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Playstation 4 Q&A - 10 of your PS4 Questions, Answered - PS4.SX

by on Jul 31, 2013


Playstation 4 Q&A: 10 Of Your PS4 Questions Answered ...

Playstation 4 Q&A: 10 Of Your PS4 Questions Answered

By Mont Brown
31st July 2013

There has been so many questions from eager fans to know more about the Playstation 4. In a recent survey playstation access where able to choose the top ten most frequently asked questions out of thousands submitted. This is the top ten answers to all your questions.

Q1) Does PS4 have party chat?

A1) Yes the playstation 4 does have party chat and you can have up-to 2000 friends on your list. (Now thats a party!)

Q2) Will PS4 Support the DualShock 3 ?

A2) No, the Playstation 4 will not support the DualShock 3 Controller, but it will support Playstation move.

Q3) Do I have to pay to play online?

A3) Your going to need Playstation plus subscription with Playstation 4 if you want to play online gaming multiplayer, but to access other services like netflix, party chat or free to play games you won't need the PS Plus service.

Q4) What Colour will PS4 be at Launch?

A4) The playstation 4 will be jet black at launch.

Q5) How Big is the PS4?

A5) The Playstation 4's dimensions are: 275×53×305 mm (width × height × length) Weight: 2.8 KG

Q6) Will PS4 Games be in 3D?

A6) Sony does have plans to release 3D games in the future, with more updates on that to come.

Q7) How Big is the PS4 hard drive and can I change it?

A7) Playstation 4 has a 500 gigabyte HDD drive, and is user changeable, or should we say upgradeable.

Q 8) What benefits do I get from the Playstation camera?

A8) The playstation camera further enhances how you can play games on the PS4. The camera can shoot in 3D, has 4 microphones for directional input and output audio. It can also shoot 3D spaces, and AR technology demo'd on the Playroom videos.

Q9) How is the Xross media bar changing?

A9) The Xross media bar, on the PS4 will become the playstation dynamic menu. It will feature layout customisations, manage downloads, and see your friends online content, and what games they are currently playing.

Visit for answer to the 10th Question



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Playstation 4 Q&A - 10 of your PS4 Questions, Answered - PS4.SX Playstation 4 Q&A - 10 of your PS4 Questions, Answered - PS4.SX Presentation Transcript