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Madura Case Study

  1. 1. Louis Philippe Van Heusen Allen Solly Peter England People Planet fashion The collective EspritMayank Dixit
  2. 2. • A US $35 billion corporation.• 133,000 employees, belonging to 42 differentnationalities.• The Group has been ranked Number 4 in theGlobal Top Companies for Leaders survey. andranked Number 1 in Asia Pacific for 2011.• Over 60 per cent of its revenues flow from itsoverseas operations.• The Group operates in 36 countries.
  3. 3. Global India The worlds largest aluminum  A top fashion (branded apparel)rolling company and lifestyle player No.1 in viscose staple fiber  The second-largest producer Biggest producer of primary of viscose filament yarnaluminum in Asia  The largest producer in the Among the top 10 cement choler-alkali sectorproducers globally  Among the top three mobile The No.1 producer of carbon telephony companiesblack in the world  A leading player in life Fourth-largest producer of insurance and asset managementinsulators in the world  Among the top two Fifth-largest producer of acrylic supermarket chains in the retailfiber in the world business Among the best energy efficient  Among the topfertilizer plant 10 BPO companies
  4. 4. @ brand which has revolutionized Indiasreadymade apparel and retail market…
  5. 5. @ name that is synonymous withpanache and modernity…
  6. 6. @ brand that personify style, attitude,luxury and comfort…
  7. 7. Milestone Acquisitions of world Allen Solly Louis Philippe rights over launched in launched in Peter England India India 2000 1993 1989 2001 1997 1990 - Planet Fashion Peter England Van Heusun launched launched in launched in- Launch of Allen India India Solly Women - Aditya Birla Group acquires Madura
  8. 8. Milestone -Peter England Van Heusun launches Elite Esprit India Men’s - Louis Philippe launched in Week launches LP India 2009 2007 2005 2011 2008 2006 - Van Heusun Women -Louis Philippe -Van Heusunannounces Nargis Fakri Launches Women as Brand Ambassador Luxure launched -Van Heusun Sports - Launched The - V Dot Launched Collective launched - Louis Philippe Cup,India’s top professional Golfers Cup
  9. 9. The BrandBrand: Louis Philippe(brand Louis Philippe took birth in United Kingdom in 1965), the $100-million super- premium menswear brand from Aditya Birla Group , has diversified into mens formal, semi formal, luxury wear.Heritage: Louis Philippe draws its inspiration from the era of King Louis Philippe of France known as the Citizen King for his generosity of spirit and his appreciation of the arts.Sub brands:LP - The sports face of Louis PhilippeLuxure - Louis Philippe’s passion for sophistication is seen through its luxury brand `Luxure’.
  10. 10. Target Group• Geographic- Metros, Key Urban Metros• Demographics- 1. Louis Philippe- Male 25-45 years, 2. LP- Male 16-29 years• Socio-Economic- 1. Louis Philippe- Young to middle age level Executives who are ‘achievers in life’ 2. LP- the brand targets the younger ones who are on their ‘way to success’.• Behavior- Usage pattern 1. Louis Philippe- Formal work wear 2. LP- Sports & Casual wear• Needs- 1. Louis Philippe- elegance, class, status, and a lifestyle that is distinctly majestic and opulent. 2. LP- cool, spirited and driven by a superior level passion.• Brand Positioning-1. Louis Philippe- It is a mélange of comfort, perfection and elegance. 2. LP- Louis Philippe is for those who desire to make a mark in this world and yet, wouldnt compromise on either the fun or the values en route.• Our Solution:
  11. 11. The BrandBrand: A premium lifestyle brand, Van Heusen assiduously follows the company mandate; fashion for the corporate world, diversified into mens formal, semi formal, sports, club wear & women’s formal & casual wears.Heritage: Moses Phillips begins selling hand sewn shirts from a small wooden handcart, laid down the foundation of brand Van Heusen.Sub brands:Van Heusen Woman - The line captures Women many facets, and offers her a classy, fashionable wardrobe.V Dot - Its inspired by the Club Bling, glamour and music.
  12. 12. Target Group• Geographic- Metros, Key Urban Metros• Demographics- 1. Van Heusun- Male 25-45 years, 2. Van Heusun Female– 25-35 years 3.V Dot- Male 18-34 years• Socio-Economic- 1. Van Heusun- Successful, sophisticated, erudite, multi-faceted working professional, 2. Van Heusun Female– One who is dynamic, well-educated, ambitious and intelligent. 3.V Dot- One who had disposable income and the attitude to go with it.• Behavior- Usage pattern 1. Van Heusun- Formal work wear, 2. Van Heusun Female– Formal & Casual wear 3.V Dot- Club wear• Needs- 1. Van Heusun- Elegance and style are not just fads, but a philosophy., 2. Van Heusun Female– She lives life on her own terms, and is poised and feminine. 3.V Dot- Edgy, not reckless, fashionable, not flippant, youthful, not juvenile.• Brand Positioning- Now positions itself as a lifestyle cum corporate wear brand offering apparels for all occasions, be they formal or casual.• Our Solution:
  13. 13. The BrandBrand: It is one of Indias most popular, vibrant, upbeat work wear and easily recognised brands in the branded premium apparel segment. Allen Solly’s recall with Friday Dressing is clearly the strongest.Heritage: Brand Allen Solly, part of William Hollins & Co. Ltd, was born in 1744 (UK). The philosophy of the brand is to deliver something unconventional and out of ordinary.Sub brands:Kids Wear Special Collection - Allen Solly Kids Wear Special Collection is designed especially for the funky, uber-cool, stylish kids.
  14. 14. Target Group• Geographic- Metros, Key Urban Metros• Demographics- Male/Female 22-40 years• Socio-Economic-.Young professionals/entrepreneurs who are ahead of the curve, open to experiments and believe in looking distinct.• Behavior- Usage pattern- Work/Sports/Casual Wear• Needs- upbeat, relaxed effortless, vibrant, colorful and stylish• Brand Positioning- The brand’s core positioning will broaden the meaning of Fridays by emphasizing its spirit defined as upbeat, relaxed and effortless without ever losing sight of the target. It advocates the need to “lighten up the workplace”.• Our Solution:
  15. 15. The BrandBrand: Peter England is universally accepted amongst its millions of consumers for its standardized fits, superior quality, wide range and fashion-right styles in its segment (mid price).Heritage: Peter England etched its beginnings in the Ireland, in the summer of 1885. The brands debut was inspired by the midst of conflicts and the shadow of the Great War was looming over the United Kingdom (the British war ministry placed an order with Peter England to outfit the troops being sent to fight in the Boer War).Sub brands:Peter England Elite – It offers a premium and internationally styled collection inspiration from European designs while blending them with the Indian sensibilities.
  16. 16. Target Group• Geographic- Metros, Key Urban Metros, ROUI• Demographics- Male 20-32 years• Socio-Economic- Sec B+, B mid-priced value for money range, and its for young men in the early years of their career/young office-goers and dynamic entrepreneurs, high on ambition, attitude and spirit.• Behavior- Usage pattern Formal work wear, Weekend Casual wear• Needs- The Peter England Elite consumer has an assured sense of self confidence and works with ease and success despite the fact that he is unassuming and unpretentious. He believes in himself and is proud to be who he is.• Brand Positioning- Beginning of good things is the tagline and pictured as a honest brand image.• Our Solution:
  17. 17. The BrandBrand: People a fashionwear brand offering international and fusion styles to the family at an affordable price. Originally part of the popular Peter England brand, it broke away to develop its own distinct identity in 2009.Brand Ideology: People was born of a fashion idea where classic styles meet and complement a modern global outlook, transcending the cultural divide between east and west. Highly inspired by global colours, customs, and celebrations, the People range is practical, affordable, and trendy, without being confined to fashion diktats.
  18. 18. Target Group• Geographic- Metros• Demographics- 18-32 years Men/Women• Socio-Economic- practical, and trendy, without being confined to fashion diktats• Behavior- Casual & Sports Wear• Needs- Express individuality, create own look by exploring various possibilities, and of not blindly conforming to trends• Brand Positioning- It is not about cutting edge, but about being secure, confident and relaxed with friends and family.• Our Solution:
  19. 19. The BrandBrand: The Collective’ is a super-premium lifestyle retail chain, a first of its kind retail concept, the brand has seen a host of international apparel and accessory brands made a foray into the country for the first time.Brand Ideology: The Collective continually provides product and service excellence that would help educate, update and shape the wardrobe of the urban Indian.Brand Offering : Armani Collezioni, Polo Ralph Lauren, D&G, Hackett, Fred Perry, Hermes, Mont Blanc, Puma Black Label, Church’s shoe, Momo Design, DVF, Rock and Republic, True Religion, Alice + Olivia, Lulu Guinness, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna.
  20. 20. Target Group• Geographic- Metros (Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru & Pune)• Demographics- Age group of 25-34 accounts for 52%. Age group between 35-44 accounts for the next 20% and the small 14% is in the age group of 45-50 years. So, the core TG is in the age group of 24-35 years who is an Entrepreneur or an Industrialist.• Socio-Economic- 59% customers are entrepreneurs, industrialist and a SME kind of a profile. 29% is corporate and 11% is IT’s and BPO and the balance is the small other components.• Product- Apparel, Accessories, Made-to-measure, Product care services and Lifestyle services.• Behavior- Formal to Semi Formal to Casual to Denim to Active• Needs- Express individuality, create own look by exploring various possibilities, and of not blindly conforming to trends.• Brand Positioning- The Collective is positioned as the aspirational brand for the discerning Indian.• Tagline- Expect the Unexpected• Our Solution:
  21. 21. Group CompetitorsFormal WearSports/Club Wear
  22. 22. Brand Study – Allen Solly
  23. 23. When everyone wore Grey, YellowThey gave them,
  24. 24. They wore Yellow, and they gave them HAWAIIAN
  25. 25. When they wore HAWAIIAN ,They gave them Uncrushables
  26. 26. When they loved there Men’s Wear
  27. 27. They gave them Womens wear
  28. 28. When they wore it to Work, Allen Solly wore it on the RAMP
  29. 29. When the show was over
  30. 30. They gave Prodigy to the world
  31. 31. And changed it all with YOUTH
  32. 32. Friday Dressing
  33. 33. I Hate ugly
  34. 34. MY WORLD. MY WAY.
  35. 35. MY WORLD. MY WAY.
  36. 36. MY WORLD. MY WAY.
  37. 37. EverydaySuperpowers
  38. 38. I Hate Yesterday
  39. 39. Why So Serious#No Campaign has been launched yet on these lines..
  40. 40. TVCAllen Solly came out with a TVCommercial for the first time in Indialast year- Friday Dressing campaign“Adios Stressing, Hello FridayDressing”.The new commercial brokeground in apparel advertisingspace, the tone was candid andthe music was rendered through ACappella form of music (where allthe instrumentation is done byhuman vocal chords and the musicis composed entirely by humanvoices).
  41. 41. Marketing Campaigns• Allen Solly known for its path-breaking and aspirational advertisingcampaigns.• Allen Solly has always wowed the consumers by releasing advertisingcampaigns that are stylish, differentiated (communicating theunconventionality quotient), unisex and completely lifestyle-driven.• The brand’s core positioning will broaden the meaning of Fridays byemphasizing on its spirit defined as Upbeat, Relaxed and Effortlesswithout ever losing sight of the target.• All the campaigns advocate the need to Lighten-Up the Workplace.
  42. 42. Innovative OOH- Bengaluru Store Launch
  43. 43. Allen Solly- New Brand Identity & Logo
  44. 44. Allen Solly.From Friday Dressing to now. Always Ahead. Always Unexpected.
  45. 45. Thank You !