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  1. 1. THE ASSOCIATION OF PROSTHDONTISTS OF CANADA L’ASSOCIATION DES PROSTHODONTISTES DU CANADAThe 2007 Executive Council meeting of the Association of Prosthodontists of Canada(APC) was held at the Grand Okanagan Hotel, Kelowna, BC on September 27th.Attending:Dr Bernie Legatto, PresidentDr Randy Mazurat, Past PresidentDr Francine Albert, TreasurerDr John ZarbChristine WyattDr Ron ShupeDr Terry LimDr Sebastian SabaDr Jamie Kaukinen1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by the President at 7h30 PM.2. Approval of Agenda Copies of agenda were distributed.MOTION 01 APPROVAL OF AGENDA MOVED BY: Zarb and AlbertCarried unanimously3. Dr Ron Shupe – Chairperson of Conference • Extra costs for Audio visual estimated at $20,000 • Dr Saba questions why only 2 gold sponsors? Budget for speakers was $10,000. Dr Saba suggests hosting such meetings every 2 years. Exec responds it seems we do not have sufficient budget to do so.4. Approval of minutes of 2007 Interim ECMMOTION 02 APPROVAL OF MINUTES MOVED BY: Albert and Legatto5. Matters arising from minutes: • Bylaws committee (Legatto) • Dr John Zarb has worked with two graduate prosthodontic residents at the University of Toronto to generate four Points of Care articles for the JCDA and intends to make this a tradition as long as he is involved with teaching.MOTION 03(by Saba) to consider placing APC news into Spectrum Dialog movedby Mazurat and Legatto6. Administrator – Christine Wyatt
  2. 2. MOTION 04 to increase communication via APC website search engine moved byWyatt and Saba • Website update: Credit card processing is available on the website. The site is bilingual and online registration is possible. • Christine to work on better search engine placementMOTION 05 Mandatory subscription to JPD with APC registration.7. President’s report (Legatto) • Thanks the members of the executive for their support throughout the year. • Encourages use of website for discussing issues such as foreign trained specialists. • Special thanks to Dr Taylor, Dr Zarb, Dr Levant and Christine Wyatt. • Thanks to organization committee, Dr Shupe, wife Lane and partner Alison Hall. • Suggests that Interim executive meeting no longer be a telepĥone conference call since a face to face meeting makes for a more cohesive group.8. Vice President’s Report (Beyak)MOTION 05 to nominate Terry Donovan for honorary membershipmoved by Legatto and Albert –9. Treasurer’s report (Albert) • Year end 2007 - $6031.00 • Appt of accountants – maintain Willingdon MartinMOTION 06: APPROVAL OF REPORT MOVED BY: Beyak and Wyatt10. Secretary Report: Membership report: 120 active members; 6 non-resident members; 9 life members; 25 students; 5 honorary: total: 146 members.11. Committee Reports • Frontline (Habsha): Last issue was mailed December 2006. Total cost for 250 copies 1955.32$ No corporate sponsors funded this issue. Drs Beyak and Albert mailed letters to companies for future sponsorship. No responses as of yet. Suggests that sponsorship letters be mailed annually but to lower sponsorship fee to $3500MOTION 07 (Saba) to reconsider newsletter as once a year mailing and web-based.
  3. 3. • Membership benefits (Beyak): We have two confirmed corporate partners that are offering discounts on products. Straumann Canada (10% on all products) and Ivoclar Canada (10% on all lab products excluding alloys and denture tooth forms). Other potential sponsors have been approached and we are awaiting written confirmation of sponsorships. A complete list of benefits is posted on the website New APC cards should be shown to representatives as proof of membership. • Nominating Committee (Mazurat) : Nominates Dr Duncan Chambers to position of Recording secretary New regional counsellors: Dr Lucie Billette (Quebec) and Dr Stuart Richardson (Eastern)MOTION 08 That the APC president formally recognize the contribution ofcounsellors Louis De Koninck and Janice Wilson who are stepping down.moved by Zarb and Kaukinen. • National Advertising Strategy (Dong submitted report): Recommends that the communications committee be disbanded due to lack of funds. Dr Sebastian Saba volunteers to take on this task.MOTION 09 (Saba) To contact national newspapers to run articles aboutProsthodontics • CDA COSA (Taylor): The three ongoing CDA activities involving COSA input on behalf of NDSO’s that are most significant to the ongoing missions of the APC are: USC &LS; CDRAF Summit on Foreign Trained Specialists and CDSPI malpractice repeater formula • USC & LS (Zarb): In November 2006 the CDA’s BOD received a report from the USCLS Oversight Committee and communication from various stakeholders about the USCLS redevelopment. A divergence of opinions were voiced about this redeveloptment. Dr Levant convened a meeting in Toronto March 8 and 9th 2007 to address new version of USCLS as it pertains to prosthodontic list of services. A special forum was held on March 31st - April 1st in Ottawa that included participation of corporate members, leadership reps and technical experts. Goal was to establish future role of USCLS. Consensus was that current USCLS needs to be revamped.12. Future Annual General Meetings: 2008- Dr Brent Beyak, Vancouver, September 10-13th 2008. 2009- Dr Francine Albert, Montreal
  4. 4. 13. Executive for 2008President: Brent BeyakVice president: Francine AlbertPast president: Bernie LegattoTreasurer: Geneviève GuertinRecording Secretary: Duncan ChambersRegional Counsellors:Western: Dr Cecilia Dong, Dr Lim, Dr Jamie KaukinenCentral: Dr John Zarb, Dr Effie Habsha, Dr Karl LedermanQuebec: Dr Lucie Billette, Dr Lise PayantEastern: Dr Stuart Richardson14. New business: • Nomination for Honorary Membership Dr Terry Donovan in 2008 • National Promotion (Wyatt) • Past President Plaque (Legato) • The provincial regulatory body in Quebec and its relationships with Specialists and Prosthodontists (Saba)MOTION 10 (Kaukinen) to hold a one time interim symposium on practicedevelopment, pros update. Kaukinen and Beyak to follow up.MOTION 11( Zarb) - APC would like to define a new relationship with ACP toopen lines of communication and reciprocity for meeting registration and services.15. Adjournment (9:55pm)MOTION 12 TO ADJOURN MOVED BY Legatto and Albert.