Leverage the sponsorship of the Brisbane Investment Expo
  32. 50. Result: 83% visitors engaged 270 leads $20 million sales
  33. 51. “ As a business, going into an expo can be daunting. Will the stand look appealing? Is the offer right? Will the customer stop at our stand? Will they be engaged by our staff? Will they buy? Is the success measurement right? Will the customer walk away with a positive brand experience? At our recent Brisbane Investment Expo, John Maybury & the team at Patts, exceeded expectations. The strategic vision of the GPY&R Brand Activation team is valued. We can rely on these professionals to impress & deliver again.”   Julie Hargrave & Michael Redfern Wealth Management, Suncorp Group Marketing
  34. 52. Mall Media Network Woolworths Fresh Life & Style Show (2 tours) Sony Ericsson Mall Campaign SONY Sales & Education Campaigns (2 years, 19 programs) McDonalds DeliChoices Sampling Launch NSW/ACT Optus and Palmolive Spa campaigns
  35. 53. PR - Parade
  36. 56. Events
  37. 57. Challenge: Time-poor resellers won’t attend yearly product updates leading to poor product knowledge and sales staff push other brands, even if the customer requests SONY
  38. 58. Events
  41. 61. Result: A further 18 education & direct sales programs over two years with an average ROI of 400%
  42. 63. PR - Parade Events
  43. 64. Launch: Deli Choices with creative sampling in Sydney & Canberra
  44. 65. | GEORGE PATTERSON Y&R BRAND ACTIVATION PAGE PR - Parade Events Deli Choices launch NSW/ACT
  45. 66. Result: Samples in consumer hands within 2min Target: Women 25-39 Street, Transit & Mall Samples = 9,200
  46. 67. Smart Services GIO Rugby World Cup Campaign Yellow Pages ‘Sorted’ Launch Cadbury Schweppes ‘Agrum’ Launch Hutchison ‘3 Squad’ Retail and Event Team Coca-Cola Cherry Launch Milo Sampling Oreo Challenge Ritz Sampling Tip Top Koolies Primary School Loyalty & Sales Promotion (2 years)
  47. 68. Events
  48. 69. GIO was a major sponsor in Australia of the Rugby World Cup 2003
  49. 70. Problem was… No one knew it
  52. 73. Result: Strong lift in awareness 22%+ post the six week tournament 200m long wall at the final match, 1 million messages of support, PR – TV & Press
  53. 74. Creative Field Marketing Nescafe Iced Coffee Sampling (2 years) Nescafe Hot Coffee Sampling Hasbro Pictionary Game Launch The Nationals (Political Party) Promotional Activation NSW Coles Internal Sales Promotion (2 years) National Diageo Liquor Sampling Program Pepsi Taste Challenge
  54. 76. Event Producer Experiential & Activation Specialist MC, Voice Artist and Quiz Host Email: speak@voiceologist.com Skype : Maybury.Talk Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/johnmaybury John Maybury