Ortho 630 Syllabus


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Ortho 630 Syllabus

  1. 1. ORTHO 630: Clinical Orthodontic Diagnosis in General Practice Autumn or Winter Quarter Geoff Greenlee, DDS, MSD, MPH Location: Graduate Orthodontics 1 Credit ClinicCourse Description:This course represents the direct clinical application of principles of orthodontic diagnosis in theselection of cases for simple orthodontic appliances suitable for the general dental practiceversus those that require referral to the specialist. This course consists of one scheduled smallgroup seminar directed by a 2nd year orthodontics graduate student.*These block assignments are scheduled multiple quarters (A-W) during 3rd year. Students areenrolled in groups of 5-6.Educational Goals/Objectives: 1. The student will be able to make an orthodontic problem list for selected patients in their pool of patients. 2. The student will be able to distinguish between orthodontic patients who are suitable for a. Limited orthodontic treatment in general dental practice. b. Referral to an orthodontist.Course Requirements:Attend assigned sessions. Independently diagnose a case and present an orthodontic problemlist to orthodontic graduate students and classmates. Decide if the case is appropriate forgeneral practice or requires referral.Competencies Addressed/Assurance of Competencies:UW SoD Comp. # UW SoD Competency Assurance of Competency Assess the dentition to determine the need for Independent case analysis and13 orthodontic treatment. diagnosisSession Information:Students are assigned to groups of 5-6 during either Autumn or Winter quarter.Method of Evaluation: • Pass/Fail or Honors • The orthodontic graduate student, using the Diagnosis and Planning form, will do the evaluation. • Grades will be based on the correctness of the diagnosis and plan as well as class participation. • The orthodontic graduate student will submit graded Diagnosis and Planning forms to the course director after each discussion session.Examination/Grading Policies:Attendance at seminar and acceptable presentation of a case is mandatory. If performance isoutstanding, students are eligible for Honors. Non-attendance your session or poor preparationwill result needs to be made up.Course Contact Information:Department of Orthodontics, Box 357446, 543-5788Website: http://courses.washington.edu/predoc/Ortho630/index.html
  2. 2. Student NamePatient NameSeminar DateOrthodontic Graduate StudentInstructions: • Format: Small group seminars • 5-6 undergraduate dental students will be assigned to one 2nd year orthodontic graduate student. • Each group of students will be required to attend one seminar during this period. Seminars will meet for 2-3 hours in the graduate clinic conference room or other convenient locations. • Prior to the seminar, each dental student will o Select one patient from their family with an orthodontic problem o Prepare an orthodontic problem list on the attached form o Collect limited records (relevant radiographs, diagnostic casts [rough trim is ok], intra- and extra-oral photographs [if possible]) o Decide if the problem is suitable for treatment in general practice or referral • At the seminar session, each dental student will o Circulate study models, panoramic or full mouth series of radiographs and copies of completed Diagnosis and Planning forms to the other members of the group. o Describe the problems systematically using planes of space and orthodontic diagnostic techniques. o Describe the goals of treatment. o Offer an opinion regarding the most appropriate approach to the management of the patient. o Sketch out the appliance predicted to be used and outline treatment course • After the seminar, the student will o Consult with the patient regarding the recommendations from the conference. We anticipate that most of these patient will not elect to have orthodontic treatment, but some may be referred for full treatment in the graduate program or have minor tooth movement done by an undergraduate dental student as part of the new ORTHO 631 course.
  3. 3. Student NamePatient NameSeminar DateOrthodontic Graduate Student ORTHO 630: CLINICAL ORTHODONTICS FOR DENTAL STUDENTS PRE-DOCTORAL ORTHODONTIC DIAGNOSIS AND PLANNING FORM Orthodontic Problem List (Check Problems)Facial Concave Profile Frontal Balanced Symmetric Other (specify details): Convex AsymmetricAlignment Symmetric Space Maxillary Mandibula Asymmetric r Adequate Excess Other (specify details): Borderline Deficient ArchformAnteroposterior Molar Class I Other (specify details): II III Canine Class I II III Overjet Minimal Excessive Negative
  4. 4. Student NamePatient NameSeminar DateOrthodontic Graduate StudentVertical Mild Moderate Severe Overbite Other (specify details): Open Bite Curve of SpeeTransverse Crossbites Coincident Non- Coincident Midlines Other (specify details): Right Left Posterior Treatment ObjectivesDental: Facial:• •• •• Functional:• •• Other:• • Treatment ApproachNo Treatment Refer to Orthodontist Treat in general practice  Treatment Plan/Appliance 1. Appliance: 2. 3.
  5. 5. Student NamePatient NameSeminar DateOrthodontic Graduate Student 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. (remove this page and give it to the graduate student leading your seminar) Ortho 630 Grade Grade: Rationale: Honors  High Pass  Pass  Fail 
  6. 6. Student NamePatient NameSeminar DateOrthodontic Graduate Student Ortho 630 seminar 1:30-4:30pm Ortho clinic conference room (inside B-338)Monday, November 2 Thursday, November 19Ortho resident: Dr. Jake Dabell Ortho resident: Dr. Jake DaBell Diana Cortes Gamache Kyle Ettinger Gardiner Ara Ghandhari Kant Matthew Griffith Kim Kevin Sweeney King David Ta Knight, LeeThursday, November 5 Thursday, December 3Ortho resident: Dr. Enrique Reyes-Retana Ortho resident Dr. Tom Houlihan Adams Labbee Baldwin Leyster Law Lindblad Silver Murray Tsukamoto Nguyen, M Tyler Thursday, December 10Monday, November 9 Ortho resident: Dr. Alfonso NavarreteOrtho resident: Dr. Tom Houlihan Cronin Sonya Hamberg Seetin Corbett Hass Shvartsur Yen Nguyen-Tran Annie Schefter Jana Seaman Daniel SeetinThursday, November 12Ortho Resident: Dr. Brienne Roloff Bradley Chan Ellison Vawter Ward ZhuMonday, November 16Ortho resident: Dr. Alfonso Navarrete Feldpausch Hernandez Blake Hilstead Linh Ngyuen Jen Numata Austin Wisecup Fred Worrell