1st Mediterranean Laser Congress     RhodesMicroinvasive/Esthetic Laser Dentistry        September 21 – 23, 2006    Hilton...
Welcome Address & CommitteesDear Colleagues,The beautiful Greek island of Rhodes, island of the Colossus, one of the Seven...
Congress VenueHilton Rhodes ResortP.O. Box 316, Ialyssos Ave., Ixia, GR-851 00 Rhodes, GreecePhone: (+30/22410) 75000, Fax...
Programme at a GlanceWednesday, September 20Time Slot                     Imperial Ballroom                    Room Ariadn...
General Outline of the Scientific ProgrammeTopics:      Microinvasive Laser Dentistry in:             1. Perio            ...
Supporting Societies and Companies                   (as per date of printing)                   Sustaining Members ESOLA ...
General InformationCongress Offices                                      Congress OfficesScientific and Administrative Sec...
ESOLA AcademyWEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2006: 12.00–20.30      Module I (in English)                                      RO...
Scientific ProgrammeTHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2006:15.30–17.30 Scientific Session                                      IMPER...
Scientific ProgrammeFRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2006:09.00–10.30 Scientific Session                                    IMPERIAL ...
Scientific ProgrammeFRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2006:15.00–16.30 Scientific Session                                     IMPERIAL...
Scientific ProgrammeSATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2006:09.00–10.30 Scientific Session                                     IMPERI...
Scientific ProgrammeSATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2006:15.00–17.00 Scientific Session                                       IMPE...
WorkshopsThursday, September 21, 2006, 17.30–18.00: ROOM ARIADNEELEXXION WorkshopK. Goharkhay (Vienna, Austria)Friday, Sep...
RegistrationRegistration Fees Payment received            until June 15, 2006       between June 16, 2006      at the Cong...
General Information about RhodesGeographyRhodes Island is situated at the crossroads of two major sea routes of the Medite...
KaVo KEY Laser® 3 with feedback system.The premium periodontal treatment:pleasant, efficient, gentle                      ...
Wien                                                                                                 27.–29. Oktober 2006T...
Mediterranean Laser Congress Rhodes
Mediterranean Laser Congress Rhodes
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Mediterranean Laser Congress Rhodes


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Mediterranean Laser Congress Rhodes

  1. 1. 1st Mediterranean Laser Congress RhodesMicroinvasive/Esthetic Laser Dentistry September 21 – 23, 2006 Hilton Hotel Rhodes Resort, Greece Final Programme
  2. 2. Welcome Address & CommitteesDear Colleagues,The beautiful Greek island of Rhodes, island of the Colossus, one of the Seven Wonders of theAncient World, island of the Crusaders, with the flair of the mystic castles from Middle Ages aswell as the marble temples and ruins from Classical Greece, hosts the First MediterraneanLaser Congress. ESOLA together with the Hellenic Society for Oral Laser Applications,HELSOLA, have joined forces in order to make this event become a true success!Experts from all over the world will get together in order to set a further milestone in theevolution of laser assisted dental practice. The motto of the congress “Microinvasive/EstheticLaser Dentistry” illuminates our main goal as laser users: making a difference to conventionaltechniques and contributing to our patients’ desire, namely a comfortable, absolute estheticrehabilitation.YOU, the participants in this upcoming meeting, grant for the success of such an effort. You arethe present and future of everything that has to do with lasers in dental science. Enjoy sciencealong with beautiful warm waters and blue skies in one of the most populardestinations of world tourism. The Mediterranean Sea is the cradle of our civilization. We arepleased to welcome you in Rhodes!Yours sincerely, Andreas Moritz Spyros Chrysikopoulos Congress PresidentsCongress Presidents S. Chrysikopoulos (Athens, Greece) A. Moritz (Vienna, Austria)Organizing Committee F. Beer (Vienna, Austria) P. Toccos (Athens, Greece) L. Zeiger (Athens, Greece)Scientific CommitteeI. Anic (Croatia) A. Moritz (Austria)J. Arnabat (Spain) P. Panopoulos (Greece)F. Beer (Austria) S. Parker (UK)M. Bizri (Lebanon) P. Polenik (Czech Republic)S. Chrysikopoulos (Greece) G. Romanos (Greece/USA)S. Dalabiras (Greece) U. Schoop (Austria)R. DeMoor (Belgium) M. Sela (Israel)K. Dunstan Maher (AbuDhabi) U. Skaleric (Slovenia)C. Eduardo de Paula (Brazil) W. Sperr (Austria)E. Elefteriadis (Greece) M. Straßl (Austria)K. Goharkhay (Austria) C. Todea (Romania)J. Kamenova (Bulgaria) D. Tziafas (Greece)L. Kesic (Serbia) L. Walsh (Australia)C. Maiorana (Italy) J. Wernisch (Austria)L. Martens (Belgium) E. Wintner (Austria)K. Matsumoto (Japan) 1
  3. 3. Congress VenueHilton Rhodes ResortP.O. Box 316, Ialyssos Ave., Ixia, GR-851 00 Rhodes, GreecePhone: (+30/22410) 75000, Fax: (+30/22410) 76690Toll free: (+800) 44458667, 0800 11 3222526 (from Greece)Map of the Congress Venue Imperial Ballroom A: Scientific Sessions Room Ariadne: Workshops Imperial Foyer: Scientific Posters Registration Exhibition Coffee breaks Business MeetingsThursday, September 21, 16.30–17.00 ESOLA Executive Committee Meeting Room AriadneThursday, September 21, 18.30–19.30 HELSOLA General Assembly Room AriadneFriday, September 22, 18.30–19.30 ESOLA General Assembly Imperial BallroomSaturday, September 23, 13.00–14.00 JOLA Board Meeting Room Ariadne 2
  4. 4. Programme at a GlanceWednesday, September 20Time Slot Imperial Ballroom Room Ariadne12.00–20.30 Modul I (in English)(14.30–15.00 Coffee break)Thursday, September 2108.15–12.30 Modul I (in English)(10.30–11.00 Coffee break)11.00–12.30 Exam ESOLA Academy, Modul I/II13.00–15.00 Opening followed by scientific session15.00–15.30 Coffee break Exhibition area15.30–17.30 Scientific session17.30–18.00 Workshop ELEXXIONFriday, September 2209.00–10.30 Scientific session10.30–11.00 Coffee break Exhibition area11.00–13.00 Poster session + Workshops Exhibition area11.00–12.00 Workshop BIOLASE12.30–13.00 Workshop HOYA A.R.C.13.00–15.00 Lunch break15.00–16.30 Scientific session16.30–17.00 Coffee break Exhibition area17.00–18.30 Scientific sessionSaturday, September 2309.00–10.30 Scientific session10.30–11.00 Coffee break Exhibition area11.00–13.00 Scientific session13.00–15.00 Lunch break15.00–16.30 Scientific session16.30–17.00 Closing ceremony and Poster awardPlease note: Due to late changes session numbers in the scientific part (S01-S50) of the Final Programme vary from session numbers as printed in Jola (Abstract Book). 3
  5. 5. General Outline of the Scientific ProgrammeTopics: Microinvasive Laser Dentistry in: 1. Perio 5. Esthetic dentistry 2. Surgery 6. Prevention 3. Endodontology 7. Paediatric dentistry 4. Hard tissue preparationI – Invited Lecturers:International experts deliver plenary lectures on the main topics:R. de Moor (Belgium) L. Martens (Belgium)E. Elefteriadis (Greece) G. Romanos (Greece / USA)A. Georgopoulos (Austria) M. Sela (Israel)I. Kamma (Greece) W. Sperr (Austria)C. Maiorana (Italy) E. Wintner (Austria)II – Free Paper Sessions and Scientific Posters:• Free Paper Sessions Time limit for oral presentations: 10 minutes.• All rooms are equipped with data-projection (no slides and overhead).• The lecture room will be equipped with Windows-PCs. Please bring your presentation (on USB-stick or CD ROM or DVD ROM) and hand out at least 2 hours prior to your lecture to the technician at the Hilton Rhodes Hotel, Imperial Ballroom.• Poster Sessions: Poster viewing is possible throughout the meeting, including coffee and lunch breaks. In addition, authors will present their contributions during the scheduled poster session on Friday, September 22 from 11.00–13.00. The usable poster surface is 85 cm (width) and 150 cm (height). Pins and adhesive material will be provided by the congress office. Please use letters large enough to be read from a distance of 1,5 m at least. Please mount your poster on Thursday, September 21 between 11.00 h and 13.00 h and remove Saturday, September 23 latest 17.00. Please note that posters not removed until then, will be taken down and not be stored or sent to the authors after the meeting.III – Hands-on-Workshops:BIOLASE, ELEXXION and HOYA A.R.C. have scheduled hands-on-workshops.INFORMATION FOR AUTHORSBook of abstractsThe abstracts are published in the Journal of Oral Laser Applications JOLA by QuintessenzInternational (issue 3/06).The “Journal of Oral Laser Applications” is the official medium of the ESOLA. It is issued4 times/year and contains original manuscripts as well as reports on practical experience.Poster AwardThe poster jury will select the best poster presentation out of all submissions. The prize will beawarded during the Closing Ceremony on Saturday, September 23 at 16.30 h.The poster award is endowed with € 300.– and sponsored byOfficial LanguageThe official congress language is English.Postgraduate Education Programme (CME credits)Participation in the scientific sessions of the “1st Mediterranean Laser Congress Rhodes”,Microinvasive/Esthetic Laser Dentistry, is recognized within the Postgraduate EducationProgramme (Dentistry / Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine) of the Austrian Medical Associationwith 29 credits. 4
  6. 6. Supporting Societies and Companies (as per date of printing) Sustaining Members ESOLA BIOLASE DEKA medical lasers ELEXXION INTERDENT QUINTESSENCE Supporting Societies ALD (U.S.A.) BALDM (Bulgaria) DZOI (Germany) SELO (Spain) SILO (Italy) SOLA (India) SRLS (Romania) Sponsors ABACOSM / Hoya A.R.C. BIOLASE ELEXXION INTERTRONICS List of Exhibitors (as per date of printing)Esola and Helsola would like to thank the following exhibitors:ABACOSM, Athens, GreeceBIOLASE Europe, Floß, GermanyDEKA M.E.L.A., Calenzano (FI), ItalyELEXXION, Radolfzell, GermanyKAVO Dental, Biberach, GermanySIRONA Dental Systems, Bensheim, Germany 5
  7. 7. General InformationCongress Offices Congress OfficesScientific and Administrative Secretariat: Congress Venue:Vienna Medical Academy Hilton Rhodes ResortAlser Strasse 4 P.O. Box 316, Ialyssos Ave., Ixia,A-1090 Vienna, Austria GR-851 00 Rhodes, GreecePhone: (+43/1) 405 13 83 0 Phone: (+30/22410) 75000Fax: (+43/1) 407 82 74 Fax: (+30/22410) 76690e-mail: esola2006@medacad.org Toll free: (+800) 44458667web: www.esola.at (+800) 11 3222526 (from Greece) e-mail: michele.clarke@hilton.comCommercial Exhibition: Travel Agency:MAW – Medizinische Ausstellungs- und DANAE Travel BureauWerbegesellschaft Att. Philippe KitsopoulosInternational Exhibitions & Advertising 6, Psylla, 10557 Athens, GreeceFreyung 6, A-1010 Vienna, Austria Phone: (+30/210) 3247511Phone: (+43/1) 536 63 ext. 37 or 42 Fax: (+30/210) 3221717Fax: (+43/1) 535 60 16 e-mail: info@danae.gre-mail: maw@media.co.at web: www.danae.gr Registration HoursWednesday, September 20: 11.30–12.30 h (for Module I participants only!)Thursday, September 21: 10.30–18.00 hFriday, September 22: 08.30–18.30 hSaturday, September 23: 08.30–17.00 h Social EventsThursday, September 21 at 20.30 hWelcome Cocktail at ‘Sisitio’, a wounderful place within the Castle of Rhodes Old Town, with music,drinks and a choice of snacks.Included in the registration fee & accompanying person’s fee.Friday, September 22 at 20.00 hGala Evening at the Lounge Bar of Hilton Rhodes HotelEnjoy the breathtaking sunset (from 19.30 to 20.30) and a drink, followed by a rich buffet dinner withinternational and typical Greek food, salads, different main courses and desserts.The Lounge Bar, adjacent to the 6th floor pool, serves award-winning food, offers live music and dancein the cosiest of atmospheres with a beautiful view over the sea and mountains.Price per Person € 80.– (including dinner and drinks) 6
  8. 8. ESOLA AcademyWEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2006: 12.00–20.30 Module I (in English) ROOM ARIADNECourse on basics in Laser dentistry. Theoretical information about physics, safety, tissue-inter-actions, clinical indications, management.Hand-out of the practical protocol: concomitant to Module I and II participants are expected todocument approx. 80 hours of practical work in Laser dentistry.Minimum 10, maximum 40 participants.THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2006:08.00–12.30 Module I (in English) ROOM ARIADNE11.00–13.00 EXAM ESOLA Academy, Module I/II IMPERIAL BALLROOM Scientific ProgrammeTHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2006: 13.00–15.00 Opening followed by IMPERIAL BALLROOM Scientific Session “Perio/Surgery”Chairpersons: F. Beer (Austria) S. Chrysikopoulos (Greece)13.00–13.10 Welcome Address S. Chrysikopoulos (Greece), F. Beer (Austria)13.10–13.30 S01 Lasers in periodontal therapy J. J. Kamma (Piraeus, Greece)13.30–13.40 S02 Investigation of GaAlAs laser therapy influence on biomaterial osseointegration L. Kesic, R. Zivkovic , D. Mihailovic (Nis, Serbia and Montenegro)13.40–13.50 S03 A new photodynamic approach of the laser- assisted periodontal therapy and the treatment of post- extractive and surgical sites N. Loupis, R. Piergallini (Athens, Greece)13.50–14.00 S04 Minimally invasive laser-assisted surgery in periodontology and implantology: applications of an Er,Cr;YSGG laser E. S. Moll (Scandicci-Fi, Italy)14.00–14.10 S05 The Erb Yag Laser – Benefits for bone surgery and implant removal P. Black, V. Black (Freiburg, Germany)14.10–14.20 S06 The laser application in the treatment of oral soft tissues benign tumours B. Crisan, G. Baciut, M. Baciut, R. Campian, O. Lucaciu, L. Crisan (Cluj Napoca, Romania)14.20–14.30 S07 Frenectomy with the KTP laser K. Felix (Glyfada, Greece)14.30–14.40 S08 Treatment of Pigmented Gingiva with Er,Cr:YSGG Lasers G. Berk, N. Berk (Ankara, Turkey)14.40–15.00 Discussion 15.00–15.30 Coffee Break EXHIBITION AREA 7
  9. 9. Scientific ProgrammeTHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2006:15.30–17.30 Scientific Session IMPERIAL BALLROOM “Conservative/Esthetic”Chairpersons: C. Todea (Romania) L. Zeiger (Greece)15.30–15.50 S09 Laser Efficiency in the Treatment of Apical Periodontitis – Clinical Study C. Todea, L. Filip, C. Balabuc, M. Miron (Timisoara, Romania)15.50–16.00 S10 A comparison of in-office bleaching procedures using a new bleaching material between photocuring devices and the ktp and argon lasers N. Loupis, R. Piergallini (Athens, Greece)16.00–16.10 S11 Laser and Microscope: a successful cocktail G. Olivi, M. D. Genovese (Rome, Italy)16.10–16.20 S12 Laser Multifactorial Pathogenetic LLLT by Patients with Manifested Allergic Symptoms after an Aesthetic Prosthodontic Treatment H. Hadjieva, J. Kamenova (Sofia, Bulgaria)16.20–16.30 S13 Laser and Adhesion in Microinvasive Dentistry: the influence of the enamel margin finishing G. Olivi, M. D. Genovese (Rome, Italy)16.30–16.40 S14 Bleaching with the KTP laser K. Felix (Glyfada, Greece)16.40–16.50 S15 The effect of low level laser therapy during orthodontic movement S. Alashkar, H. Eiad (Damascus, Syria)16.50–17.10 S16 Prevention of Secondary Caries after Preparation of Cavities A. Georgopoulos (Vienna, Austria)17.10–17.30 Discussion17.30–18.00 Workshop ELEXXION ROOM ARIADNE K. Gohorkhay 9
  10. 10. Scientific ProgrammeFRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2006:09.00–10.30 Scientific Session IMPERIAL BALLROOM “Perio/Surgery”Chairpersons: C. Maiorana (Italy) C. Mandalenakis (Greece)09.00–09.20 S17 The Role of Lasers in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery E. Elefteriadis (Athens, GREECE)09.20–09.30 S18 Comparison of conventional and Er,Cr:YSGG laser preparation of Cl I, CI II, and CI V cavities Z. Yenen, J. Gorucu, S. Gurgan (Ankara, Turkey)09.30–09.40 S19 Use of Dental lasers in oral implantology A. F. Coppel Garcia; J. F. Coppel Garcia (Madrid, Spain)09.40–09.50 S20 Low level laser therapy and electronic methods in Therapy at Diseases of Gingiva and Parodont A. Kisselova-Yaneva (Sofia, Bulgaria)09.50–10.00 S21 Adjunctive 980 nm Diode Laser treatment on clinical parameters of generalized Chronic Periodontitis J. Kamma, Th. Filipoppoulou, V. Vasdekis (Piraeus, Greece)10.00–10.20 S22 GBR combined with P.R.P., allografts and ND-Yag laser in periodontal therapy S23 GBR with xenografts, homologous bone, P.R.P and ND-Yag laser for immediate loading S24 GBR with ND-Yag , xenografts and P.R.P. at extraction sockets for future implant placement C. Nacopoulos (Athens, Greece)10.20–10.30 Discussion10.30–11.00 Coffee Break EXHIBITION AREA11.00–13.00 Poster Session EXHIBITION AREA11.00–12.00 Workshop BIOLASE ROOM ARIADNE R. J. Miller12.30–13.00 Workshop HOYA A.R.C. ROOM ARIADNE C. Nacopoulos, C. Mandalenakis13.00–15.00 Lunch Break 10
  11. 11. Scientific ProgrammeFRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2006:15.00–16.30 Scientific Session IMPERIAL BALLROOM “Conservative/Esthetic”Chairpersons: R. de Moor (Belgium) K. Felix (Greece)15.00–15.20 S25 Laser assisted Paediatric Dentistry L. Martens (Gent, Belgium)15.20–15.40 S26 Using the Er,Cr:YSGG Laser to Enhance Aesthetics and Implant Treatment R. J. Miller (Delray Beach, Florida, USA)15.40–15.50 S27 Laser Assisted Inter Disciplinery Cosmetic Dentistry N. Berk, G. Berk (Ankara, Turkey)15.50–16.00 S28 Bactericidal Effect of Lasers with wavelengths between 532nm and 2780 nm in the Root Canal Wall Dentin of Human Teeth K. Gohorkhay (Vienna, Austria)16.00–16.10 S29 LaSuP – Laser supported preparation border – An efficient new way for precise and aesthetic crown preparation K. U. Schmid (Berg, Switzerland)16.10–16.20 S30 LLLT-Ache syndrome in jow area after chemotheraphy V. Bozalieva (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)16.20–16.30 Discussion16.30–17.00 Coffee Break EXHIBITION AREA17.00–18.30 Scientific Session IMPERIAL BALLROOM “Perio/Surgery”Chairpersons: C. Nacopoulos (Greece) M. Sela (Israel)17.00–17.20 S31 Laser and bone regeneration in implantology C. Maiorana (Milano, Italy)17.20–17.30 S32 Laser assisted periodontal therapy with the use of ND-Yag laser C. Nacopoulos (Athens, Greece)17.30–17.40 S33 Study of Treatment Effect of Laser Acupuncture Performed in Trigeminal Neuralgia Cases S. Gazdov (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)17.40–17.50 S34 Histological research of gingiva after low level laser treatment A. Pejcic, D. Kojovic, V. Zivkovic (Nis, SCG Serbia-Montenegro)17.50–18.10 S35 CO2, Nd:YAG,Er.YAG lasers in oral surgery and implantology C. Mandalenakis (Athens, Greece)18.10–18.20 S36 Clinical application of Diode laser frenulotomy in cases of congenital abnormality of lingual frenulum I. Minchev (Sofia, Bulgaria)18.20–18.30 Discussion 11
  12. 12. Scientific ProgrammeSATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2006:09.00–10.30 Scientific Session IMPERIAL BALLROOM “Conservative/Esthetic”Chairpersons: G. Stylianos (Greece) W. Sperr (Austria)09.00–09.20 S37 Lasers in endodontics, an added value R. J. G. De Moor (Ghent, Belgium)09.20–09.40 S38 Innovative Laser Systems in Endodontic Treatment U. Schoop (Vienna, Austria)09.40–09.50 S39 Photobiomodulation in dental practice A. Darbar (Leighton Buzzard, UK)09.50–10.10 S40 Laser Esthetics in daily dental practice R. Sarkis (Beirut, Lebanon)10.10–10.20 S41 Healing effect of LLLT in cases with large periapical translucency R. Vassileva, J. Kamenova (Sofia, Bulgaria)10.20–10.30 Discussion10.30–11.00 Coffee Break EXHIBITION AREA11.00–13.00 Scientific Session IMPERIAL BALLROOM “Special Presentations”Chairpersons: V. Kitsopanos (Greece) S. Parker (UK)11.00–11.40 S42 15 Years Lasers in Periodontics: What we know, we do not know and we should know in order to improve Lasers in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry G. E. Romanos (New York, USA)11.40–11.50 Honorary President Award Ceremony11.50–12.10 S43 Adaptability of the later preparation speed in hard dental tissue W. Sperr (Vienna, Austria)12.10–12.30 S44 Laser – assisted aesthetic dentistry using Photo-Infrared pulsed biomodulation (PIPBM) J. Kamenova (Sofia, Bulgaria)12.30–13.00 S45/ Approach to ESOLA guidelines about clinical based laser dentistry S46 R. Blum (Echternach, Luxenbourg) M. Wittschier (Landshut, Germany)13.00–15.00 Lunch Break 12
  13. 13. Scientific ProgrammeSATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2006:15.00–17.00 Scientific Session IMPERIAL BALLROOM “Conservative/Esthetic”Chairperson: A. Moritz (Austria) P. Toccos (Greece)15.00–15.20 S47 Novel oral applications of ultra-short laser pulses E. Wintner (Vienna, Austria)15.20–15.40 S48 TBA The use of lasers in head and neck cancer patients M. Sela (Jerusalem, Israel)15.40–15.50 S49 LLLT application and cases with oral candida. Clinical study M. Dimova, J. Kamenova (Sofia, Bulgaria)15.50–16.20 S50 Photo dynamic teeth whitening P. Verheyen (Gruitrode, Belgium)16.20–16.30 Discussion16.30–17.00 Closing Ceremony and Poster Awards IMPERIAL BALLROOM Poster SessionsFriday, September 22, 200611.00–13.00 at the Poster Exhibition AreaChairpersons: R. Blum (Luxenbourg) U. Schoop (Austria) J. J. Kamma (Greece)P1 Clinical evaluation of laser efficiency for affected periodontal status due to fixed orthodontic treatment L. Filip, C. Todea, M. Miron, C. Balabuc, M. Drugarin (Timisoara, Romania)P2 GBR in third molar sockets with P.R.P., xenografts and Nd:YAG laser C. Nacopoulos, N. Mallios (Athens, Greece)P3 Sinus lift in combination with Nd:YAG laser, P.R.P., xenografts and autologous bone C. Nacopoulos (Athens, Greece)P4 The use of Er:YAG and Nd:YAG lasers for GBR in oral surgery K. Asimakopoulos, C. Nacopoulos, S. Tselios (Athens, Greece)P5 Laser Frenulectomy: laser vs traditional surgery C. Marias, L. Iacovazzi, G. Tenore, G. M. Daniele (LAquila, Italy)P6 Effect of Nd:YAG laser irradiation on the sealing of root canal fillings after cold lateral condensation and hybrid gutta-percha condensation A. Mavridou, M. Meire, G. M. G. Hommez , R. J. G. De Moor (Gent, Belgium)P7 Microleakage of 4 different restorative glass ionomer formulations in Class V cavities: Er:YAG versus conventional preparation M. A. A. De Bruyne, K. I. M. Delmé, P. J. Deman, R. J. G. De Moor (Gent, Belgium)P8 Diode-laser in root canal disinfection: a case report S. Broglia, E. Vigliaroli, G. Palaia, G. M. Daniele (LAquila, Italy) 13
  14. 14. WorkshopsThursday, September 21, 2006, 17.30–18.00: ROOM ARIADNEELEXXION WorkshopK. Goharkhay (Vienna, Austria)Friday, September 22, 2006, 11.00–12.00: ROOM ARIADNEBIOLASE WorkshopR. J. Miller (Delray Beach, Florida, USA)Friday, September 22, 2006, 12.30–13.00: ROOM ARIADNEHOYA A.R.C WorkshopC. Nacopoulos, C. Mandalenakis (Athens, Greece) 14
  15. 15. RegistrationRegistration Fees Payment received until June 15, 2006 between June 16, 2006 at the Congress & September 8, 2006 ESOLA/HELSOLA Members € 300.– € 350.– € 400.– Non-Members € 400.– € 450.– € 500.– Residents* / Dental Technicians € 180.– € 230.– € 280.– Students € 50.– € 100.– € 150.– Accompanying Persons € 60.– € 80.– € 100.–* A confirmation letter respectively a certificate from your department is mandatory!Day Tickets will be available on site at the price of € 155,– for members, € 180,– for nonmembers.Price of Module I or II, ESOLA Academy: € 750.– for ESOLA Members € 850.– for Non-MembersSpecial Rate for Congress Participants: € 550.– for ESOLA Members € 650.– for Non-MembersFor registration for the ESOLA Academy Modules please download the registration form atwww.esola.atA confirmation of registration/payment will be sent to you after receipt of the registration fee.The certificates of attendance will be distributed on site.Registration Deadline: Friday, September 8, 2006After this date we kindly ask you to register directly at the congress venue in Rhodes, Greece.Payment Modalities:– Bank Transfer to the congress account at the Erste Bank der Österreichischen Sparkassen, Bank Code 20111, Account No. 280-365-803/18, ”Vienna Medical Academy – ESOLA 2006”, SWIFT:GIBAATWW, IBAN: AT 2820111 280-365-803/18– Creditcard payment (Diners Club, Visa, Euro/Mastercard)– Mailing a Eurocheque to the Congress Office (please indicate Vienna as place of payment)NotePlease make payments free of charge for the beneficiary. Any charges for banking fees orincorrect remittance of registration fees will be collected on site by the Congress Office.CancellationsCancellation must be made in writing by registered letter or fax to the Congress Office. Thedate of the postmark will serve as the basis for refunds. Refunds will be processed after themeeting.The policy for refunding registration fees will be as follows:Written cancellation received– before June 15, 2006: 50% refund– on/after June 15, 2006: no refund 15
  16. 16. General Information about RhodesGeographyRhodes Island is situated at the crossroads of two major sea routes of the Mediterranean between theAegean Sea and the coast of the Middle East, as well as Cyprus and Egypt – The meeting point of threecontinents (on geographical longitude 28° from Greenwich and northern latitude 36°, on the south-eastern part of the Aegean Sea).Its area is 1398 sq. km, with a maximum length of 77 km and maximum width of 37 km, the largestisland of the Dodecanese complex.The fame of Rhodes’ first appearance reaches back through time.Legends offer many accounts of her watery origins and even today it is not hard to imagine the islandas the sea-nymph Rhoda, daughter of Poseidon, wife of Helios, the blazing sun god, rising gently out ofthe warm, blue sea.The facts about Rhodes are a little less hazy. There is evidence of Neolithic, Minoan and Mycenaeansettlement long before Homer wrote of Troy. Nowadays, Rhodes is better known for the splendour of itsmedieval architecture and the struggles of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem against Sultan Suleiman.Indeed, were the last Grand Master to ride into his city again today, it would appear very much the sameas when he was compelled to leave it, on 1st January 1523.The diverse cultural heritage, set on a Greek island amid the colours and landscapes of the easternMediterranean, have assured Rhodes its place as a leading leisure and business destination.Tradition, culture, the arts, history (Rhodes’ ancient sites and monuments include some of the mostcelebrated in all Greece), music, sports, excellent food and wines, hundred of excursion opportunities,nightlife, sociability or solitude, shopping . . . – Rhodes is indeed the island of sun, sea and sand but hasto offer quite a lot of culture to the visitors!Rhodes’ unique and impressive attractions include:Rhodes Old Town, completely enclosed under dramatic walls, the largest inhabited medieval town inEurope, is an architectural marvel and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mandraki harbour is thedeparture point for daily excursions to Lindos, Symi, Tilos, Patmos and other island within theDodecanese.Lindos, with its ancient Acropolis, is now a picturesque village.The Valley of Butterflies at Petaloudes, a stroll by streams under shady trees.Seven Springs near Salako, easy walking among the pines by flowing waters and springs.Monolithos village, with its castle clinging to the rock high above the sea.Filerimos marks the site of ancient Ialysos, with Minoan, Mycenaean and Doric connections.The Acropolis encloses temples, monastic buildings and medieval castles.Ancient Kamiros was the island’s third great city-state in classical times. Today it is a peaceful hillsideruin of temples, public buildings and houses.Afandou on the east coast has the island’s major golf course. Printed in Austria by: ROBIDRUCK, A-1200 Vienna, Engerthstrasse 128 – www.robidruck.co.at 16
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